Although YouTube has lost some traction with the arrival of new social platforms such as TikTok, it has been able to adapt and reinvent itself to remain among the leaders in social media. And the same happens with content creators in Youtube.

One of them is Germán Garmendia, a spanish speaking youtuber who as of February 2024 gathers, between his two youtube channels, more than 92 million subscribers.

Who is Germán Garmendia, the creator behind the channel “Hola Soy German”

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis was born in Copiapó (Chile) on April 25, 1990, but after the loss of his father in a car accident, he traveled to various places with his brother and mother, until finally settling on the coast of Los Vilos, at the north of Santiago. Before achieving success on the Internet, he tried his luck in the world of music by playing guitar and drums for some bands, as well as composing some songs.

In fact, at the age of 13 he formed a band with his brother, called “Feeling Every Sunset”. After finishing high school, he was working in a tourist company and was an entertainer at children’s parties. It was not until 2011 that he decided to open his first YouTube channel.

2011: “Holasoygerman” is born

Germán opened his YouTube channel “Holasoygerman” and shared his first video titled “Las cosas obvias de la vida” in September 2011. His popularity began to grow…and hasn’t stopped since. Several friends began to ask him to upload more videos to Holasoygerman, and he did so: every week he shared themes inspired by his daily life.

On this channel he posted funny videos about his life and everyday experiences. He had a very characteristic style and he created characters and routines that caught a lot of public attention until the channel became one of the most popular on YouTube, being the first Spanish-speaking channel to reach 10 million subscribers.

Germán Garmendia also managed to stand out thanks to the editing and creativity that he showed in the production. It used special effects, transitions, and even addressed themes that most users relatable to. His popularity got him to start collaborating with brands and other content creators.

From Holasoygerman to JuegaGerman

After his rise to fame, the young Chilean has not stopped evolving. In 2016, he abandoned his successful channel Holasoygerman and began to promote his secondary channel JuegaGermán, which at that time was dedicated almost exclusively as a gamer channel.

To this day, he has not made new posts on his first channel, but his trail is followed through his second YouTube channel and other social networks such as Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. Despite the decision of quitting his main channel, Holasoygerman continues to be the seventh YouTube channel in Spanish with the most subscribers in the world.

Despite the controversy that was generated, he assures that his departure was due to health issues, since he spent approximately 22 hours recording each of his videos. According to his statements, “this overacting was harming his voice.”

In any case, JuegaGerman achieved almost instant success: some of its most popular series on that channel have been about Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and The Walking Dead, videos that are often accompanied by humorous commentary.

The channel achieved great popularity in the Spanish-speaking gaming community, reaching millions of subscribers and millions of views on each video. In addition, Germán stood out for his ability in games and his ability to create stories. Today he continues to upload content on this channel and has a total of 49,3 million subscribers. It is in the second position of the most followed spanish speaking youtubers.

Most-followed spanish speaking youtubers

Germán Garmendia outside of Youtube

As with El Rubius and other well-known youtubers, his great success and his ability to move between different creative fields has given him the opportunity to take his first steps as a writer, launching his advice book “#ChupaElPerro”. He also became a fiction writer with his novel “Say Hello”, a story about friendship and love.

Germán Garmendia has won numerous awards such as YouTube Diamond Play Buttons for reaching more than 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channels. He also won the MTV Millennial Award for Best Youtuber. The youtuber currently lives in Los Angeles, United States from where he continues to connect with his audience through opinions, information and a lot of entertainment.

In 2023, he participated in Ibai Llanos’ event called “La Velada del Año 3”, fighting against Coscu, an argentinian twitch streamer. The fight “German vs. Coscu” was one of the most awaited fights in the night, which ended up with the victory of the argentinian. This livestream organized by Ibai Llanos and his team, is the most watched twitch streaming in its history.


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