Welcome to the territory of YouTubers/streamers. In this universe, which for many is the beginning and end of the world, ElRubius was born.

“Rubén Doblas Gundersen may be one of the most famous people you’ve never heard of,” began one of the interviews he did in Time magazine. This content creator earns a living with each video he uploads to his YouTube channel, surprising his fans all over the world. With followers on various social media platforms, he has a total of 110million followers (roughly equivalent to the combined population of Italy and Spain): 52 million on his two YouTube channels, 19.6 million on Twitter, 17 million on Instagram, 13,7million on Twitch, and 8 million on Facebook (as of February 2023).

Beyond his impressive follower numbers, ElRubius was named the leader of his generation by Time magazine. He has his own anime series, an online store where he sells his own clothing brand, has collaborated and appeared in cameos with Hollywood actors such as Will Smith, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Tom Holland, and even has his own character in a video game. But this is not the end of his story.

Rubius X

Rubius X, the Prime Video documentary celebrating the tenth anniversary of the popular YouTuber, is so popular that in the summer of 2022 Amazon Prime Video exclusively premiered it. The documentary celebrates the tenth anniversary of the influencer’s first video published, and it was released exclusively on Prime Video worldwide. It tells the story of how a group of young people, with no other intention than to have fun, built a new industry without realizing it, and how it has evolved over the last 10 years.

Rubius X also seeks to redeem and recognize this industry, a revolution of creators who have achieved millions of audiences from their own homes, from gaming to global entertainment. In addition, the documentary features the participation of other content creators and influencers who have accompanied Rubius throughout his career, such as Mangel, Alexby, and Cheeto, also pioneers in defining the language of YouTubers and some of the most beloved faces in the gaming community.

But how did Rubén Doblas get to where he is? How did he go from being a video game enthusiast to becoming a media star capable of starring in top-level brand advertisements, having his own animated series, and even appearing in movies?

We’ll tell you about his ascent to the Olympus of YouTubers, and his transformation into ElRubiusOMG S.L. The story of ElRubius, in detail.

The Story of ElRubius: Norway, Mangel… and many video games

His real name is Rubén Doblas Gundersen and he was born in Mijas (Malaga) in 1990. With a Spanish father and a Norwegian mother, he spent his childhood between Norway and Spain until he finally settled in Spain at the age of 16. His first console was a Super Nintendo that was given to him by some friends of his grandmother. He studied Animation and 3D Modeling, although his passion for Youtube, videos and the internet had already begun during his time in Norway, where he met the well-known YouTuber Mangel through the internet.

In fact, his first video on YouTube dates back to 2006, from which he started sporadically uploading videos to his own channel, sharing gameplays of games such as GTA with Mangel. However, it was not until 2011 when he started exclusively dedicating himself to it through his second channel, ElRubiusOMG.

In this he focused on gameplays of different video games, marking a before and after in the history of El Rubius. One of the best known was the one published at the end of that same year, a game of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which he made his own comments about the video game. He also managed to make another video go viral in which he made a parody of the well-known Minecraft (Minecraft in 1 minute).

The success of his content earned ElRubius a name for himself in the YouTube world, and in 2012 he managed to make his channel the first in Spain in number of subscribers, surpassing other well-known youtubers such as Willyrex. In February 2013, he reached one million followers.

Already in 2015, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of YouTube, ElRubius won the “Diamond Button” award, together with Vegetta777, for exceeding ten million subscribers on his channel. That same year he appeared on the Risto Mejide program, Al rincón de pensar, where he confessed to having had a difficult time after achieving fame.

Already established in the world of influencers and the Internet, El Rubius publishes his first comic (El Rubius: Virtual Hero), participates in Fanta’s advertising campaigns, and his company earns more than one million euros a year in advertising.

In addition, on March 25, 2018, he broke a record on YouTube by having 1 million viewers during the live broadcast of the #YTBattleRoyale tournament organized by himself, which brought together one hundred Spanish-speaking youtubers, becoming the broadcast of one more video game. view of history up to that point.

History of ElRubius: the break

However, in 2018, the success and pressure he had accumulated over the years led him to make a video announcing that he was leaving YouTube for a few months. “Making videos is what I like the most in the world, but it is increasingly difficult for me to get in front of the camera and put on the mask of El Rubius,” he said in it.

From that moment in which he revealed the anxiety he suffered on YouTube, and despite the fact that he announced that he would continue to be active on social networks, the creator focused his efforts on carrying out the Virtual Hero series, based on his comic published in 2015. It was in September 2018 when the series came to light, a date that coincided with the announcement of his return to YouTube after the break, and the autobiographical documentary titled De Rubén a Rubius appeared on Movistar+.

History of ElRubius: the biggest Spanish youtuber goes to Twitch

“Since I began my career as a content creator back in 2001, my personal intention and objective has always been to produce smiles and joy in people’s hearts.” This is how the speech began with which in July 2020 he confirmed that he had reached an agreement with the Twitch platform for the broadcast of his streamings exclusively.

ElRubius started with an average of 5,000 viewers when he launched his Twitch channel, but since then his numbers have not stopped growing. But what is the reason behind the nostalgia for the greatest Spanish youtuber? Maybe just go back to his beginnings, to the platform where he was born and share one more moment with his followers.

Years of work, which has made his main YouTube channel currently have more than 40 million subscribers and more than 5,000 million views, which places him as the person with the most subscribers in Spain and among the top 50 youtubers. from all over the world. Hours and hours of recordings that have transformed his life forever.

Almost nothing.

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