Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but Ibai Llanos has once again made history on Twitch with the boxing event he organizes every year since 2021. . The streamer known for organizing major events for the Spanish-speaking community and being part of the Kings League, among many other reasons to know who he is, has broken his own record.

In 2022, La Velada del Año 2 surprised with its 3.3 million viewers at the same time towards the end of the event, a milestone in the career of Ibai Llanos and in the history of Twitch, but above all, a triumph for the entire Spanish-speaking community. The Velada del Año 3, which was held at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, has garnered 3.4 million viewers practically before the fights began and before Ibai Llanos himself said a single word.

However, Reven, one of his teammates and winner of one of the fights of the first Velada del Año, asked all the spectators in the stadium to enter the live broadcast from their cell phones, since the views on the platform do not work the same way as on television. This action caused the number of viewers to increase dramatically. After this, numerous users who were trying to enter Twitch at the time reported that they were unable to do so, which suggests that the platform was having difficulty supporting such an influx of users at the same time, a situation that lasted for several minutes.

It should be taken into account that these figures are simultaneous audience peaks at a specific moment of the broadcast, not the total audience of the broadcast.

In any case, Ibai Llanos is not the only Spaniard who is part of the most watched live broadcasts in history.

Top 10 most watched live streams ever on Twitch

  1. Ibai Llanos (3.4 million viewers)
  2. Ibai Llanos (3.3 million viewers)
  3. TheGrefg (2.4 million viewers)
  4. TheGrefg (1.7 million viewers)
  5. Ibai Llanos (1.5 million viewers)
  6. Elxokas (1.2 million viewers)
  7. Eleaguetv ( 1.1 million viewers)
  8. Squeezie ( 1.02 million viewers)
  9. PlayStation ( 1.01 million viewers)
  10. Riot Games (854 thousand viewers)

Ibai Llanos (3.4 million viewers)

As we have already mentioned above, first of all there is La Velada del Año 3 , where you could see musical performances from different artists along with amateur level fights between content creators. La Velada del Año 3 was organized by Vizz and Noob, both Webedia agencies. Among the brands that could be seen at the event, whether sponsors or collaborators, were ElPozo King, repeating for the third consecutive year; Alsa, the spanish bus network that this year celebrates its 100th anniversary; Samsung; Spotify; Grefusa; Coca-cola; PlayStation; iGraal; Revolut and Mahou.

Ibai Llanos (3.3 million viewers)

La Velada del Año 2, where in addition to content creators or streamers, also participated the spanish singer David Bustamante replacing Jaime Lorente, known for playing Denver in Money Heist. It was held at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion on June 25, 2022.

TheGrefg (2.4 million viewers)

In 2021, David Cánovas better known as TheGrefg, presented his own Fornite skin live getting almost two and a half million viewers. A “skin” is a look for the character used, in this case, in Fortnite that does not influence the statistics of the game. Since one of the content that Grefg makes the most is the battle royale video game, he joined the list of content creators who have a skin in the video game and belong to the “Icon Series“.

TheGrefg (1.7 million viewers)

TheGrefg also knows how to organize big events. Since 2022, he is at the helm of the awards for streamers of the Spanish-speaking community uniting Spain, Latin America and Andorra: the Esland Awards. After a first edition held in Spain, with the promise to publish the next one in Latin America, Los Esland 2023, reached almost two million viewers, and was held in Mexico City.

Ibai Llanos (1.5 million viewers)

In this case, this record also goes to La Velada del Año, but specifically for its first edition held in 2021. Much less crowded than those that would follow.

Elxokas (1.2 million viewers)

The Galician streamer reached 1.2 million unique viewers by being one of the finalists of the first Minecraft Squid Craft Games held on the platform. In this Twitch Rivals, 100 streamers competed for a $100,000 prize by playing games from the famous Netflix series “The Squid Game” in Minecraft.

Eleaguetv ( 1.1 million viewers)

The eSports league achieved a peak of 1.08 million viewers during the final showdown of teams Faze Clan and Cloud9 in the Counter Strike (CS:GO) video game in 2018.

Squeezie ( 1.02 million viewers)

This French content creator, in October 2022, brought together 22 streamers for a Formula 4 race, reaching more than one million peak viewers.

PlayStation ( 1.01 million viewers)

On June 11, 2020, still living through the Covid-19 pandemic, PlayStation announced everything that was to come in the next few years in terms of video games for its new Play Station 5, which would be released in November of that same year.

Riot Games (854 thousand viewers)

League of Legends World Championship in 2022, the international championship of this videogame, gathered more than 800 thousand live viewers, where they could see the confrontation between DRX and T1.


Image: Raquel Alvarado

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