At the time we showed you which are the most followed youtubers in Spain, however there are many youtubers in Spanish, outside Spain, adding the Latam area, which have millions of followers, covering different objectives and topics in their videos, spreading in the taste of Spanish-speaking followers.

These are the 10 youtubers in Spanish with more followers as of 12/01/2024, which has a new addition compared to that of 2023: Yolo Aventuras. This way Vegetta777 leaves the top 10 for the first time in several years. In this list we have not taken into account the video clips broadcasting channels of singers such as Daddy Yankee, Shakira or Bad Bunny.

  1. El Reino Infantil
  2. JuegaGerman
  3. Badabun
  4. Mikecrack
  5. Fernanfloo
  6. Kimberly Loaiza
  7. HolaSoyGerman
  8. Yolo Aventuras
  9. Luisito Comunica
  10. ElRubiusOMG

1.El Reino Infantil

The only Argentinian channel in the list is El reino infantil, which publishes videos in which versions of children’s songs are made, but with quite attractive animations. A format that has really worked for them, as they have gathered 61.8 million followers, an impressive 12.57% more than in 2022 when they had 54.9 million. With this increase, they have managed to maintain their position as the Spanish-language channel with the most subscribers on YouTube.

Its origin dates back to 2007, and El Reino Infantil features original stuffed animals and games from the channel and even a live show and several mobile apps. Behind the channel is music producer Roberto Pumar.


This is one of the two channels of Germán Garmendia, the 33-year-old Chilean singer and humorist, who started using this channel for games, but little by little has been releasing all his creativity in a slightly more “relaxed” way than, as we will see, in his other channel. In this edition it maintains its place in the ranking thanks to its 47 million followers and after an increase of 4.47% in these. Undoubtedly a great growth for this channel that was born as a secondary channel, but has become Germán’s main one.


It maintains its position on the podium, but adds 1 million more subscribers than in 2022, reaching 47.2 million. This channel belongs to a network of youtubers of a company, which is led by Mexican César Morales Jiménez.

Badabun was originally a news portal, but in 2014 it landed on YouTube and has achieved this success by publishing several videos a day showing popular content series such as “Exponiendo Infieles” and “Mansion de Influencers”. This is a great example of the new era of YouTube, which rewards entrepreneurial content projects more than traditional youtubers.


Mikecrack, Mike, Maik and Mikecraft are the multiple names by which this Spanish youtuber is known, the most famous being the first one. This year he has managed to climb five positions in our top, surpassing elRubiusOMG, thanks to a spectacular increase in followers (28.14%), which has led him to have a community of no less than 46.9 million users. In addition, he has become the Spanish youtuber with the most subscribers. His content is very varied, ranging from Minecraft videos to his own webseries “Las Perrerías de Mike”.


Representing El Salvador in the ranking is Luis Fernando Flores, who began almost 12 years ago showing gameplays and, little by little, like many of the Spanish youtubers with the most followers, has drifted to more humorous videos where his his histrionic personality shines, in addition to his skill in video editing, which has earned him no less than 46.8 million followers (1.3 million more than in 2023). Despite dropping one position from 2023, he is still well-liked in the industry and many were even fans who supported him when he participated in Ibai’s La Velada del Año 3.

As has happened with many of these youtubers, he abandoned his channel for a while a few years ago, however, he returned to his origins as a gamer by streaming on Twitch, where he has more than three million followers. Similarly, he also created a secondary channel Fernan, where he edits in his own style the best moments of what he experiences on Twitch and already has 7.8 million subscribers.

6.Kimberly Loaiza

Climbing to eighth place we find the Mexican youtuber and singer Kimberly Loaiza. In her channel she mostly uploads content such as vlogs or music videos, she also usually publishes jokes that she performs together with her partner according to a trend that has been growing in the networks. His follower count stands at 44.4 million, after a meteoric rise of 11.39% over the previous edition of the top.

However, she recently announced in a video that she is retiring from creating content on YouTube, although she had already been less active on social networks for several months. The reasons for this decision is that she wants to focus on her family, especially her children, for whom she wants a “normal and quiet” life.


The seventh place is occupied by what used to be Germán Garmendia’s main channel and where this famous Chilean became known. Although he has not uploaded any videos since 2016, his legion of loyal followers continues to grow. From 2023 to 2024 he has gone from 43.4 million to 43.6 million followers. Something incredible for a channel with no regular content.

8. Yolo Aventuras

The channel of this group of youtubers led by Yolo, the first of the team who started his career on YouTube, enters our top for the first time. The other members of the group are his brother Nando, and Panda, although Mariana Ávila was also in the group, who decided to stop participating in the YoloAventuras videos to focus on her own individual career as a creator. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when they released their first video together in Yolo Aventuras.

They have more than 42 million followers on this channel, and it is very famous among Latin American viewers. Their videos are characterized for being funny and full of challenges and jokes to family or friends, and even among the members of the group themselves.

9.Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica, or Luis Arturo Villar, is a 32-year-old youtuber born in Puebla, Mexico, who is dedicated to traveling the world. His is a case of persistence, since he has been launching videos since 2007, but he did not succeed at first. He has passed several tests until he found success in this, which is basically a vlog in which he recounts his experiences and travels around the world.

His follower count is 41.6 million, which means an increase of 4.52% compared to 2022, although he remains unchanged in seventh position.

10.El Rubius

Here we talk about the renowned Spaniard Ruben Doblas, undoubtedly the most famous youtuber in Spain, and the second most followed Spanish content creator on the platform. He started as a gamer and despite still playing games, now his channel leans more towards humor.

In 2018 he was overwhelmed and decided to spend a few months without publishing in pursuit of his well-being, but he has returned to his rhythm sharing content, both on YouTube and, above all, on Twitch, uploading versions of his games to his secondary channel, Rubius Z, and leaving the main one for more elaborate videos.

Currently, he has not uploaded a video to his main channel for 10 months, perhaps that is the explanation why he has lost around 100,000 followers in the last year. He has 40.3 million followers in the channel where he was born, but in his secondary channel he already has 12.2 million followers and is maintaining continuity.


Most-followed spanish speaking youtubers

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