This is how Fernanfloo, the multifaceted Salvadoran youtuber who started his career in 2011 and now has over 45 million followers, presents himself on his channel: “Some say I’m a ‘CRACK’ and others say I’m a ‘FAIL’, it really doesn’t matter what I am, I just seek to have FUN and ENTERTAIN =)“.

He has 47,3 million suscribers.

What is Fernanfloo’s real name (and where is he from)?

Fernanfloo, whose real name is Luis Fernando Flores, was born on July 7, 1993, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Luis Fernando started uploading content to YouTube when he was only 18 years old.

At first, his videos consisted of tutorials and action sketches. Then, he changed the theme and tried gameplays, but as he gained followers, he also modified his themes based on reactions. That strategy earned him the title of the most followed Spanish-speaking youtuber in the world.

How Fernanfloo gained followers

The first video on Luis’ YouTube channel was uploaded on May 11th, 2011, and it was a humorous sketch that did not have too much production value, as he did everything himself, including editing. This was Fernanfloo’s first video.

Over time, Fernanfloo began to focus his content on video games, in which he demonstrated his ability to play while making funny and engaging comments about the game’s story. His humorous style and personality began to make him stand out from other content creators, and this helped him gain followers until he became one of the most influential YouTubers in Latin America.

By 2016, Luis had become the most followed YouTuber in the Spanish-speaking world. Since then, his community has continued to grow, surpassing 45.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. That same year, he received the award for the best Spanish-speaking YouTuber at the YouTube Diamond Play Button Awards. One year later, he also won Best Entertainment Channel at the Shorty Awards.

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In 2018, he declared he was taking some time to rest. After coming back from this pause, he said he was giving up on his youtube channel to dedicate his time to strem on Twithc while he played live to diferent videogames. Then he created a new YouTube Channel called “Fernan” to upload his streamings on Twitch, but he has not uploaded a video since 2023.

What is Fernanfloo doing today

Nowadays, the most viewed video of Fernanfloo is the video called “El rap de Fernanfloo” (Fernanfloo Rap) with over 142 million views. In the video, the YouTuber presents a musical theme created in 2016 by the artist BambielR4 especially for him, while showing images of his daily life and his life in general. “This is my way of congratulating Fernanfloo for reaching 10M (10 million) subscribers on his channel. Congratulations! :D,” explains BambielR4 on his own channel.

The Salvadoran has also collaborated with other YouTubers and famous personalities, such as Mexican YouTuber Werevertumorro and Salvadoran footballer Andrés Flores.

At first, Fernanfloo was responsible for the production and editing of all his videos, but noticing the increase in his popularity on YouTube, he decided to hire a production team to collaborate in the creation of his videos. Despite this, the frequency of content uploads to the platform has been quite spaced out lately. In fact, the last video posted was 7 months ago. This is because Luis has decided to focus on other projects, enjoy his personal life and upload videos every 6 months, as he explained in an interview with Luzu, a Spanish YouTuber.

Fernanfloo is present in other social media such as Instagram although he does not do so many posts on his profile. He does not do streams anymore but maintains the periodicity of publishing youtube videos every six months. He usually appears in online events such as the “Squidcraft Games”, the international competition organized by Rubius, Auronplay and Komanche which joins more than a hundred content creators on Twitch to compete for money playing Minecraft inspired by the Netlfix TV Series “Squid Game”.

After being out of the spotlight for a few years, Fernanfloo returned to content creation and event appearances for his participation in “La Velada del Año 3” organized by Ibai Llanos. The youtuber fought against his fellow professional and friend Luzu (Borja Luzuriaga), in which he was proclaimed the winner.

Although there was no rivalry between them because they are friends, both assured that “they were going to give everything” and that they were willing to fight because whoever won, they were going to be happy because of the friendship that unites them.

Finance, solidarity projects, and his own clothing brand

Fernanfloo’s activities are not only on the popular video platform. During 2017, the influencer collaborated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to fulfill the wish of a child who wanted to meet him in person. Likewise, he has carried out fundraising campaigns for various nonprofit organizations and worked on projects aimed at improving the quality of life for children and young people in Latin America.

In addition, the YouTuber also owns his own clothing line called “Fernanfloo Clothing,” which offers a wide variety of products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and other accessories. But his real day-to-day activity is “managing financial things: funds, real estate, and investments, which is basically what I do, along with my brother,” as the influencer explains in the interview with Luzu.

The days of uploading 2-3 videos per week are long gone. “Today I upload a video every 6 months. In other words, I work once every 6 months, which is enough for me,” Luis jokes. And he assures that at 30 years old, he enjoys a leisurely stage and meetings with friends that he missed out on at 19 by focusing so much on content creation.



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