Youtubers have been able to transform fun into a profession, their videos on different topics attract millions of followers and help big advertising brands to take their message wherever they go, especially among young people. But who are the most followed spanish youtubers?

Every year we update our ranking with the Spanish youtubers with the greatest projection, and this year could not be the exception. Here is our renewed list (Data as of 01/01/2024)

  1. Mikecrack
  2. RubiusOMG
  3. Vegetta777
  4. AuronPlay
  5. Las Ratitas
  6. Invictor
  7. ElTrollino
  8. TheWillyrex
  9. TheGrefg
  10. Willyrex

1. Mikecrack

  • Followers: 46.200.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 27,98%

Mikecrack, Mike, Maik and Mikecraft are the same person and star in this YouTube channel, which has managed to snatch the crown from elrubiusOMG. It has been climbing up the ranks for years, in 2021 it climbed from number 8 to number 5 with 22 million followers, in 2022 it climbed up to the third spot with 30.3M, in 2023 it climbed to second place with 36.1M and now it has overtaken elrubiusOMG, taking the top spot in our ranking thanks to its more than 46 million followers (27.98% more than in the previous edition).

Its content focuses on games like Minecraft, Roblox, Free Fire, Fortnite… but also includes videos of PVP and Roleplay series. In addition to this, he has his own cartoon webseries called Las Perrerías de Mike, and whose chapters he uploads to the channel. Here he is!

2. elrubiusOMG

  • Followers: 40.300.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: -0,25%

Ruben Doblas Gundersen, aka elrubiusOMG is a youtuber born in Mijas, Málaga (Spain) with norweigan roots in 1990 who has come to know fame through his gameplay videos. For years he has remained at the top of our list being the most followed spanish youtuber, but now occupies a not inconsiderable second place. It currently has 40.3 million subscribers, a slightly lower number than in 2023 (40.4M).

3. Vegetta777

  • Followers: 34.000.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 1,19%

Vegetta777  remains in third place and has also increased its number of followers by 1.19%, reaching 34 million subscribers and 15,610,223,826 views. This well-known Madrilenian shows gameplays of several games such as Minecraft, GTA V or Far Cry 4 on his YouTube channel.

4. AuronPlay

  • Followers: 29.100.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: -0,34%

Raúl Álvarez Genes is the real name of Auronplay, a spanish youtuber who rose to fame with the video “Gran Hermano VIP” and is currently known for his “video-critiques” to other youtubers, for his comic videos or small humorous analysis of what is on the network. This year his fame had a slight decline. He has gone from 29.2 million subscribers to 29.1 million and has more than 4.134 million views. The main reason of his decline could be the fact that he does not upload videos to this channel anymore, focusing on his second channel called Auron.

5. Las Ratitas

  • Followers: 25.300.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 1,61%

And in a top starring mostly male youtubers and gamers, it is striking that our next protagonists are still in the Top 5: Las Ratitas, two sisters who like to play and share adventures. Their presence in the network from a very young age has not been without controversy due to the level of exposure they have been subjected to for years, but the truth is that they have 25.3 million followers (1.61% more than last year) and 9,760,599,208 views.

6. Invictor

  • Followers: 23.300.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 16,50%

Invictor remained in 6th place, but had a significant increase in subscribers, 16.5% more, standing at 23.3 million. A channel for fun with all kinds of videos and live streams related to Minecraft, Roblox, Free Fire, Fortnite, Golf it and other indie games.

7. ElTrollino

  • Followers: 20.900.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 12,37%

El Trollino has had an impressive rise since 2019, climbing 16 places in 2020, rising in 2021 from position 27 to 12, in 2022 from 12 to 8 and in 2023 from 8 to 7. Now, it remains in this seventh position and gathers 20.9 million subscribers, 6,277,470,237 visualizations and many, many gameplays.

8. The WillyRex

  • Followers: 18.400.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: -0,54%

The WillyRex is one of the YouTube channels of Guillermo Díaz, another of the great Spanish youtubers who focuses his activity on the world of video games (you can watch, among others, Minecraft or Clash Royale). On this occasion he remained in eighth place on the list, while his community of followers dropped from 18.6 million subscribers to 18.4 million.

9. TheGrefg

  • Followers: 18.100.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 2,26%

TheGrefg  also maintained its position. You’ll see that it focuses on content about video games and various craziness, and is already at 18.1 million subscribers and more than 6,595,171,516 views.

10. WillyRex

  • Followers: 17.200.000
  • Variation 2023/2024: 0,00%

If in the number 8 position we had The WillyRex, the number 10 repeats protagonist. This is Willyrex, the other channel of Guillermo Díaz, with 17.2 million followers (the same as in 2023) and 5,086,749,013 views.


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