Jimmy Donaldson (Kansas, 1998), known worldwide on the internet as Mr Beast is the content creator with the most subscribers on YouTube on his main channel (245 million subscribers) since November 2022, when he surpassed the previous leader PewDiePie. In addition to his main channel, he has other channels focused on different types of content such as reactions, philanthropy, or gaming.

Now it is taking the leap to another platform to broadcast its own TV show: “Beast Games” on Prime Video. In this reality show the winner will get $5 million cash prize, which is the largest amount of money ever handed out in a contest. According to Prime Video, there will be 1,000 contestants competing for the juicy reward. Mr Beast will be the host and executive producer of the show.

My goal is to make the best show possible and prove that YouTubers and creators can succeed on other platforms,” MrBeast said in a statement. “Amazon has given me the creative control I need to try to make it happen. I hope to make the YouTube community proud.

Which was Mr Beast’s first video

In the midst of the digital era, watching and discovering YouTubers doesn’t seem so far-fetched, but in 2011 it wasn’t that easy. It was then when Donaldson, under the name “MrBeast6000”, started uploading videos to the platform completely anonymously, with his mother being unaware of all this, until she found out when he reached 10,000 subscribers a few years later.

At first, his YouTube videos didn’t get many views, until that changed in January 2017. With the video “Counting to 100,000” he got tens of thousands of views in just a few days. Although it originally took 40 hours to produce, the published video is about 24 hours long.

He was also one of those chosen to test and present YouTube’s new feature of including audio tracks in different languages, in order to reach a wider audience. He put it into practice by dubbing most of his videos into 11 languages.

It is hard to believe that being so young, it is so successful, especially if you have not followed its trajectory in recent years.

What are the keys to Mr Beast’s success

Mr Beast’s videos are known for the challenges he often faces (either by himself or with others) and for giving away large amounts of money for doing things like attempting to steal a diamond in a room with laser alarms. He has also collaborated in fundraising events, such as Team Trees, where they raised $20 million to plant 20 million trees; and has donated millions of dollars to charitable causes, such as soup kitchens, animal shelters, and children’s schools. One of his most viral videos consists of giving $10,000 to a homeless person, money he had obtained from a sponsored video.

He also tends to organize in-person events where a number of people compete to win money, but perhaps the most famous one was related to the Netflix series “Squid Game”. In this video, he brings the series to life by recreating all of the challenges that appear in the show. It currently has more than 588 million views.

The famous YouTuber has also jumped on the TikTok bandwagon with an account that has over 93.7 million followers, positioning himself as one of the most followed on the trendy social media platform. He usually makes videos similar to those on YouTube but in a much shorter format. In those videos, he can be seen doing challenges and pranks with his friends, as well as interacting with great personalities of the world.

@mrbeast I just facetimed @Jack Black to audition for the new Kung Fu Panda 4 movie. Go check it out in theatres now! @DreamWorks Animation #kungfupanda 4 #universalpicspartner ♬ original sound – MrBeast

For example, here we can see him auditioning with well-known actor Jack Black for the latest Kung Fu Panda movie. 

The presence of Mr Beast in the offline world

In 2020, Donaldson announced the opening of a virtual restaurant in collaboration with Virtual Dining, called MrBeast Burger, which was only for delivery.

On November 10th, MrBeast opened the first location, promising free food and gifts to those who visited the drive-thru. It was so successful that the line of cars waiting sometimes exceeded twenty miles in length and, at the request of the police, the line had to be closed due to the difficulties it was causing for traffic. It wasn’t until December 19th, 2020, when the official launch of 300 locations across the United States took place.

Currently, MrBeast Burger has one thousand virtual restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Its first physical restaurant wasn’t opened until September 2022 in the city of New Jersey, whose opening generated more than ten thousand people to come to the restaurant. It has had great collaborations, such as with American YouTuber Dream, who has his own burger on the restaurant’s menu, and with Universal Studios, from whom he obtained the intellectual property license for Shrek to include a quesadilla in his honor on the menu.

He also has an online merchandise store and a snack company called Feastables, which advocates for snacks with ingredients “you can trust”. In addition, the fact that they are snacks that can be trusted is because Mr Beast himself suffers from Crohn’s disease, which has no cure and is characterized as an inflammatory bowel disease. This can affect the daily lives of those who suffer from it. They must be careful about the food they eat, hence the care Donaldson takes to ensure that its edible products are reliable.

Online shop feastables

Feastables, focuses on selling chocolate bars of all kinds: milk chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, almond chocolate, crunchy, etc. Its website is full of bright and flashy colors that resemble a retro style. It has presence on different social networks such as TikTok, X, Instagram and Discord. Feastables online store is built with Shopify and has a store locator where you can find the products.

How much money does Mr Beast has

This young American has created his own empire from the unlimited opportunities offered by the internet, reaching an estimated income that exceeds 50 million dollars a year according to Forbes in November 2022.

After the video of him giving money to a homeless stranger, he realized the power that content had and started doing it more often. In this way, it went viral and you can see that it has not gone too bad for him. He has also done a vide in which you can see how he paid for the surgeries of 1,000 blind people who can now see for the first time.

Despite being one of the world’s youngest billionaires, his life is still marked by philanthropy and achieving his goals without giving up what he loves. As he says in his social media biography “he just wants to make the world a better place He is focused on his business and has known how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, as he himself has mentioned more than once: “if we continue to be the best YouTube channel for a few more years… the possibilities are endless!”

And so it is being, we will see what happens with the new MrBeast reality contest on Prime Video, which may be broadcasted in 240 different countries and for which we will still have to wait a bit to know the details in depth.

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