Instagram has become the reference social network for the fashion sector. Every day, Spanish fashion influencers post on Instagram their ideas to dress in fashion, follow the latest trends or stand out from the rest. If you want to discover who are the Spanish fashion influencers of the moment, be sure to see the list that we have updated, taking into account the data of August 2022, and that we show you to continuation.

Most followed Spanish fashion influencers

Some of you may already know them because they are professional models. In general, they overwhelm with their images, have millions of followers who imitate their looks and clothing brands give them away. This generates huge profits for them, a name within the fashion world and, of course, on Instagram. Let’s see who and how the 10 most popular national fashion instagramers are at the top of our ranking.

1. Manu Ríos: @manurios


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The Spanish “Justin Bieber” is a young man from La Mancha who is sweeping not only his songs and the world of Netflix, but also his photos. It is not surprising that some well-known clothing brands have used him for one of their campaigns. It currently has 11 million followers (doubling the figure it had in 2021) and remains at the top of our list for the third consecutive year.

2. Paula Echevarría: @pau_eche

Her Instagram account is more than just a fashion account, and yet everything that surrounds Paula Echevarría on the network is very related to it. Her looks are the most awaited on red carpets and on the street, and she stars in known television spots with fashion brands. In recent years she has become a reference in the world of fashion and this is attested by her 3.6 million followers, which make her maintain the second position in our ranking.

3. Jon Kortajarena: @jonkortajarena

He is one of the most popular models in the world, although he has also triumphed in the world of cinema and television for years. And on Instagram! His account with personal images and other more professional ones (in which we can see his collaboration with firms such as Vogue) already has 3.4 million followers, which makes him rise from fourth place to sneak into the top 3 this year.

4. Aida Domenech: @dulceida

With 3.1 million followers (in 2021 she had 2.8 million), Barcelona native Aida Domenech, better known on Instagram as Dulceida, is one of Spain’s best-known social media personalities. Her secret? Modern looks and an extroverted personality that have allowed her to rub shoulders with luxury brands and also make a name for herself in the world of television and advertising.

5. María Pombo: @mariapombo

Maria Pombo is one of the must-haves if we talk about fashion in our country. She started posting daily outfits (from basics to sophisticated) on her social media and currently has her own clothing store, as well as becoming a known face in the world of celebrity gossip magazines. In one year she went from almost 2 million followers to 2.7 million and growing.

6. Alexandra Pereira: @alexandrapereira

The Instagram account of the Galician Alexandra Pereira, founder of @lovelypepa, has gone from 2 million followers to more than 2.2 million today. She started on the social network uploading photos of her looks (classic and well-cared for) and her travels, and is currently one of the most influential figures in the fashion sector in Spain (she was number one at the time).

7. Paula Gonu: @paulagonu

Paula Gonu falls from fifth place to seventh this year, but remains firm with the same number of followers as in 2021 (2 million). Outfits, inspiration photographs, various poses… Her images inspire the audience and her fresh, natural tone as well.

8. Laura Escanes: @lauraescanes

In 2021, Laura Escanes was in eighth place, and this time she repeats as one of the most famous faces on Instagram. With 1.7 million followers on her account, instagramer Laura Escanes is a reference for fashion and lifestyle.

9. Jessica Goicoechea: @goicoechea

Another Catalan, a model by profession, also triumphs on Instagram with 1.7 million followers and remains in ninth place. It is Jessica Goicoechea. In her account on the social network, the model combines her day-to-day in the campaigns and projects she has in hand, with other images in which she inspires through her looks and in which she has collaborated with brands such as Guess, L’ Oréal, Top Shop or Maybelline New York.

10. Rocío Osorno: @rocio0sorno

Rocío Osorno has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. One more year she closes the top 10 and it is not for less, because this Sevillian designer is another of the greats of fashion in the world of social networks. And for sample, his Instagram account.

Other important Spanish fashion influencers

And, although they have not managed to sneak into the highest part of the list, the top 10, they are present in it. That is why we want to make special mention of these and these fashion influencers who inspire us and guide us through trends:

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