These are the 10 Spanish TikTokers with the most followers on TikTok. (The data shown has been collected in January 2024).

  1. Benjikrol
  2. Rosalia
  3. Naim Darrechi
  4. Julia Menu García
  5. Larissa Kimberly
  6. Samuel López
  7. Jordi Koalitic
  8. Twin Melody
  9. Judith Arias
  10. Ibai

1. Benji Krol

This 22-year-old can boast of having carved out a meteoric career on TikTok. It has gone from having 5.2 million followers in 2019 to accumulating 34.1 million currently, which makes it remain at the top of our ranking.

His profile is dominated by music videos, in which Benji uses melodies to make humorous videos, dance or recreate trends. Its content is in English since, although this famous tiktoker was born in Brazil and grew up in Spain, he has acquired great fame internationally. He even owns a TikTok account only in spanish. He recently has launched his own beauty brand.

@benjikrolONLY THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO ME♬ original sound – Benji Krol

2. Rosalía 

Rosalía has not only positioned herself as one of the most popular singers in Spain and internationally. The interpreter of “Despechá” also dedicates some of her time to creating content for TikTok, where she shows her routine on tour days, what she does in her free time, and also takes the time to record some comedy videos. Currently, she has 32.7 million followers , making her a top contender and occupying the second place.

@rosaliaqueriais lip combo hay lip combo♬ sonido original – La Rosalia

3. Naim Darrechi 

The third spot on the list is now occupied by this singer and TikTok user who already has 30.5 million followers. In addition to his videos recreating dances or following current trends, Naim has gained fame due to the various controversies he has generated with his content and statements, one of the most notable being when he declared that he had cheated on women to have sex without a condom.

@naimdarrechilemete♬ sonido original – El Daniel :3

4. Julia Menú García 

This girl native from Barcelona stands out on the platform thanks to her naturalness and sense of humor. Although currently, in addition to her comedic videos and dances, she has added a new line of content. One in which, continuing with her close and humorous tone, she relates how her life as a mother of twins is going, updating her status and sharing with her followers how she feels, her wardrobe changes, etc. Julia already has 25.2 million followers (1 million more than in the previous edition).

5. Larissa Kimberlly

Larissa Kimberlly was born in Spain but has lived in Brazil most of her life. Her content focuses on humor, but she has also attracted attention for her curly hair and the care routine she applies, so some of her followers know her because of that. She upgrades her position in our ranking from seventh to fifth place and has 20.4 million followers on TikTok.

6. Samuel López

Samuel López is known for his career as a professional dancer. On the platform, he dedicates himself to sharing dances, his dance routines, showing his lifestyle, talking about modeling, and teaching closely how the industry he works in is. Currently, he has 20 million followers on his account (0.50% less than the previous year).

7. Jordi Koalitic

Creative photography is the center of Jordi Koalitic’s accounts. He lets his imagination and good work loose on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and of course, TikTok. This time he drops from 6th place to 7th place, but he has a small increase (+1.53%) of followers, totaling 19.9 million followers.

8. Twin Melody

The Basque twin sisters Paula and Aitana Etxeberría are Twin Melody, and they are sweeping the network with their choreography and versions of songs by big artists. They have not only made their mark in the world of television (in fact, they have applied to represent Spain in Eurovision), but they also triumph with their videos on YouTube and TikTok. On this last platform, they already have 18.9 million followers (2.72% more than in 2023).

9. Judith Arias

Judith Arias began to gain popularity by showing how her relationship was and then the whole process of her pregnancy. Currently, she makes videos with her husband and young daughter, doing trends, jokes, and showing her lifestyle. She currently has 18.2 million followers.

10. Ibai Llanos

Ibai Llanos, the well-known content creator has become a celebrity and an icon of esports. His content is not only a success in the streaming world, he also has a TikTok community with 17.7 million followers, which has made him part of this top.

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How tiktokers can help in your strategy

TikTokers have a strong influence on their followers, and can be used to promote products, services, or campaigns. They are also able to create creative and engaging content that resonates with their audience, making them an effective tool for reaching new audiences and building brand awareness. Additionally, TikTok has a unique algorithm that is able to promote content to users based on their interests, making it a powerful platform for targeted marketing. Brands use some of the most followed Spanish tiktokers in:

  • Influencer Marketing: Brands can partner with popular TikTokers to create sponsored content that promotes their products or services. This can include product demonstrations, tutorials, or branded challenges.
  • Hashtag Challenges: Brands can create a hashtag challenge that encourages users to create content related to their brand. This can increase brand awareness and drive engagement.
  • Product Placement: Brands can place their products in the background or foreground of a TikToker’s video, which can be a subtle way to promote a product.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Brands can host a contest or giveaway on TikTok to encourage users to create content related to their brand. This can increase engagement and drive sales.
  • Branded Filters and Effects: Brands can create custom filters and effects that can be used by TikTokers in their videos. This can increase brand awareness and make the brand more relatable to the audience.
  • Collaboration: Brands can collaborate with TikTokers to create a branded video or campaign. This can be a great way to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness.

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