In the digital era, being a youtuber may still be frowned upon in some places, but the reality is that the potential of some content creators is unparalleled. Since the beginning of content creation on YouTube, one of the fastest growing communities is Latin America, and more specifically, Mexico. Therefore, today we tell you who are the top ten youtubers in Mexico in 2024.

1. Kimberly Loaiza

She started uploading videos to YouTube in 2016, focusing on makeup tutorials, hairstyles, and quizzes for girls. Later on, her channel took a change and diversified her content towards posting vlogs or challenges with her friends. Thanks to her internet career, she made the leap into the world of music, releasing her first single in 2019.

Her main channel has 43.9 million subscribers where the content he uploads focuses on challenges, vlogs, pranks and collaborations with other content creators such as Lele Pons. In addition, he has a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to uploading content related to his facet as a singer in which he recently published a song with the well-known Argentine artist Lit Killah, which has already reached seven million views.

Aulthoug she has announced her retirement from content creation, she still remains in the first place in the Mexican youtubers with more subscribers on the platform. Her channel is also on of the most followed among spanish content creators.

2. Luisito Comunica

Luis Villar Sudek, better known as Luisito Comunica, focuses on publishing videos traveling around the world. In these videos he shows the culture and traditions of these places, as well as his own experiences in vlog format. Before creating the channel that gave him his current fame, he started on the platform by uploading videos playing the piano where he made tutorials to teach people how to play the instrument.

Although after three consecutive years being the first, he is now in second place in the ranking, his figures are still surprising. He has 41.6 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and his most famous video has reached 69 million views.

His videos have so far achieved a staggering 9,169,322,814 views, making him number two in this ranking.

3. Fede Vigevani

The first youtuber in this top who is not of Mexican nationality, but is originally from Uruguay but has been residing in Mexico for many years. He became known for having been one of the members of the Dosogas channel until December 2018, when Dosogas ended its YouTube run.

In 2023 took 7th place, but this year it catapulted to the third position, as its content continues to be updated regularly today.

Since then, Fede has been dedicated to uploading videos to his main channel, where he has 38.7 million subscribers. These videos are usually vlogs about his personal experiences, such as finding a “secret tunnel” in the basement of his house, jokes or exciting challenges.

4. Los Polinesios

Ana, Lesslie and Rafael Velasquez Espinoza, are three siblings who have been publishing content on YouTube since 2012. They have five channels on the platform, being this their main channel, in which the content they share vlogs about their life. This channel has 26 million subscribers. Each video usually has one of the three brothers as the protagonist since currently they are not always able to post videos in which all three brothers are seen together.

Their other four channels are: Muses, Extra Polynesians, Platica Polynesia and Juxiis. In addition, they have appeared on several occasions in the Youtube Rewind, the video in which the platform rewards the best creators every year.

5. Yuya

The queen of makeup tutorials par excellence currently has 24.7 million subscribers on her main channel, although she has been inactive since December 24, 2021. She continues to upload content to her social networks but since the birth of her baby in September 2021, she is focusing on taking care of her son.

Even so, her fans do not stop showing her support through other media such as Instagram, where she shares short videos, posts and stories about her day to day life. She is among the instagramers with the most followers in Mexico, the renowned YouTuber has a record number of video views of no less than 2,590,298,853.

6. Juan de Dios de Pantoja

The youtuber began uploading videos to the platform in 2016 and is married to the aforementioned youtuber, Kimberly Loaiza, with whom he has two children. He also launched into the world of music, releasing in 2017 his first single and creating a separate channel for everything related to his facet as an artist.

Despite the fact that in 2020 he closed his channel due to his couple conflicts with Kim, he currently has 24.5 million subscribers. Mostly, his videos are based on making jokes to his wife and friends, as well as performing challenges or showing how is life at home with his family, uploading videos with his children.

Recently, the couple was involved in a marital conflict, which caused both to suspend their social media activity indefinitely. So far, the influencer has achieved a total of 2,390,008,632 views.

7. Karla Bustillos

She is a content creator who uploads to YouTube videos related to dance, beauty and comedy trends. Her trajectory on the video platform began only 3 years ago, uploading challenges with her boyfriend and sharing makeup tips with her followers.

Now, her content is also focused on her family life, narrating in vlogs how it is to be a mother, without leaving aside the comic tone of her videos. In this way, she has 23.1 million subscribers on her channel, as well as 5,107,240,546 views.

8. Jukilop

This is Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja’s joint channel, created in 2017 after they got married along with the homonymous Instagram account. In this channel with 19.6 million subscribers they have been dedicated to uploading content about their journey together: trips, jokes, challenges and vlogs. However, the YouTube channel has been inactive for three years, so we do not expect its growth to be sustained over time.

7. Susy Mouriz

A native of Panama, this influencer rose to fame for her comic videos in which she fulfills challenges proposed by her followers, in addition to collaborating with other personalities of the video platform. Since 2017, the creator has been able to position herself and has established herself as a YouTuber of great relevance in the Mexican market.

This is the first year in which the YouTuber debuts in our ranking, and it is not for less, because her more than 6 years of experience in the world of social media in Mexico allow her to accumulate 19.3 million subscribers, as well as 8,353,677,395 views in her videos.

10. MissaSinfonia

He uploaded his first video to YouTube in 2011. Some of his most famous videos are those belonging to the series “Analizando la Rosa de Guadalupe” which consists of 14 parts. In his main channel, he has 18.3 million subscribers. He usually uploads videos every two or three months. He also has a secondary channel, called YoSoyMissa to which he uploads videos on a very occasional basis qualified by himself as “nonsense stuff”.

In addition, he performs live on Twitch, playing video games and on numerous occasions has been invited to creator events on the platform such as, for example, the Squid Craft Games 2, held in March 2023 and which brought together both Spanish and English-speaking streamers.

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