According to the Digital 2024, there are 331,1 million internet users in the United States (January 2024). Most of them use this tool searching for information (74,4%), how to do things (68,4%) and staying in touch with friends and family (64,6%).

Taking that into account and knowing that 239 million people are active social media users in America, what do you think the most visited websites are?

The most visited websites in America

According to Similarweb ranking provided in the Digital 2024, the report created by We Are Social and Meltwater, the most visited website in the american country is Google (to nobody’s surprise) as you can see in the next image.

Top most visited websites according to Similarweb

Google is in the first place with 18,7 billion visits and 313 million unique visitors every month. It also has an average visit duration of 12 minutes and 24 seconds.

This first position is followed by YouTube, the well-known video platform for youtubers, creators and artists. This platform receives 6,4 billion visits a month. The amount of unique visitors (218 million/month) and the time they spend in each visit (19 minutes and 19 seconds) reveals the importance of this entertainment portal in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg should be glad, Facebook is still at the top 3 of the most visited websites. The social media platform owns a great user base worldwide. In the US, Facebook has 3,17 billion visits monthly, 172 million visitors and the time they spend is a little more than 10 minutes in each visit. It makes sense, knowing the big amount of people who are active social media users.

Then we have the eCommerce giant, Amazon, in the fourth place with 1,96 billion visits monthly, followed by Yahoo, the search engine.

And of course, if there is someone who should be happy with its results is Elon Musk, who bought Twitter and change its name for X (with everything that entails). Although lots of people were not happy with changes, this social media platform has made it to be at the top 10 with 1,27 billion monthly visits. In terms of time spent int he platform, X is ahead of Facebook by 39 seconds.

Instagram is in the seventh place with 1,09 billion visits and an average time use of 6 minutes 49 seconds. Following the photography social network, we have Wikipedia (1,03 billion visits) and Reddit (801 million), the contents aggregator which is very similar to the controversial spanish online forum, ForoCoches.

Last but not least, in the tenth position you can find Discord, the platform to communicate by voice, chat, or videocalls. It is widely knowns among gamers and streamers community to talk with their friends or viewers while playing or livestreaming. It receives 663 million visits a month.

Most popular search engines in the US

As you can imagine, Google is also in the first place in this case. This 2024, Google accumulates 87,6% of web traffic.

In the second position we can find Bing with 7,7%. It is followed by Yahoo with a 2,4% and DuckDuckGo, the search engine which emphasises user data protection avoiding personalized searching filters with a 1,8% of web traffic.

Most popular search engines in the US

Most searched in Google by americans

The most searched term in google is you. Not yourself of course, just “you”. Then in second position we find “weather” so people know the meteorological conditions in their region and in the third place, “Google”, again. 

top google searches

Then in 4th and 5th place we find Amazon and YouTube respectively, coinciding with the most searched websites ranking.

Most used social media platforms

As we mentioned before, there are 239 million people who are active social media users in the United States. Based on the most visited websites, you could have a clue  about what the most used social networks in America are, but if you do not hace an idea, here is the ranking:

Most used social media platforms ranking by Digital 2024

Facebook owns a solid first position with a 75,3 % of users, followed by Instagram, the other Meta app, with a 63,9% and Facebook Messenger, the chat service, with a 61,3%.

TikTok is in the fourth position with 50,2% of people using it, as it is one of the most famous apps in the rest of the world. For instance, in Spain it also is in the same place of the ranking.

The iPhone chat service, iMessage is the fith most used social media plataform with 44,7% users, followed by X (41%) and Pinterest (38,2%). Snapchat (37,6%) is still in top 10, owning the 8th position before Linkedin (31,4%) and Reddit with 31,2% in the tenth position.

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