According to Digital 2024 report elborated by We are Social and Meltwater, there are 239 million people who are active social media users in America. We should take into account that there are 331.1 million people using the internet in the US, as we mentioned when we told you about the most visited websites in America.

What are the most used social media in America

The population of the United States is 334.9 million people according to 2023 data by Statista. This means that 70% of the population in America are connected to social media.

Facebook is the most used social media app in America with a 75.3 % of users, this app is part of the technological company Meta. Meta owns different social media plataform such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Threads, among others. Facebook Messenger, its chat service is in the third position with a 61.3%, only preceeded by Instagram in the second position with a 63.9%.

Instagram is known for being the photography app par excellence, although now we could focus more on any content that is visual, as it allows you to upload videos, images, gifs, audio tracks or even texts.

TikTok is in the fourth position with 50.2% of people using it. Although there are some states of the country where this app is forbidden, the chinese app has managed to scale until the top of the most used social media platforms in America. It is one of the most famous apps worldwide. For instance, in Spain it also is in the same place of the ranking. This shows that vertical videos and entertainment are a must to be successful in social media.

Most used social media platforms ranking by Digital 2024

The iPhone chat service, iMessage is the fifth most used social media plataform with 44.7% users. Considering the fact that Iphone is one of the most used mobile devices in the United states, it makes sense.  X (41%) follows iMessage in the sixth position of this ranking. Elon Musk’s app lost a lot users when the rebranding came into reality, but it remains as one of the preferred apps among americans.

In 7th position we find Pinterest (38.2%), the app in which million people look for inspiration for their daily lifes: outfits, books, films, aesthetics, etc. Even it is used to create content for other social media, such as making a video for another platform imitating a make up seen in Pinterest.

Snapchat (37.6%) is still in top 10, owning the 8th position as America is the second country where more Snapchat users are. This is because in other countries such as Spain, people lost interest in this platform when Instagram integrated some of their funcionalities. In other countries like France, India or United Kingdom is still very used by their citizens.

Linkedin (31.4%) and Reddit with 31.2% are in 9th and 10th position respectively. Being the first the community for professionals and job seekers, although there are more and more content creators in this platform using it as a gate to find a job. On the other hand, Reddit is an online forum where users can upload almost any type of content (text, video, images), usually with a very characteristic humor.

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