Pharmaceutical products are and will continue to be essential items for the daily life of any person. And, as expected, it is a commercial area that has also made its way into the online world.

Today it is not only possible to buy non-prescription medications through an authorized website. We can also find parapharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and even generic or personalized masks. Buying online is already something habitual and pharmacies could not be left behind, so they joined the digital world to offer their consumers what they need without worrying about leaving home. We have already seen the most popular online pharmacies in Mexico, now it is the turn for Spain.

According to statistics by Semrush, we bring you the  main pharmaceutical platforms with the latest data about their organic traffic in Spain (March 2024).

  1. Atida | Mifarma
  2. Farma soler
  3. Promofarma 
  4. Boticas 23 
  5. Dosfarma 
  6. Farmavazquez 
  7. Farmaciabarata 
  8. Farmacias Direct 
  9. La Farmacoteca 
  10. farmaciaencasaonline 

1. Atida | Mifarma

Recently, this company changed its name from Mifarma by Atida to Atida | Mifarma to prioritize the company’s history. Along with this change, they also decided to redesign their website, which was previously chaotic and not very visually appealing, making it more user-friendly and gaining from the change. This february, it has registered 1 million visits worldwide from organic traffic. In Spain, it has registered more than 304 thousand visits

It is known for being an international provider of over-the-counter products. Its history shows that it started as a small pharmacy in 1980 in the city of Albacete (Spain) and gradually grew into one of the largest online health product retailers. In its catalog, we find the usual categories, highlighting the inclusion of orthopedic, optical and veterinary products.

2. Farmasoler

It was founded in 1865 in Xátiva (Valencia, Spain) by Joaquín Soler, and has passed from generation to generation since then. Its current leader for the last 30 years, Rosalía Soler, is in charge of continuing to offer pharmaceutical products to all those who need them. They are now in their fourth generation.

Throug their online shop, they sell hygiene products, cosmetics, herbal products, food supplements and medicines that can be purchased without prescription. It also has a section of offers where you can find products at a lower price and discount promotions. To place an order you do not need to register. However, if you are not registered you will have to enter your data manually every time you want to order a product. Free shipping is available for orders over 69 €. In Spain alone, they have more than 380 thousand organic traffic visits.

3. Promofarma

Promofarma is considered to be one of the most recognized online pharmacy store in all of Spain, with 282,000 organic traffic visits. Its popularity comes from the wide variety of products shown in its catalog, which is easy to explore thanks to its efficient categorization system on its website.

Today, this marketplace has more than 150,000 products offered on its web, belonging to more than 7,000 different brands, as well as offering shipments anywhere in Europe. It should be noted that, in addition to the most common categories such as medication, cosmetics, health, hygiene, and babies and mothers, Promofarma also includes categories such as dietetics, optics, orthopedics, herbal medicine, and natural cosmetics. This offers a wide range of possibilities for its customers who have specialized and expanded over the years.

Promofarma succeeded in becoming the best marketplace in the 2022 Ecommerce Awards, the reference awards for eCommerce in Spain organized by Marketing4ecommerce.


4. Boticas23

Since its founding in 1939, this project has aimed to be accessible to all those seeking health advice. With their online portal they intend to continue their goal. It already exceeds 264 K of organic traffic worldwide of which 159 K are only in Spain.

The physical store is located in Mula, a municipality in Murcia (Spain). Among their products we can find medicines, products for eye health, for circulation, dietary products and more. Some of the brands they work with are Afterbite, Bayer, Clearblue, Compeed or Dove.

5. Dosfarma

With more than 145 thousands visits from organic traffic Dosfarma is considered one of the leading pharmacies in the Spanish online market. On its website, you can find OTC medications, health and beauty products, and even veterinary products that are delivered to your home in a minimum time.

Its website has an easy-to-use design that allows users to easily find products. Everything is divided into sections, with some highlighted brands, promotions, and a search bar if you have a specific item in mind. They released their own app in 2023 in which you can find all their products easier.

6. Farmavazquez

This pharmaceutical company has as its mission to offer a wide range of pharmacy and parapharmacy products with the best possible quality. What makes it one of the most popular is that they always look for competitive prices to attract the attention of more customers, something that has helped them to register more 184,000 as organic traffic.

Its design is a bit more chaotic than that of other websites on this list, which hinders usability. To see all the product categories in full, you have to scroll a lot on the website, which prevents a unified view of them all. What must be recognized is that they are well organized and offer a very complete range. It also has a consultation section where users can direct their questions to Dr. Vasquetes.

7. Farmacia Barata

It was founded in 1982, in Cordoba, as Bergillos Pharmacy. It was not until 2010 when their online pharmacy was born, which is the one we know today. On their website, they boast of offering their products at the best price in addition to always offering you the best solution. They also reward the loyalty of their customers, as they can access exclusive discounts from the first purchase. Shipments are made between 24 and 48 hours after placing the order.

Its catalog has more than 15,000 products and the collaboration with 350 laboratories.

8. Farmacias Direct

It is a company that was born in 2015 in Seville, Spain. Its founder, Antonio Campos, wanted to bring the figure of the pharmacist to the online world in order to offer the products and the quality of the face-to-face service to the online world.

They offer free shipping from 79 €, they have an exclusive page of promotions and different health products among which are even veterinary. With deliveries in 24h-48h ensure fast and secure shipping.

9. La Farmacoteca

La Farmacoteca, also knonw as “Farmacia Online Barcelona” was born in a small neighborhood pharmacy in the catalonian capital. Now its website receives more than 84 thousand visits from organic traffic.

The categories that define their product catalog are: dermo-aesthetics, hygiene, dietetics, health (eye, hearing, sexual, orthopedics, first aid, etc) and products with CBD that can be useful for lower back pain or hair loss. You can pay by different payment methods such as debit or credit card, paypal, bank transfer or by Sequra, the “buy now pay later” method.

10. Farmacia en casa online

With its physical activity started in 1988, in 2006 the online portal of this well-known Spanish pharmacy was created. In this way, they were able to reach via internet the services they offered in person to a much wider range of customers. Currently this pharmacy receives 30,000 organic traffic visits per year.

Their catalog has more than 700 brands and 15,000 products. They also offer advice on any health-related topic: nutrition, maternity, cosmetics, hygiene, etc.


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