The company specializing in information, data and analysis, Warc (world advertising research center), has just presented its 2024 ranking of the world’s best advertisers and agencies, which is a reference for global marketing. The list, called Creative 100, highlights the campaigns and companies that received the most awards in 2023 in the most important global and regional creative competitions. The selection of the awards is based on the results of a survey conducted in the industry, in addition to the advice of Warc’s Rankings Advisory Council.

These are the best campaigns and advertising agencies in the world:

  1. Phone It In. Marca – Skinny. Agencia – PHD Auckland / Colenso BBDO Auckland.
  2. Pre-Loved Island. Marca – eBay. Agencia – EssenceMediacom London / McCann London.
  3. #TurnYourBack. Marca – Dove. Agencia – Ogilvy London / DAVID Madrid / Mindshare London.
  4. I Don’t Remember. Marca – Asociación Lucha contra el mal de Alzheimer (A.L.M.A.). Agencia – HOY Buenos Aires.
  5. Thumbstopping Beauty Biases. Marca – Dove. Agencia – Mindshare Mumbai.

1. Phone It In

New Zealand telecommunications company Skinny was able to generate engagement, increase brand consideration by 6% in two months and increase new customer acquisition by 34%, thanks to its Phone It In campaign. Best of all, it did it for free.

For this campaign, Skinny wrote a series of unique radio scripts, which they placed in different locations around the city along with a phone number that customers could call to read them and have them recorded on an answering machine. Depending on the location of the customers, the scripts were different and were broadcast as part of a nationwide radio partnership, resulting in more than 2,500 recordings.

2. Pre-Loved Island

eBay and ITV’s Love Island partnered in the UK to drive the re-evaluation of second-hand clothing. The campaign resulted in the nation talking positively about secondhand fashion, a 7,000% increase in searches for secondhand fashion items, over 1,700 pieces of positive press coverage, over 14 billion impressions and a 935% increase in mentions, positioning eBay as the go-to destination for secondhand fashion.

Getting down to business, eBay placed used goods in the heart of Love Island and provided locals with a used clothing closet. In addition, it made use of different formats, such as video content and co-branded television through VOD and social channels, and a live auction was held through eBay

3. #TurnYourBack

Bold Glamour is a TikTok filter that sets an unrealistic standard of beauty and, unlike other filters, does not remove when you put your hand on your face. This filter has been flagged as harmful to young girls and there have even been calls for it to be made illegal.

The Dove brand, along with agency Ogilvy London, launched the #TurnYourBack campaign on TikTok, collaborating with content creators, influencers and the wider TikTok community to promote self-acceptance and to encourage users to embrace natural beauty.

The campaign had a reach of over 1 billion pieces, 54 million video views and 567 thousand interactions.

4. I Don’t Remember

The Asociación Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer (A.L.M.A.) used soccer, a true passion in Argentina, as a creative and disruptive way to raise awareness about how important it is to detect the early symptoms of Alzheimer‘s and thus find a better treatment.

And when there is an important soccer club at stake, the TV audience is big and post-match interviews are very important, so this was the perfect opportunity for A.L.M.A. to put Leonardo Sigali, captain of Racing Club in front of a camera and have him pretend not to remember the match he had just experienced in the middle of the post-match interview. Afterwards, the player revealed that it was all an Alzheimer’s awareness campaign.

5. Thumbstopping Beauty Biases

Once again, Dove is starring in one of the world’s best campaigns. This time, it launched the hashtag #StopTheBeautyTest in India with the aim of preventing body shaming among girls by challenging stereotypes. The campaign was launched through various channels: print, television, social media and in collaboration with influencers.

To build the campaign concept, Dove conducted a study that found that 80% of schoolgirls in India face a beauty test. The result: online comments based on size and color were reduced by 18% and 10.5% respectively, while there was a 7.4% increase in brand awareness.

Top 5 best agencies in the world according to Warc

In addition to the top 100 advertising campaigns, Warc also published a list of the top 50 agencies worldwide. These are the top 5:

  1. Mindshare (United States).
  2. PHD (New Zealand).
  3. Mediaplus (Germany).
  4. Wavemaker (India).
  5. Mindshare (India).



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