TikTok is onw of the most used social media platform all over the world. They already knows that it is the vertical video app par excellence since all platforms want to imitate it. However, it seems that it still wants to surpass itself. It is preparing a new version dedicated solely to uploading photos in the pure Instagram style.

The new photo app from Tiktok

Some users have shared images in which you can see an on-screen message indicating that soon the publications that are photos will be shared in “TikTok Notes“, which seems to be the app that ByteDance’s platform has been preparing for months.

Captura de pantalla de TikTok subida por la usuaria @cmcalgary donde se ve el aviso de la nueva app de fotos de TikTok

TikTok screenshot uploaded by @cmcalgary

As we have seen in recent months, TikTok has been encouraging us to upload images to the platform instead of videos since the introduction of this feature in 2022. Through pop-up messages, it promised us to get more reach and engagement than videos could generate in many cases. And indeed, it worked.

Bytedance has already tried its luck with the creation of separate applications such as TikTok Music or Lemon8, an eCommerce platform present in the United States and some other Asian countries such as Japan or Malaysia with a Pinterest style. Although the first one lost the interest of users in the first months after its launch. However, they tried to solve it by launching TikTok Shop in the American country. Adding a tab in the TikTok app itself was enough for users to start using their online shopping service.

Now the question is: will TikTok users want a new image-only app?

Image: Reddit

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