Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024 (EBE24) has just closed its doors, leaving behind an echo of excitement and conversations that promise to shape the future of e-commerce. This time, we did not only witnessed the latest trends in the sector, but also stood out for its innovative spirit. But what was so special about this edition? Let’s find out.

How was EBE24

Although this was not the first time the EBE was held, it was the first with a special opening. Efe von Thenen, CMO at ePages and chairman of the Ecommerce Berlin Expo advisory board, kicked off the event, bringing the eCommerce community together like never before. In front of thousands of attendees, he summarized eCommerce trends and offered guidance on how to navigate the event.

EBE 2024 is the largest edition to date

Ecommerce Berlin Expo  2024 has broken records, expanding to 14,965 square meters, 20% larger than any previous edition, and registering the attendance of more than 17,000 people. This global event, with 70% of attendees coming from Germany, has managed to combine a local atmosphere with a global reach, attracting 65% of participants from different spheres of the commercial world.

Who went to the Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024

With a program packed with big names that rarely attend conferences, the expo brought together giants such as Tesla, Alibaba.com, Amazon Freight, Uber, SAP, eBay, DHL, DPD, and TikTok, among others. With nearly 100 world-class speakers and more than 280 exhibitors, EBE24 became the meeting point for the stars of eCommerce.

Attendees were able to hear from experts from Universal Music, IKEA, BMW, Thomann Music, Philips, Unilever, Refurbed, HSE, Otto, and giants such as the one we have mentioned before. These speakers shared their visions, setting the way forward for the industry.

In addition, it unfolded with an impressive lineup of 85 speaker sessions and 16 masterclasses, totaling more than 50 hours of content on the latest trends and technologies in eCommerce.

Artificial intelligence as a protagonist

The dedicated AI stage, masterfully curated by Anna Graf and Lea Horn of Arvato Systems, stood as the epicenter for discussions on technological advances and practical applications of AI.

The intent was clear: to transcend mere trend discussion and focus on how AI is redefining the eCommerce ecosystem. From improvements in customer experience personalization to logistics and supply chain optimization, speakers highlighted use cases that are already positively impacting the industry.

Dynamic discussion panels

The diversity of topics covered in the five panel discussions reflected the complexity and richness of the eCommerce world. They ranged from the future of eCommerce food delivery, to automotive trends, to conversational commerce, ensuring that there was relevant content for every attendee profile.

These panels not only offered valuable insights but also fostered an open dialogue between the experts and the audience, encouraging a collaborative learning environment.


The Ecommerce Germany Awards (EGA) networking party stood out as one of the most memorable moments of the expo, becoming an essential meeting point for thought leaders, innovators and industry professionals. Among the finalists were PackEx, Pipedrive, GLS, or Brevo, solutions that we have mentioned more than once.

Celebrating the winners of the Ecommerce Germany Awards, this invitation-only event promoted the exchange of ideas and the creation of valuable connections in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. The evening not only served to recognize achievements within the industry but also to strengthen professional relationships in a framework of camaraderie and celebration.

The expo awaits you in 2025

Mark your calendar for 19th an 20th February 2025, as the  Ecommerce Berlin Expo  will return with something truly special, extending to two full days to offer even more opportunities to explore, learn and connect.

This event has proven to be a goldmine of knowledge and innovation, highlighting the importance of omnichannel, artificial intelligence and logistics efficiency in the success of modern eCommerce. With each edition, the Ecommerce Berlin Expo not only sets current trends but also anticipates the future of eCommerce, offering an unrivaled platform for learning and connecting among industry professionals.

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