Reorganize your agenda for the remainder of 2023 because there are numerous marketing and e-commerce related events coming up that you shouldn’t miss. In this article we tell you about the ones that will be held in the coming months and those that have already been held but you should not miss their next edition in 2024.

Upcoming Marketing events in 2023

Events that have already been held and will be held again in 2024

Marketing 2.0 Conference

Marketing 2.0 Conference will be held in Las Vegas, United States to learn about trends in content marketing, B2B, MarTech tools, digital strategies, evolution of advertising and more. It will be celebrated from 10th to 12th July 2023. In this edition you would be able to see which are the trends in content marketing , B2B marketing, new marTech tools, effective digital strategies, the evolution of advertising, and much more. The schedule is in their web page and you can still book tickets. Note that is going to be very soon!


The Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) event is all about learning how to have optimal planning and production thanks to smart strategies and content creation methods, as well as promotion across mobile devices. It will be celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio from July 26th to July 28th. In this tree days, atendants will learn about the potential of artificial intelligence. Here you can see everything they are preparing.

Digital Marketing World Forum

It is the perfect event for the smartest and most creative to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. These are their next events this year:

  • DMWF North America. It will happen in Miami on September 14th and 15th.
  • DMWF Europe. It will be held in Rai, Amsterdam on November 21st and 22nd.

Screenshot of the events from Digital Marketing World Forum webpage


It is Europe’s digital marketing and tech event where key players in digital business, marketing and innovation meet together. It will be held in Cologne, on September 20th and 21st. In this conference, attendants will be able to see expositions, pioneering keynotes, lively debates and informational masterclasses related to the future of digital economy and driving market value.

Think Summit by Movable Ink

On October 10th 2023, London hosts the second Think Summit in Europe, the leading digital marketing conference. At this event you will have the opportunity to discover how to accelerate marketing performance within your team. You can already join the waitlist to attend the event.

Social Media Strategies Summit

They offer various virtual events for different categories depending on the sector to which those interested in attending belong. Their conference usually have the participation of expert speakers to address the topics of greater impact on social network strategies in the office or advertising agency. These are the next scheduled events of Social Media Strategies Summit this year:

  • Higher Education Virtual Conference, from 23rd to 25th October 2023.
  • Social Media Strategies Virtual Conference, from 26th to 27th October 2023.
  • Social Media For Government Virtual Conference, it will be held on 6th and 7th December 2023.

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing

From May 8-9, 2023, leaders from the world’s most influential brands was gathered in San Diego, USA to reimagine the future of marketing. Attendees received data-driven insights and brand reputation to acquire ideas on how to grow other communities. However, in order to not wait until next year, other edition of this event organized by Reuters will take place in New York City on November 7th and 8th. People who attend to the event will be able to listen to some of the most influencial marketing leaders of great brands such as PepsiCo or Unilever.

Web Summit

Web Summit is a global technology conference that takes place annually in Lisbon, Portugal. This year the appointment dates are from 13th to 16h November. The conference covers a wide range of topics related to the internet and technology, including web design, development, e-commerce, online marketing, and more.

Marketing Analytics Summit Berlin

This conference for digital analysis pioneers has three different editions: one is celebrated in London, for which there is no date defined in 2024; the other one is celebrated in Las Vegas, this year happened between June 19th and June 22, and some speakers were from Microsoft, Shopify or Amazon; and the last one which is also the next one, is celebrated in Berlin in November 2023.


Jan 9-12, 2024, Las Vegas. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world’s largest trade shows for consumer electronics and technology. The show covers a wide range of topics, from the latest in home entertainment systems and gaming consoles to advancements in automotive tech and beyond. CES is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. The show showcases new electronics products that may, or may not, appear for consumers, and deals are struck between companies in the industry. However, if you cannot wait till January, another event will be the kickoff for CES 2024 in Las Vegas. CES 2024 Tech Trends is happening on 20th September 2023, in Paris, France. This event will bring together more than 5000 French entrepreneurs, investors, media and tech executives to accelerate technology solutions and advance innovation across the globe.

Ecommerce Berlin Expo 

The E-commerce Berlin Expo is one of the largest eCommerce event in Germany. It offers a blend of exhibition and conference formats, providing visitors with unparalleled opportunities for business growth, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Scheduled for its 8th edition on February 22, 2024, the event is projected to draw over 10,000 attendees, fostering a diverse and active community of e-commerce experts.

The Expo boasts an impressive lineup of over 280 service providers from Germany and 30 international markets, offering attendees unparalleled access to the latest solutions and innovations in the eCommerce industry. Exhibitors like Big Buy, Allegro o Shopware will be there.

Moreover, the event features an extensive conference program, featuring over 70 industry experts and thought leaders sharing their insights and expertise on multiple stages and during masterclasses.

In addition to the exhibition and conference, the Expo also offers opportunities for attendees to connect and network with industry peers. With over 10,000 online shop representatives, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, the event presents a unique chance to build relationships, share ideas, and foster collaboration. The only thing you need to do to attend the event is to register yourself here and wait until the day arrives.

Here we leave you a video of how the event went last year.


MWC Mobile World Congress

One of the largest marketing and eCommerce events. From February 26th to 29th, 2024, in Barcelona, you will be able to discover the future of connectivity at one of the world’s most influential events. At this conference you will discover the mobile technology of the future. The biggest names in the industry show off their innovative products and the process that gave birth to their ideas.


Shoptalk is an event where thousands of creators gather to create the future of retail. Attendees to these events will be able to learn about all the latest technologies, trends, and business models. In 2023, the last Shoptalk event, called Shoptalk Meetup for Women, will take place from September 26th to September 28th, and it is an online meetings program that brings together women in the retail community for three days of unmatched networking opportunities. The upcoming Shoptalk events in 2024 are:

  • Shoptalk, from March 17th to March 20th in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Shoptalk Europe, from June 3rd to June 5th  in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Shoptalk Fall, from October 8th to October 10th in Chicago. For the first time, there will be another Shoptalk and attendants would not have to wait until January 2025 to be part of this business event.

Ad World

Ad World event was celebrated on 29-30 March 2023, an online offering in which the brightest minds in advertising share their secrets for creating successful strategies. This advertising event is perfect for sellers and brands who have migrated to the digital world to boost sales. Dates for 2024 have not been annouced yet, but you can watch what happened in this year edition if you join to their membership. They offer a 7 day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with Ad World Pro, the price is $29 per month for the yearly membership.

WFA Global Marketer Week

From April 25-28, 2023, Global Marketer Week took place in Istanbul to deliver inspiration, discovery and learning for marketing lovers.


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