If we stop to think about it, everything in the United States is big. Right off the bat, it is twice the size of the European Union, and it’s the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. It is the world’s leading economy and the world’s leading power in most aspects you can think of. In the world of online shopping it was not going to be less, as it is also the main commercial force in the Western world. Therefore, today we will discover which are the favorite online stores of users and their level of visits.

In order to compile this list enumerating the 10 most visited eCommerce in the United States, we have based ourselves on the data provided and updated as of November 2023 by the platform specializing in web analysis and software development Similarweb.

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Walmart
  4. Etsy
  5. Target
  6. The Home Depot
  7. Best Buy
  8. Apple
  9. Macy’s
  10. Wayfair


As in other of our country listings such as France o Mexico, the online retail giant Amazon is crowned as the most visited eCommerce in the United States, with more than 2.076 million visits in the month of November alone.

In addition to this, an estimated 167 million U.S. users belong to the Amazon Prime premium system. Undoubtedly, the famous marketplace is an option to take into account when crossing the pond and starting to sell in the USA.

Captura de pantalla de Amazon.com, la tienda online más popular en EEUU.


Before Amazon, there was eBay (founded in 1995). Although it is no longer the leading eCommerce platform in the United States, it is still a great option for users to buy and sell online, accumulating a high volume of traffic of 543.7 million monthly visits in November. Its main feature is that it uses auction or closed bidding systems to sell the thousands of products it offers in its wide range of categories.

Something very curious about eBay is that, although the bulk of its users are between 25 and 34 years old, almost 11% of its audience is made up of people over the age of 65. In addition, older audiences are more likely to browse the platform from computers than from smartphones.

Vista de la web de eBay en EEUU, una de las tiendas online más populares en el país


Since 1962, Walmart has built a long history in offline commerce with its department store chain, with a presence in 28 countries. In the digital area, this U.S. chain has also been able to adapt to changes and its website accumulated 492.7 million visits in the U.S. in November.

Vista de la web de Walmart en EE.UU.


Since it was founded in 2005, the Etsy platform has been characterized by specializing in the sale of DIY products, which has made it gain a lot of popularity in the United States.

In this sense, Etsy received 276.1 million visits in November, which if compared to October represented an increase of 6.34%. It also has 6 million active sellers, most of them small businesses, and more than 90 million buyers.

Vista de la web de Etsy en EEUU, una de las tiendas online más populares en el país


With a history dating back to 1902 when George Draper Dayton founded Target’s predecessor company, Dayton Dry Goods, Target was finally born in 1962 in Minneapolis, USA. Over the years it has managed to win over American users and, by November 2023, the retail giant that offers items in all categories (from home to fashion, electronics, food, toys, etc.) accumulated 217.4 million visits, increasing its traffic by 32.62% compared to the previous month.

Vista de la web de Target en EE.UU.

Vista de la web de Target en EE.UU.

6.The Home Depot

The retailer specializing in home improvement, hardware, do-it-yourself and building materials has been responsible for popularizing the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) concept and taking it to several countries in the Americas, such as Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

In the U.S., the success of the hardware and DIY products distribution chain par excellence is reflected in its 190.9 million monthly visits obtained during November.

7.Best Buy

Since 1996, Best Buy has specialized in the sale of technology and electronics products, with a presence in strategic markets, Canada, Mexico and China. Its digital strategy has achieved 155.9 million visits in the U.S. during November 2023.

Vista de la web de Best Buy en EE.UU.

Vista de la web de Best Buy en EE.UU.


The company founded by Steve Jobs began by creating computers and quickly expanded its portfolio to specialize in the development and marketing of all types of consumer electronics and associated computer software, as well as becoming a digital distributor of multimedia content.

Its strong global digital presence has made it one of the most visited eCommerce sites in the United States, with 150.3 million visits in November.

Vista de la web de Apple en EEUU, una de las tiendas online más populares en el país

Vista de la web de Apple en EE.UU.


Specializing in the retail of fashion, accessories, jewelry, footwear, tableware and furniture, among others, Macy’s has been able to leverage the digital channel to increase its presence and achieve a connection with its audience, for which it has obtained 145.5 million visits.

Vista de la web de Macy's en EE.UU.


Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Wayfair, a unique furniture company, has expanded both within and outside the US borders, with a presence in Canada, Germany, Ireland, China and the United Kingdom. On the digital side, Wayfair achieved 118.8 million visits in November in its home country.

Vista de la web de Wayfair en EE.UU.

Vista de la web de Wayfair en EE.UU.

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