Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not celebrated in all countries on the same day? In some countries it is not even celebrated at all.

The holiday of lovers (and friendship, of course) has been a key point for sales for some years now. Streets and physical stores, are filled up with decorations, and even online shops are, but it is not the same everywhere.

Things you should take into account on Valentine’s Day for your business

First of all, you must know your product and your audience, since in this type of campaign not everything goes. Of course, it is much more complicated to launch a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign if you sell vacuum cleaners than if you sell chocolates, but the key is to carry out a previous study and plan correctly. One basic thing you should take into account is the number of couples in the place where your business is located, whether they are married or not, is an important fact to consider, since without “lovers”, a campaign for this day could be a catastrophe.

There are two main concepts you must clarify before launching any campaing: your brand’s image and who you are selling to (and where they are located).

Brand image

You have to take into account the tone of your brand and the image you want to convey. It all depends on whether you are a more serious and sober brand, or a brand with an informal and friendly tone. It should be noted that the latter does not mean that you are not professional, but that you prefer a tone of closeness when communicating with your customers. Here you can take two positions:

  • Be an absolute fan of Valentine’s Day and transmit it by dyeing your content in red, pink and pastel colors.
  • Or choose the more “anti-system” version and go for an aggressive strategy that criticizes all of the above.

Both tend to work, but of course once again, you have to know very well who you are targeting or what your clientele expects from you. An example of the latter is the Hotels.com campaign in 2021, who allowed you to book a dumpster for your “trash” ex on Valentine’s Day. The funny thing about this campaign was that, since no one was really going to accept to sleep there, they sent you a confirmation email that your ex would spend that night in the trash.

Screenshot of a reservation in Hotels.com in Valentine's day 2021

Reservation on Valentine’s Day in Hotels.com (Source: Dailymail)


As we have already mentioned, there are countries where Valentine’s Day is not celebrated on February 14, so you should pay special attention to the important dates of each country where your business is located.

One of these cases is Colombia, which contrary to other Latin American countries such as Mexico or Peru, lovers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of September. In addition, other countries in the American continent, such as Brazil, do not celebrate it in February either, but on June 12. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your products to those who are in love in some of these countries in February, better change the date to June or September, because you will probably be more successful. But be careful, countries such as Malaysia or Pakistan, have officially banned Valentine’s Day, and it is frowned upon in these countries or in India, for example.

However, in the case that your business is international, the best option is always to conduct a thorough market research before carrying out any option. In addition to keeping abreast of changes in the way consumers buy in that country, since, for example, the profile of an American consumer is completely different from that of a Mexican. In the latter case, Mexicans tend to focus on the chocolate, hotel and restaurant industries. For this reason, there are many travel and food apps that carry out aggressive campaigns during these special dates.


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