Organization is an important factor for any business, especially with respect to its sales processes and customer service. Therefore, it is almost indispensable to have tools that allow tracking these management tasks. Excel, for example, has been a key factor in this for years with its spreadsheet. However, technological evolution has led to new digital tools such as CRM, designed to facilitate these management tasks.

Among these tools, Pipedrive is one that often stands out in lists and tops, so today we bring an article explaining what Pipedrive is and why it stands out in the CRM landscape.

We have spoken with Pipedrive and they have offered a free 30-day trial for our readers, as well as a 20% discount on the first year from the following link:

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What is Pipedrive?

Entering the digital world in 2010, Pipedrive has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has gained customers like Amazon, Vimeo, and Skyscanner. As a CRM, this company provides merchants with a platform focused on helping increase the productivity of their businesses. To do this, it has a model based on selling shares.

This way, its software has a focus on scheduling, completing, and fully tracking actions. From these, businesses have the opportunity to close more deals while reducing routine work, focusing the saved time on other processes. It also has added value services on its website dedicated to boosting its customers’ skills in sales and CRM use. This is through tutorials, courses, and guides available in its Academy and Web Seminars section.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Pipedrive CRM


  1. Simplicity and functionality without losing power.
  2. It is also easy to set up, install and run. It allows for closer communication and customer management with chatbot, call, and email solutions.
  3. It facilitates sales flows and processes for the sales team with an attractive and customizable interface.
  4. Optimizes resources and time invested with automated processes.
  5. With over 150 available applications and integrations in the Pipedrive marketplace to configure as desired.
  6. Guarantees the security of processes with a solid security network.


  1. Limited support in some aspects.
  2. Integration focused on SMEs (can also be an advantage).
  3. The range of functions is limited in basic plans.

Pipedrive pricing plans

This customer-focused mentality has allowed it to position itself, from its native Estonia, in 10 offices located in 8 countries; through which it reaches more than 95,000 customers located in more than 175 different countries. It also offers four different pricing plans depending on your needs. These plans have a monthly cost of €11.15 (Basic), €23.32 (Advanced), €46.74 (Professional) and €70.15 (Corporate), with a fixed discount of 17% when paying for the annual subscription annually.

What features does Pipedrive offer?

In addition to the mentioned features, this CRM has specific tools and functions that provide a complete overview for business management. Among these we can find its sales funnel and deals function, which allows real-time visualization of the sales process and moving them according to their progress. This allows for closer tracking of customers, as well as a high degree of customization within management.

On the other hand, it also has marketing tools, such as its integration with Gmail for the automatic and scheduled sending of emails. At the same time, it has an email and communication tracking function, which offers a means of automatically linking conversations and emails with sales deals.

In addition, the creation of progress and reports provides a more complex interaction with the business, allowing you to visualize the strengths and the development of the implemented strategies. All of this through a system that integrates with more than 275 business applications, in a secure and completely private way, in order to protect the interests of both customers and the company.

Available integrations in Pipedrive

In terms of integration, Pipedrive provides a variety of options with popular apps so you can have your information synced. It includes all Google Apps, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Hubspot, Zappier, Leadfeeder, PandaDoc, JustCall, LinkPort, Outfunnel, etc. However, if you have any software that is not directly compatible, you can use the Pipedrive API to easily connect to Pipedrive or create additional custom functions.

We’ve talked to Pipedrive and they’ve offered a 30-day free trial for our readers, as well as a 20% discount in the first year from this link:

Try Pipedrive

How a CRM like Pipedrive can help you

More than an advanced contact management notebook, CRM means that companies can get to know their customers thoroughly, differentiate them, and segment them according to their preferences and thus be able to offer the experience they expect, which leads to loyalty.

Understanding this software as a tool that helps get analytics and data, you should use a CRM to:

Have more collaborative workflows

That is, a CRM allows you to have effective communication between different employees and departments in your company, a work methodology with customers is created, since all interactions with the same customer are managed in one place, in addition to all this communication flow with commercial leads belonging to the company.


Some CRM tools can perform repetitive tasks automatically, for example, send promotional emails, segmenting customers according to their stage in the customer journey.

Customer interactions or certain sales cycle functions can also be automated to track potential customers. In fact, many CRMs have integrated Artificial Intelligence functions, a feature that will be enhanced in the future, allowing you to predict the next ideal sales, marketing, or customer service interaction, creating predictive paths to prioritize actions much more successfully.

In general, a good CRM should allow the process to be more efficient and improve teamwork to:

  • Manage subscriptions.
  • Track and organize relevant information to find new projects.
  • Manage sales opportunities.
  • Manage the team and measure the results of collaborators.
  • Generate prospects through forms or chatbots.
  • Nurture the relationship with potential customers.
  • Identify actions to take within the sales funnel automatically.
  • Measure commercial results.


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