Metricool has presented its 2024 Short-form Video Study in which it has analyzed more than 3 million microvideos on various social networks, offering a detailed overview of the current situation of the short-form format on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

This comprehensive analysis shows how TikTok continues to lead in terms of views, while other platforms such as YouTube stand out in engagement.

YouTube leads in engagement, despite being at the bottom in views

According to the results, TikTok videos are the undisputed leaders in number of views, reaching an impressive average of 18,173.32 views per video. Instagram is close behind with 16,152.88 views.

Meanwhile, Facebook and YouTube lag behind. The former’s reels only register an average of 8,553.37 views on average per video, and YouTube’s shorts close the queue with 646.89 average views.

metricool short-form study

Despite these figures, YouTube Shorts leads in engagement, with a ratio of 5.91%, demonstrating a high degree of user interaction, even surpassing TikTok and Instagram reels, which have an engagement of 5.75% and 5.53% respectively.

Days and times with the highest number of views

Sundays are the best day to post a YouTube Short, followed closely by Mondays. While the worst is Thursday. And the best time is 1 a.m., followed, albeit far behind, by 5 p.m.

In the case of Facebook reels, the day with the most views is Saturday, although it shows a fairly stable trend on all seven days of the week. However, the days with the highest number of posts are Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the other hand, very little is published on weekends, so starting to publish reels on Facebook on weekends could be a great opportunity. As for the peak viewing hours, these range from 22:00h to 2:00h. But the most popular time to publish is 18:00h.

Mondays are the days when most TikTok videos are viewed, but, like Facebook, it shows a stable trend throughout the week. The peak of views depending on the time of day begins at 18:00h, and occurs again at 23:00h. In this case, it does coincide with the time when there are more views and more posts (18:00h), although this means more competition.

Finally, Sunday is presented as the best day to post reels on Instagram, followed by Saturday. The rest of the week presents a very similar graph. And when we see the most reels on this platform is at night, between 22:00h and 00:00h.

Frequency of publication and its impact

The research also reveals that posting frequency is crucial to stay relevant on these platforms. TikTok stands out not only in views, but also in posting frequency, with the largest accounts (huge) posting almost one video per day (0.9 videos/day).

In comparison, YouTube and Instagram present a lower frequency, but still maintain an active and engaged community. The huge accounts on YouTube present a posting frequency of 0.66 shorts per day, and on Instagram 0.55 reels per day.

average tiktok publications

Is there an ideal frequency of publication to ensure sustained growth on these platforms? Data suggests that beyond quantity, content quality remains critical. The creativity and planning behind each video are essential to capture the audience’s attention and encourage meaningful interaction.

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