Something as everyday and trivial as making an online purchase of a product, starts a long and complex process that ends in what we know as the last mile.

There are many companies specialized in this stage of the business that will help you to correctly manage the final stretch of the logistics process, speeding up deliveries and reaching the heart of your customer with efficient and sustainable solutions. In this article we will review the names of some of the best.

We have already told you about best logistics companies, now it is the turn for the best last mile companies for eCommerce in Spain. So if you are looking for a good last mile company to deliver the products of your online shop to Spain in the best conditions, pay attention.

What is last mile

The last mile is the management of parcel transportation focused on the final delivery of the product. In other words, it corresponds to the journey that is made once several packages have been grouped in a space and then distributed in a given geographical area. This process is also known as capillary distribution, due to the number of branches that are made when making deliveries.

The management of the last mile varies according to the characteristics of each logistics chain. Those specializing in production (B2B) usually cover the supply of components needed for the production process (for example, screws to be used in the assembly line of an automobile manufacturing company).

In chains focused on the end consumer and retail sector (B2C), the last mile consists of direct delivery to the customer either at a delivery/collection point or at the customer’s own home. This second case is usually generated after a purchase in an online store.

There are many companies and tools on the market that are dedicated to offering last mile services. On this occasion, we bring you a top with the best options to make your search easier.

A ranking of the best last mile companies for your eCommerce

As in 2022, this year we have carried out an evaluation of ecommtech tools with the help of several specialists in different areas of marketing and eCommerce (this time there were 35 jurors, two more than in the previous edition).

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In this way, in each top we will determine two lists: the top 10 (or less) tools best rated by experts and other tools that you should also consider, or at least have identified on the map. Therefore, the first list will be in voting order and the second will be in alphabetical order.

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Top 10 last mile companies for eCommerce…

… and other tools to consider


This company was founded in Dubai by three Spanish entrepreneurs and landed in Spain in 2015 when it signed an important agreement with El Corte Inglés, the worldwide distribution group of Spanish origin that began as a clothing cut and sew store, offering a 2-hour delivery service for its online orders.


With Paack, companies can offer their users the possibility of selecting the time slot they prefer, offering flexibility and reducing waiting times. It offers a scheduled same-day or next-day delivery service in more than 100 cities in 4 countries. In addition, customers can track their order and the delivery person in real time. Once received, the customer can rate the experience.

It integrates with the main e-commerce platforms through a plugin.

After the good initial experience with El Corte Inglés, the company already works with companies such as Decathlon, Vodafone, Nespresso or MediaMarkt.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


Citibox was born in Valencia in 2015 with the aim of putting an end to one of the most common problems of the last mile: failed deliveries. The solution it proposed was to place smart mailboxes in the gates of neighborhood communities so that major logistics companies could leave orders there.

When the package is in the mailbox, Citibox will send a push notification to the user and the user will be able to pick it up at any time with the code provided by the application.

This system guarantees 100% secure and contact-free deliveries, with confidentiality in shipments and using mailboxes that are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Both the use and maintenance of Citibox mailboxes are completely free for end users.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


This Catalan company has a comprehensive service for your eCommerce: they store, pack, distribute and guarantee same-day delivery in Madrid and Barcelona for orders placed before 15:00.

Kubbo delivers anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula in less than 24 hours, manages international shipments and offers delivery in less than 2 hours, for the most demanding customers.

They also manage reverse logistics, offer customization of your packaging and integrate with your eCommerce quickly and securely.

  • Year founded: 2019
  • Country of origin: Spain


Founded in 2015, Stuart presents itself as a fast, flexible and economical delivery solution for your customers in 6 countries and 126 cities. In Spain, the cities where they operate are Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Vallés, Valencia and Zaragoza. It is aimed at both eCommerce and physical commerce, and seeks to revolutionize last-mile express deliveries in urban areas.

It connects businesses with delivery drivers willing to transport orders in the city and optimizes routes through advanced analytics and big data tools. Deliveries are made in sustainable vehicles, with very fast pickups and deliveries and live monitoring from its shipment tracker.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


With a presence in more than 30 cities across Spain and a fleet of 1,000 delivery drivers, Instapack is another Spanish company specialized in last mile, offering an ultra-fast delivery service.

Among its services, you can find Instapack Now (pick-up and delivery within 60 minutes), Same Day (within 24 hours), Time-Slot (scheduled delivery) and Multiservice (multiple shipments with different addresses). You will be alerted at each stage of the route, which you can also follow through a real-time map, and talk to the delivery person, and you can integrate the tool directly into your eCommerce.

  • Year founded: 2010
  • Country of origin: Spain


The eco-sustainable courier company EcoScooting started its activity in 2015 in Madrid with an investment of €300,000 and a client portfolio of more than 40 companies, including La Nevera Roja or Sandwich&Friends.

In 2021, the company was acquired by the Chinese multinational Cainiao, which is focusing its efforts on expanding and improving the coverage of its service network throughout the country. As William Xiong, senior vice president and general manager for Europe and Southeast Asia at Cainiao Group, explains, “We have been able to achieve such rapid development thanks to the combination of the local know-how of the EcoScooting team and Cainiao’s infrastructure and smart logistics technologies, as we have not stopped investing in this market.”

EcoScooting is currently present in the main cities of Spain and Portugal. It has a SaaS platform to manage and optimize delivery operations. It integrates functions such as the creation of optimized routes, real-time tracking, automatic service assignment, customized notifications, personalized configuration of Geofences, insertion of pick-up dynamics, management of delivery drivers’ calendars, integration via API or Web Services, etc., and part of its fleet is environmentally friendly.

It has same-day routes between 18:00 and 22:00, next-day planned deliveries and same-day supermarket shopping deliveries in one-hour time slots, with only 2 hours’ notice. It has urban hubs (cross-docking, micro-consolidation, electric charging infrastructure) in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Lisbon.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


Goi is a logistics startup that performs all types of deliveries, including bulky products, to your customer’s home. When it comes to furniture deliveries, they also perform the assembly, disassembly and removal of the product being replaced.

It has a nationwide network of warehouses to offer you space if you need extra storage for your stock on a temporary basis. It has also developed an intelligent software that helps you manage the entire logistics process in real time, receive notifications and get analytics reports.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


Created in 2015, Koiki bases its strategy on caring for the environment and the social inclusion of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities or with difficulties in accessing the labor market.

Its delivery drivers always carry out their work on foot, by bicycle or in electric cars to reduce pollution in urban areas. Those who pick up the packages on behalf of the user are trusted neighbors, who then deliver them where and when it suits the customer best.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain


Deelivers is a company dedicated to “same day” logistics, offering professional solutions to eCommerces, restaurants, retail outlets, etc.


It has pickup and delivery in less than two hours, or you can opt for scheduled distribution, selecting the time slot you want. They have an app called API Deelivers, which is easily integrated into your store and where you can manage deliveries in real time.

They specialize in food delivery and collaborate with Just Eat, Glovo, Popeyes and Wetaca, among others. With its fleet of 1,500 delivery drivers they make an average of 8,000 deliveries per day in 40 cities.

  • Year founded: 2014
  • Country of origin: Spain


It is a company that offers integral services for eCommerce:

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing (receiving, storage, dispatch, stock management and control, shipment preparation, packing and packaging)
  • Distribution
  • Value-added services (assembly, installation, commissioning, removal and management of disposable items, temperature-controlled line, distribution with special conditions of schedules, holidays, on demand, traceability and on-line consultation of the status of shipments, quality control and satisfaction surveys, call center for customer service).
  • Small removals and relocations
  • Procurement

Some of its clients are MediaMarkt, Carrefour and Alcampo, among others.

  • Year founded: 2001
  • Country of origin: Spain


This technology platform specializes in last-mile deliveries scheduled in one-hour slots in Madrid and Barcelona and operates entirely from the home of its delivery drivers.

The system works as follows: you request the service and decide whether to place the order in the destination city using your own means or those offered by Beeasy. The recipient selects the day and time of delivery through the company’s website, which classifies the order and forwards it to its delivery drivers. Through the Bee App, the best route is found so that the order arrives in the shortest possible time.

  • Year founded: 2020
  • Country of origin: Spain


Citylogin offers micrologistic services in the last mile and is an ecofriendly solution for the urban distribution of goods, adapted to the different pollution restrictions. It has a network of proximity hubs in more than 10 cities in Spain, from where urban distributions are carried out.

Its logistics system seeks to optimize the space available in the store, especially in those in the central area, where the available storage capacity tends to be very tight and with a high cost. It allows you to have your merchandise in the store on the same day that the order is placed in the warehouse, or directly to make each of the shipments to the address of the end customer.

Stock management and ordering is done through an application for smartphones or via web, with a simple and fast interface. The company also manages the collection and shipment of documentation, parcels, suitcases, pallets, etc., both nationally and internationally.

  • Year founded: 2014
  • Country of origin: Spain


Geever is a 100% sustainable Spanish logistics company that offers last mile, fullfilment, storing and stock services, among others.

It works with a capillary network of micro warehouses spread throughout the city and located in parking lots and spaces adapted to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. They are supplied from the headquarters at night to avoid peak traffic of people and vehicles.

Each micro warehouse has a delivery radius of 750 meters maximum and works with people from the same neighborhood, so it can offer limited delivery windows until 22:00. It has an app to track delivery in real time. Alternatively, it offers smart lockers that you and your customers can access 24 h.

  • Year founded: 2018
  • Country of origin: Spain

iF Lastmile

iF Lastmile is a European solution for the integrated management of eCommerce returns. It uses urban assets (Urban Check Points) as returns processing centers and reduces the product release and refund time from 10-15 days to 1 day.

Its product digitizes the entire reverse logistics process, both for the end customer and the retailer, giving them visibility, traceability and understanding of the process that they did not have with the current manual dynamics. Its operation relocates ready-to-sell returns to the retailer’s physical stores or its central warehouse, reducing logistics flows, saving up to 90% of the process costs and eliminating the environmental impact.

  • Year founded: 2020
  • Country of origin: Spain


Mox Group presents itself as “experts in the last mile”, as an ally for marketplaces, logistics companies, parcels, eCommerces and retail. It offers solutions oriented to last mile logistics, from the delivery of goods and recruitment of personnel to the development of technology systems. Its bets are: fast delivery services (average pick-up time less than 30 minutes and deliveries in less than 1 hour), last mile routes (same day delivery, both in specific time slots and pre-planned) and technology solutions (customizable API with immediate access to data and shipment tracking).

It currently has large clients in the retail sector, eCommerce, logistics companies and marketplaces such as Just Eat, Uber Eats or Wetaca, as well as other companies in the logistics sector, such as GLS, and with hundreds of small and medium-sized local companies that outsource their delivery service.

  • Year founded: 2016
  • Country of origin: Spain


Revoolt focuses on sustainable food logistics: an intelligent urban logistics solution. It works with supermarkets and food companies such as Alcampo, Uber Eats or Campofrío, positioning itself as a specialist in last mile food logistics.

It offers different services depending on the company and the need to be covered: immediate deliveries within the day (with a choice of 1, 2 or 4 h. ranges for the grocery delivery division and 30-minute ranges for the food delivery division); scheduled deliveries in the grocery delivery division (8 h. ranges) and dedicated resource, in which the client can have delivery drivers, fleet and backoffice equipment for its ecommerce for 20, 30 or 40 hours a week. It has a customer satisfaction rate of 98.5% and a punctuality rate of 97.3%.

Its delivery drivers use a sustainable multimodal fleet (including performing the service on foot, with e-trike, motorcycle or van) and are an active part of the workforce with labor contracts that guarantee labor and personal stability.

  • Year founded: 2016
  • Country of origin: Spain


Scoobic is a company that offers 6 types of 100% electric vehicles of different sizes and functionalities. The smallest is the VS1, a scooter that has a load capacity of 100 kilograms, a range of 116 kilometers and a top speed of 80 km/h. The largest, Scoobic Mouse (from €299/month), offers 176 kilometers of autonomy and up to 3,400 liters of cargo capacity and 565kg in only 1.4 meters wide.

Its latest innovation is the E-Box, which can be booked for €100 through the website and is available from January 2023. It is a vehicle capable of carrying up to 120 kilos in a space of 400 liters, and can be moved both in scooter and assisted trolley.

These means of transport are particularly practical in highly urbanized areas because, in addition to being able to access pedestrian streets, they can be converted into a small wheelbarrow. In addition, they are equipped with a particulate matter suction system that filters out carbon particles and emits clean air at the same time. As a safety measure, they have a defibrillator for emergency situations.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country of origin: Spain

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