If you are getting into the world of eCommerce, but you are still not sure which logistics company is the best fit for your business? You are in the right place!

The logistics service in an eCommerce (e-Logistics) is fundamental. Until the customer receives the product, the sale is not complete. In addition, the customer’s experience throughout the process must be good for them to repeat the purchase in the future.

Good eCommerce logistics will determine the final customer satisfaction. Even if the product is of the highest quality, if it arrives late or in poor condition, they will not buy from your online store again. Therefore, to help you choose the ideal service we bring you the best companies with logistics service for eCommerce.

We have already told you about best financing and deferred payment services, now it is the turn for the best logistics companies  for your eCommerce.

A ranking of the best logistics companies for your eCommerce in Spain

As in 2022, this year we have carried out an evaluation of ecommtech tools with the help of several specialists in different areas of marketing and eCommerce (this time there were 35 jurors, two more than in the previous edition).

This voting process was carried out for our Ecommtech Guide 2023, which you can download for free. There you will find the best tools from 25 different verticals and the names of the jurors.

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In this way, in each top we will determine two lists: the top 10 (or less) tools best rated by experts and other tools that you should also consider, or at least have identified on the map. Therefore, the first list will be in voting order and the second will be in alphabetical order.

That said, let’s get down to business😉

The 10 best integrated logistics companies for eCommerce in Spain

Other great integrated logistics companies for eCommerce

The best parcel and courier companies for eCommerce

Other great parcel and courier companies for eCommerce

Amphora Logistics (recommmended🥇)

Amphora offers a comprehensive logistics solution for eCommerce – inventory entry and storage, order preparation and shipping – avoiding incidents and saving time and money. It has an incident resolution department with the end customer so that you can completely forget about the problems derived from logistics management.

You can manage all the logistics of the online store from anywhere through a single platform that allows:

  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Avoid delivery incidents
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Control all operations in real time

The company has a wide network of warehouses and carriers, and has software that helps optimize delivery times and shipping costs. In addition, it integrates with the main eCommerce platforms and marketplaces quickly and easily.

  • Year founded: 2020
  • Country: Spain


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Adock (recommended🥈)

Adock is a logistics operator specialized in eCommerce. It has a warehouse where it manages the stock of the online stores with which it works, and where it prepares shipments. Therefore, they offer a complete service from the moment the sale is made and the order arrives automatically, until the product is in the hands of the customer. Their technology allows you to access your stock in real time, and to know the status of preparation and delivery of your orders at all times.

As for the price of its services, it starts from a standard rate and after knowing well each project and its needs, it is adjusted so that the rate is as competitive and simple as possible. The company’s goal is that you will always be able to anticipate what the logistics of your eCommerce will cost you, without hidden costs or complex formulas.

  • Year of foundation: 2020
  • Country: Spain
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Correos Express

It is a flexible delivery system of Correos designed for recipients to know the time at which their shipment will be delivered and choose other options of days and times. It adapts to the different sizes of online stores with its different monthly rates. It shows flexibility in both package pickup and delivery, handles exchanges and returns, keeps customers informed, delivers also on Saturdays and reaches anywhere in the world.

It has designed a program compatible with marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay and they offer a free integration in eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Woocomerce or Adobe Commerce.

  • Year founded: 2013
  • Country: Spain


UPS is one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the world. Its e-commerce shipping service has multiple possibilities depending on the needs of the company, its volume of shipments or the scope of its market. It operates in more than 220 countries and delivers to Asia-Pacific in less than two days.

The UPS My Choice plan gives you complete control over your shipments, allowing you to manage alerts, modify delivery destinations or dates, manage returns and claims, or get personalized delivery notifications. In addition, it adapts to the volume of each business, making different solutions available to you.

  • Year founded: 1907
  • Country: United States


Another major international group operating in Spain is DHL and, obviously, it also has its own specific service for eCommerce. It has 24/48h shipments in Spain and Portugal and with adjusted and predefined transit times in Europe, international shipments to more than 60,000 collection points throughout Europe and home delivery or at any of its DHL service points (3,700 between Spain and Portugal alone).

It integrates with the main online store and marketplace software and offers additional services such as shipping insurance, delivery of bulky products and the Go Green policy (reduces carbon footprint) by using sustainable vehicles.

  • Year founded: 1969
  • Country: United States


Among the most interesting aspects of its proposal for eCommerces, the following stand out:

  • Delivery times of less than 24 h. for domestic shipments and between 72 and 96 h. for international shipments.
  • Network of more than 5,300 convenience points for shipping and collection of packages throughout the country, including lockers and convenience points for the collection, delivery and return of packages.
  • They are present in 40 European countries, Canada and on the west coast of the U.S. and is connected to the entire world through partnerships.
  • Free App to track your shipments.
  • Industrialized services thanks to which they have a very low ratio of damages and incidents.

Today it is still one of the leading logistics companies in the world.

  • Year founded: 1999
  • Country: The Netherlands


Seur is an expert in B2C logistics. It offers warehousing services, integrated transport, picking and real-time information on the entire process. It performs quality control, constant updating of stock with minimum unit warning alarms and reverse logistics of returned products.

It makes deliveries on the day and notifies the recipient within 2 hours prior to receipt. It has a home delivery service, 3,000 points in Spain and more than 50,000 points in Europe. It also has the Shop2Shop system, with which you can send your shipment from your nearest SEUR Pickup store so that the recipient can pick it up at one of the company’s stores or lockers.

  • Year founded: 1942
  • Country: Spain


MRW allows you to scale services and rates to the size of your company: Startup (1 to 25 shipments/month), Business (25 to 500 shipments/month), or Professional (more than 500 shipments/month).

It has 58 logistics centers, makes home deliveries or deliveries to its network of offices and convenience points in two time zones and reaches 45 countries. It allows integration with the main CMS and online store creation software (Adobe Commerce, Prestashop, Woocommerce), as well as integration with marketplaces such as Amazon.

  • Year founded: 1977
  • Country: Spain


Based in Madrid, Celeritas offers national and international transportation, home delivery or delivery at convenience points – it has a network of more than 1,900 delivery points in Spain – and offers traceability of the entire process.

It handles warehousing, stock management, picking & packing and replenishment, among other services. It also offers integration solutions, statistics, consulting and multichannel customer service.

  • Year founded: 2006
  • Country: Spain

CTT Express

CTT is a Spanish company that began operating as an Iberian express parcel company in February 2020, and has been part of the CTT Group since 2005.

It offers shipments within 24 or 48 hours in Spain and Portugal, makes shipments abroad and has high capacity sorting machines that allow them to make more than 200,000 deliveries per day. It has solutions for B2B, B2C companies, express delivery services and integrates with any eCommerce through plugins.

  • Year founded: 1996
  • Country: Spain


Asendia is a parcel delivery company specialized in eCommerce, created by two European giants in the logistics sector, La Poste and Swiss Post. It is also the representative of Colissimo in Spain, which has a wide distribution network throughout the country with 8,000 post offices, 15,000 stores and 500 lockers.

It has international mail, parcel and e-commerce solutions from 17 countries around the world, with deliveries to more than 200 destinations.

In 2020, they launched a new range of products and returns for retail eCommerce, the e-PAQ, which in addition to offering different service options, since the beginning of this year are 100% carbon neutral.

  • Year founded: 2012
  • Country: Switzerland


Citibox has smart mailboxes designed to improve the flexibility of the process and avoid missed deliveries. After making an online purchase, the courier leaves the package with the order in the smart mailbox of your building, which can be from a community of neighbors to a work office. This allows users to receive their packages without having to worry about when they will be home to pick it up. When the package is in the mailbox, Citibox sends a push notification to the user and the user can open the mailbox at any time using the code provided by the application. In this way, they guarantee secure and contactless deliveries.

To have a Citibox mailbox in your community you only have to request it on their website.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country: Spain


Citylogin is a company that offers sustainable freight distribution and micro-logistics services. It is a last mile specialist.

It stands out for its urban distribution service of goods with low-emission vehicles; warehouse management, order preparation and returns; courier, parcel and pallet delivery for companies and individuals; and circular logistics solutions for companies.

For pricing you should contact the company.

  • Year founded: 2014
  • Country: Rome


Correos stands out the most for the capillarity of its services, thanks to its network of offices (around 2,300) and letter carriers that cover practically all the points of the Spanish geography.

In addition to its multiple services of national and international shipments and returns, Correos has a service of automated lockers called Citypaq, which facilitates the sending and collection of packages.

  • Year founded: 1716
  • Country: Spain


Deelivers is a company dedicated to same day logistics (same day delivery) specialized in food delivery, and works with Just Eat. Its services include:

  • Pick up and delivery in less than 2 hours.
  • Scheduled distribution: selecting the desired time slot.
  • They have an app called API Deelivers, where users can manage their deliveries in real time.

To know the prices you should contact the company.

  • Year founded: 2014
  • Country: Spain


Envialia is a logistics and express courier transport company specialized in eCommerce, logistics and distribution. Since 2022 it is owned by another logistics reference in Spain, Ontime.

  • E-COMM 24 hours service: delivery within 24 hours after placing the order.
  • E-COMM 48/72 hours service.
  • International shipments.


  • Year founded: 2001
  • Country: Spain


It is one of the largest logistics companies in the world, which has the FedEx Ship Manager tool, which concentrates all the keys to facilitate the management of online shipments in a simple and intuitive interface. It is accessible from any desktop and can be used by several users.

It also has the FedEx International Connect Plus service, with which you can ship to more than 195 key markets. In addition, it has 240 thousand pickup points and ships between 24 and 96 hours within Europe, and between 3-5 business days to Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world.

In 2016, it acquired TNT, a shipping company that connects people and businesses around the world. This agreement was born with the intention of extending TNT’s business throughout the rest of Europe and combining the strengths of both companies. They have a tool, called myTNT2, with which you can manage all your eCommerce shipments.

  • Year founded: 1971
  • Country: United States


GOI is a logistics startup for bulky shipments that operates in the last mile at the provincial level. The company connects freelance carriers with users, optimizing and making the service cheaper.

  • Deliveries and returns.
  • Flexible deliveries.
  • Furniture assembly.
  • Installations.
  • Among its customers are Amazon, Ikea and Leroy Merlin.
  • API integration for easier and faster management.
  • Notifications and order tracking in real time.

To know the prices you should contact the company.

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Country: Spain

ICP Logística

Since the opening of its first headquarters in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), as a logistics operator in the automotive sector, ICP Logística has been committed to research, innovation and development of customized processes as a differential value compared to its competitors. This has led it to become one of the largest logistics operators in Spain, with 100% Spanish capital, and to develop specific services for eCommerce logistics, with Worten as one of its main clients.

  • Year founded: 1997
  • Country: Spain

Inpost (ex Mondial Relay)

Inpost, part of the Integer group, acquired Mondial Relay in 2021, enabling it to extend its international reach. Mondial Relay had been operating in our country for more than 20 years and, in 2010, nofollow launched a new product directly aimed at individuals: parcel delivery from Punto Pack.

Punto Pack collection points network: thousands of possibilities to simplify your online shipments.

From that moment until its acquisition, Mondial Relay had an extensive network in 16 European countries managing 120 million shipments, more than 1,000 collaborators and more than 3,000 Punto Pack collection points distributed throughout Spain, providing an answer to the problem of collecting and sending shipments between private individuals.

Thanks to this acquisition, Inpost has become the leading automated non-delivery solution for eCommerce. It currently has a network of 20,000 lockers and more than 40,000 point packs to which it provides delivery services. It has a large European network of lockers spread across: Poland, Spain, UK, France, Benelux and Portugal.

  • Year founded: 2006
  • Country: Poland


Instapack is another Spanish company specialized in last mile. Among its services we find:

  • Detailed and useful shipment tracking, leaving behind the “Delivery in delivery”.
  • The order is assigned to a delivery person according to availability and proximity.
  • Real time information on when deliveries are made.
  • Step-by-step alerts.
  • You can talk to the delivery person at any time.
  • Direct integration of Instapack services in the eCommerce shopping cart.

More than 30 years of experience in courier services.

  • Year of foundation: 1990
  • Country: Spain

Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie is an international port operator and logistics service provider. The company is present in 28 countries on five continents and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium.

It offers integrated logistics solutions, including warehousing, packaging, transport and distribution, process engineering and port operations. It specializes in the transportation of: petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, consumer goods and art, among others.

  • Year founded: 1854
  • Country: Belgium


Kubbo is another of the last mile companies we have analyzed. A provider of fulfillment and fast delivery services for eCommerce. It has a network of urban warehouses where companies can store their stock and deliver orders to their customers on the same day. With this solution, companies can choose the storage capacity they need and adapt it according to the demand they have at any given time.

  • Year founded: 2019
  • Country: Spain

Kubbo can prove to be a good ally to be able to offer fast deliveries by having the products closer and the delivery service together. In addition, this platform can be integrated with eCommerce operations and control there from inventory management to customer service, deliveries and returns.

  • Connect your online store with Kubbo. Through a simple integration they synchronize your catalog, starting to receive orders from your eCommerce.
  • You can send them your inventory. Choose the cities, send the inventory and they will start making ultra-fast deliveries.
  • Each sale generated in your store is automatically translated into an order that they manage from the urban warehouse closest to your customer.
  • Once the order is prepared, they deliver it in less than two hours.


With a presence in Europe, America and Asia, it has 23 distribution and fulfillment centers in 10 countries. Its logistics for eCommerce includes warehousing and inventory management, Pick & Pack, reverse logistics, forwarding and customs services and last mile transport.

It offers a 3-phase service: Diagnosis, change management (establishes a change implementation path based on the results of the diagnosis) and outsourcing.

  • Year founded: 1996
  • Country: Spain

Mail Boxes Etc

Mail Boxes Etc. has one of the largest logistics networks, offering national and international shipments, but also printing, marketing and communication services to companies and individuals.

Its e-logistics service includes:

  • Preparation, packaging and shipping services, to Spain or anywhere else in the world.
  • Warehousing service.
  • MBE e-Link: is a free plugin for the management and automation of your eCommerce shipments.
  • Shipment tracking and notifications through the MBE Touch app.
  • Possibility to set an alternative address.
  • MBE periodically sends you a report with a summary of the operations carried out so that you can have control.

To know the price of these services you should contact the company.

  • Year founded: 1980
  • Country: United States

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