Instagram is still one of our favorite social networks. Although the application itself contains multiple tools to get the most out of this social network, we can find other applications on Google Play or in the App Store to help us stand out as users of this platform. From image editors, to stories and posts creators, activity monitors and content managers.

Top 10 tools for Instagram and others you should take into account

The options are wide and varied, and more and more tools will be added to the market. Therefore, we have collected several options of the best helper tools for Instagram and other very useful tools for different purposes.

The order of the listings is alphabetical. If you miss any tool, don’t forget to leave it in the comments so we can incorporate it in future updates 🙂.

Top 10 Instagram tools you should start using now…

… and others you may also find interesting

All hashtag

This is a free search engine, generator and creator of hashtags for social networks, including Instagram. Hashtags are the easiest and most direct way to find potential users who may be interested in your brand or service. From the keywords of your industry, this app will generate different possibilities of #hashtags for your publications, increasing the reach and the possibility of adding followers. In addition, it offers metrics and the Top 100 hashtags of the day, of the last week, of the last month, or the historical ones.

Go Daddy Studio (ex Over)

Go Daddy Studio is a content creation tool that can be used both as a mobile app and on your computer. Its advanced image editor allows you to create professional-looking content (photos and video) quickly and easily. You can add text with different fonts and styles, change colors and backgrounds with the preconfigured layouts or use the default templates and publish your creation to any social network.

You can use it for free with basic features, or sign up for a Pro account from $9.99/month for annual contracts, which allows you to connect the tool to a custom domain and access other tools for social networks and email marketing.


InShot is a video and photo editor that lets you merge different clips, add your branding, add music, sound effects and voiceovers, synchronize sound and video, add text, emojis, effects and filters, blur the background, adapt the format, among many other options. It is very useful for enhancing your video posts or stories, which you can share on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. You can add retro effects to your multimedia content, use the mosaic tool, cut custom stickers and correct errors.

It is a paid tool that offers different purchase options, annual or monthly, although you can also use it for free or choose one of its one-time payment options, buy packs of effects.


Metricool is a tool that allows you to manage and monitor the overall status of the content you publish in a single panel that shows a summary of the performance: followers, reach, impressions, likes, etc., of your Instagram accounts and any other social network. From the platform you can create and schedule publications, analyze the competition, search for hashtags and manage the feed, among other options.

It has a very complete free version and 5 payment plans ranging from $18/month to $139/month and vary in the number of accounts to manage and the limit of scheduled publications per month.

Try it!


Picsart is a complete ecosystem of free-to-use content that allows you to create and edit images and video.

It has predesigned templates that you can modify to your liking, an option to create collages or add frames, it also allows you to take photos from the same application with effects and stickers, perform massive photo edits, remove and replace backgrounds, add and edit text with unique fonts, include effects and filters such as haze effect, blur or double exposure, adapt the same content for other social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter) and Pinterest, and many more options.

It offers a free plan and two paid plans, which cost $3.33 and $4 per month each. You can try them free of charge.


This application allows you to repost or regram any photo on Instagram. The repost or regram is equivalent to Facebook’s share option and X’s repost. It also allows you to share Tweets (or posts of X) on Instagram to avoid putting the typical capture.

You can download it in app version or use it in the online desktop version.

It’s very easy to use: you copy and paste the link of the post you want to repost, the system searches for the media and applies the appropriate watermark, you tap the download button to download the media to your device (you can also copy it to the clipboard) and the item is ready to repost on your Instagram feed.


Snapseed is one of the best photo editors available today. It allows you to remove unwanted objects from the image using the “stain remover” tool, correct perspective, enlarge the image by adding more content to the photo, correct the pose of the head, correct burnt backgrounds, lights, shadows and colors selectively. In addition, you can also add text.


Storrito is a web application that allows you to edit, schedule and publish Instagram stories directly from your computer.

You can add the social network’s own interactive items such as link stickers, hashtags (invisible or not) user mentions, quiz stickers, location, mentions, questions, quizes, etc.

You can also create stories from Canva templates, upload your own gifs (you can create and edit them from in-app videos), insert fonts and professional stock photos, and automatically share on Facebook.


Unfold is a free app for editing Instagram stories, and it also has more than 300 editable templates to create stories automatically.

The tool allows you to add texts with different fonts and styles; use photo filters, stickers, textures and backgrounds; improve brightness, contrast, shadows, lighting, saturation, warmth and tone manually; share content on other platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and TikTok.

It has two paid versions that offer more tools and that you can try for free for 7 days.


VSCO (formerly VSCO Cam) is a mobile photography application for iOS and Android devices created by the American company Visual Supply Company.

It is one of the most chosen tools by users looking to give a cinematographic style to their productions, since it offers filters with filmic finishes. The results are fast and very professional. It allows adjustments such as cropping the image, rotating it, adjusting levels, etc… And it has the GRID option, a library of the user’s own images that can be shared via social networks.

And so far all our recommendations. We hope you find some of these helper tools for Instagram useful. And, if you can think of any more..share them with us!

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