Home Depot was founded in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 1978. This chain is focused in provide their clients with different products to improve their home: furniture, lamps, decorations, etc. Home Depot is present in the US, Canada and Mexico, where it has experimented a significant growth in the last years.

According to the portal EcommerceDB, Home Depot is among the top eCommerce stores in Mexico, owning the fifth position in the ranking. Since in 2022 they achieved 240 million visits to their site, they won the Best Ecommerce Award at the Ecommerce Awards hosted by Marketing4eCommerce Mexico on July 23rd.

History of Home Depot in Mexico

Home Depot oppened its first store in the latin american country in 2001, in Nuevo León. After a few years of growing at a dizzying rate, in 2005 they have expanded to 50 stores in 24 different mexican states.

Their services are for people who enjoy DIY products, people who need these kind of items in their occupations (electricists, plumbers, painters,etc) and professionals who purchase high volumes for construction or maintenance (builders, architects, civil engineers, etc).

In 2007 they received the Socially Responsible Company insignia, better known in Mexico as “Empresa Socialmente Responsable (ESR)” which is granted by Mexican Center for Philanthropy. This badge shows the effor of the company for being socially responsible.

It was in 2008 when they started their adventure selling online, oppening their first online store in the country. Apart from reaching the amount of 75 stores in Mexico and inaugurate two multichannel distribution centers in Nuevo León and Hidalgo in 2009.

Two years after, they had presence in 28 mexican states 10,000 employes who attends more than 40 million clients annually. In 2015, their ecommerce site expands nationally. Then, the online sellings overcome in-store sellings for the first time ever.

Since then, they have been committed to be an interconnected retail and omni-channeling, so that the online and in-store experience is as similar and enriching as possible.

It is an example of success in the country since there are not too many large chains specialized in this sector in Mexico, making it a very difficult target to compete with. Its main competitors are local and neighborhood stores that have been open for many years and have the trust of their customers.

After 23 years, Home Depot currently owns 129 physical stores all over Mexico and more than 19,000 associates. They work with local suppliers to impulse local business in the country as 80% of products sold come from mexican suppliers.

How is Home Depot eCommerce site

Their eCommerce site has the same appearence as their american and canadian site.

On the top bar you can find the different departments into which the store is divided: bathroom, garden, kitchen, electrical, tools, appliances and much more.They also have a section of promotions and a catalog of offers, plus a directory of events where customers can find the best options for what they are looking for.

Another of your options as a customer is to shop by space, where they give you decorating ideas for specific spaces and shopping tips. They also teach you how to do some things, in a pure DIY way.

Home Depot online store Mexico

Its services include:

  • Electronic bill: which allows you to register the ticket and receive your invoice in your email.
  • Extended online catalog
  • Express shopping to save time
  • The customer can request a professional installation at your home
  • Box system. This option is for the undecided. If you are preparing a big project but you are still not sure if you want to buy all the materials now, you can set aside some of them for only 10% of their price. Then you will have 75 days to pay in installments. To use this service you have to make a minimum purchase of 1,000 Mexican pesos.

How to pay at The Home Depot in Mexico

When paying you can use your own credit card or use The Home Depot Citibanamex. This card can also be used in other businesses and earn electronic money “Pesos Haz Más” every time you make a purchase. If you shop at Home Depot, you will earn 3% in mexican pesos for each of your purchases and 1% for each of your purchases at other stores.

You can then redeem that balance and use it at The Home Depot stores. Each accumulated point is equivalent to 1 Mexican peso.

Image: Depositphotos

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