The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) has updated its projections regarding the growth that Colombian eCommerce will experience by the end of 2023. Previously it stated that sales registered by the digital channel could increase by 14% compared to last year, but now it forecasts that it could reach 16% if the behavior of macroeconomic variables continues to be favorable, which would translate into profits of 64 billion pesos.

Sales through Colombian eCommerce reached 15.1 trillion pesos during the second quarter of this year: from April to June; which represented an increase of 11.1 % in contrast to the same period of 2022 and an increase of 70.3 % compared to 2021.

According to this report, the category that registered the greatest predilection within Colombian eCommerce is retail, which includes food, stores and restaurants. In fact, 15.5% of sales in this period corresponded to this category. It was joined by technology, with 14.8% of sales, and financial services, with 12.9%.

According to estimates by Statista Digital Market Outlook, the e-commerce market in Colombia could increase in the coming years, showing a growth rate of 11% considering that at least 40% of the Colombian population has made at least one purchase online.

The top 10 eCommerce sites in Colombia

Statista was able to gather data to determine which are the 10 most popular eCommerce sites for September 2021 based on the number of visits each one receives. It is no surprise that among the top places were Mercado Libre and Amazon, two sales websites that are very popular throughout the Latin American region.

  1. Mercado Libre
  2. Amazon
  3. Home Center
  4. Falabella
  5. AliExpress
  6. Éxito
  7. Linio
  8. Ebay
  9. Buscas libre
  10. Tiendas Jumbo

1.-Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the leader on Statista’s list, with a total of 172.3 million visits. This multinational e-commerce company was born in Argentina and has expanded throughout Latin America, allowing large companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and ordinary users to offer their products and services in the digital environment.


This is possibly the most popular eCommerce worldwide. It has presence in diverse parts of the world and plans to expand by 2023. In the case of Colombia, it managed to register 61.3 million monthly visits.

In its website users can find a wide range of products of all kinds, including books, music, clothing, electronics, home, etc. They also have the particularity of offering services based on the web world and the manufacture of devices like the Kindle tablets that are dedicated to digital reading.

3.- Home Center

Everything for your home!” That’s how this store defines itself, which occupies the third place among the most popular e-commerce sites in Colombia with a total of 20.9 million visits. This digital company focuses on providing its clients with the necessary materials for their construction and renovation activities, as well as home decor items.

4.- Falabella

This is possibly the largest department store in all of Latin America. Despite being born in Chile, it has been spreading and gaining popularity in other countries, as evidenced by the 19.5 million total visits from Colombia.

Its commercial activity is developed through department stores, offering home improvements and construction, CMR financing, banks, insurance and more.

5.- AliExpress

Many countries in Latin America have increased purchasing indices from the Chinese marketplace due to its affordable prices. In Colombia, 18.4 million visits were recorded. In this eCommerce, you can find all kinds of items that are offered both wholesale and retail, giving people the opportunity to buy accessories, clothes, technology and more at a low cost.

6.- Éxito

The largest chain of supermarkets in Colombia had a total of 16.9 million visits. Today, customers have the possibility of making all their purchases from the online world and receiving them at their doorstep.

7.- Linio

This platform managed to register 14 million monthly visits. Linio is the ideal option for companies, whether large or small, that are looking to offer their products on the internet and do not have their own platform on which to display them, in addition to having their own fleet of delivery people who help orders to be delivered within a period of 24 hours.

8.- Ebay

This platform, similar to Mercado Libre, allows user-to-user sales. This means that it is not necessary to be a company to offer a product or service, but anyone who registers can create a publication offering a product. This marketplace managed to reach 9.5 million visits

9.- Busca Libre

As its name says, it is a search engine. Thanks to its alliance with Amazon and other eCommerce, this platform allows users to find products that are offered on the Internet to find the best option and thus manage the entire purchase no matter where in the world the product is, that is, if an order is made from Colombia and the product is in the United States, the platform takes care of managing the shipping. 7.6 million visits.

10.- Tiendas Jumbo

Jumbo is a chain of hypermarkets of Chilean origin but currently present in Colombia, where it registered 5.4 million visits. In this eCommerce you can find everything from food, appliances and prepared meals such as entries, salads, appetizers, posters, etc.

Preferred payment methods for Colombians

Despite the fact that the digital world has managed to reduce the use of cash when making payments, and that this phenomenon has also been seen in Colombia, the reality is that it continues to be the first country in Latin America where cash is the most used by consumers when paying for their products or services in general and it registers that 35.2% of national users use it for their digital transactions.

As for the means of payment, bank account debit decreased to 37.5% in the first quarter of 2023. In contrast, cards increased their share to 56.5%, and cash payments increased by 3.8 percentage points (6%) with respect to the fourth quarter of 2022 (2.2%).

Logistics for ecommerce in Colombia

EcommerceDB determined through a study that analyzed the logistics of the top 500 online stores in the country that the company Coordinadora is considered the main provider of delivery services for Colombia’s eCommerce. In fact, 29% of the digital stores consulted said that Coordinadora is their shipping management provider; they are followed by Servientrega with 23% and Envía with 10%. By mentioning the three, we have the main shipping companies that retail stores have.

Only Coordinadora has a reach of over 1,200 national destinations as well as international shipping. In the case of Servientrega, it is a company that has managed to expand not only throughout Latin America, but also to the United States; while Envía focuses more on national territory with a reach of 1,013 municipalities and 386 populated centers.

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