In recent years, a new trend has emerged that has undoubtedly added value to brands: influencer marketing. That is why we renew our ranking of the best influencer marketing agencies in Mexico, with the most relevant information about each of them: their trajectory, services and some relevant clients they have worked for, among other data.

We present you the ranking in two parts: first, the top 10 influencer marketing agencies (among which we highlight shaded and with ⭐ the sponsored options of Marketing4ecommerce partners); and then other agencies that you should also consider, sorted under other criteria that you can consult here.

1. Sube Agencia ⭐️
2. Serna Group
3. Telaio
4. L3Craft
5. Brolan
6. Bionic Collective
7. Drim
8. Gamol
9. Blank Space
10. Agencia Soup

1. Sube Agencia ⭐️

With a presence in Mexico, the United States and Colombia, Sube is a good choice of digital marketing agency, which focuses on business objectives with a focus on ROI.

Its team stands out for being multidisciplinary, inclusive and diverse, which provides its projects with a global vision and ideas that enrich the strategies of social networks, paid media, SEO, web design and data analysis.

It has more than 70 collaborators, who share languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to certifications in several platforms. They have several recognitions, as a result of their trajectory.

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2. Serna Group

With offices in Mexico City, Serna Group offers public relations agency services where it has more than 11 years of experience in the development of creative, innovative and strategic campaigns, in addition to the organization of events, management and formation of alliances with influencers, and institutional relationship building.

It also has branding agency services, where it helps companies to have a first class presentation to the world and that transmits the essence of the brand.

3. Telaio

Telaio is a digital marketing and advertising design agency with 20 years of experience. Its main focus is to boost the sales of its clients, whether they are SMEs or large companies for whom they design, plan and execute the ideal strategy that provides tangible results in a reasonable time.

Their success stories are varied, some of them for brands such as: Pearson, Master Chef, Energizer, Farmapiel, ArmorAll, and others. In order to have a prompt interaction with customers, he establishes a contact line via form or WhatsApp.

4. L3tcraft

Mexico-based influencer marketing agency that has left a significant mark in the world of digital marketing. Its trajectory is marked by a unique combination of creativity and professionalism, backed by years of experience in the market.

Specializing in influencer marketing, the agency executes different solutions for companies, including: campaign management, effective strategies, detailed reporting, branded content, event organization and even eSports consulting.

Although its headquarters are located in Spain, its team offers services to Mexican businesses through a contact form on its website.

5. Brolan

Based in Zapopan, Jalisco, and founded in 2016, it is defined as an agency that will accelerate the goals you have as a startup or completely change the chip of your traditional brand. Through their digital marketing, influencer marketing and branding services, they have managed to collaborate with different brands with successful campaigns, as they did with Rappi, achieving more than 14,000 downloads of the app.

In addition to offering support in influencer marketing, the company develops strategies in digital marketing and branding, which allows them to have in their portfolio of clients such as Uber, Paramount, Tecate and Netflix.

6. Bionic Collective

Bionic Collective is a marketing agency and audiovisual production company with 9 years of experience located in Monterrey. They specialize in audiovisual content and also work hand in hand with influencers on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok to increase the reach and credibility of their campaigns.

Their main services are: Branding, Audiovisual Production (corporate videos and content for social networks), Web Development, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Influencers Strategy. Among its clients are Farmacias Similares, LG, Seguros Banorte and Dycusa among others.


Direct Response Influencer Marketing (DRIM) is a platform born in 2019, which has more than 250,000 influencers, managing to generate sales, attract potential customers and generate brand awareness. As a differentiator, it allows both content creators and companies to register and promote themselves, with the possibility of working together to generate income, no matter how big or small your account is as a content creator.

Among the most recognized brands in its client portfolio are Disney, Jüsto, eBay, P&G and Domino’s. Among other benefits, the platform also allows you to become a personal influencer manager.

8. Gamol

Agency that has over 10 years working with influencers throughout Mexico, managing the process from planning, data collection and analysis, making an appropriate selection of the most suitable talent for the strategy. It offers different solutions and tools that contribute to their comprehensive strategies, and some of them are: web development, app development, influencer marketing, social media, content marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, and more.

Brands such as Maruchan, the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, Kardias and Kui have relied on their work, becoming success stories of the agency.

9. Blank Space

With more than 6 years of experience and based in Huixquilucan, Mexico, this agency specialized in influencer marketing has a direct relationship with hundreds of influencers throughout Mexico and Latin America. Among their services, they offer manage service (360 service that includes strategy, creative concept, audience analysis and others), production, and technology that guarantees ROI measurement.

Their work has allowed them to have success stories with brands such as OMRON, Panasonic, José Cuervo, Lala and Maruchan, and some of them are discussed in depth in their didactic blog.

10. Agencia Soup

Soup is an agency specialized in comprehensive digital influencer strategies that started operations in 2016 in Puebla, Mexico. Among the services they offer are influencer marketing and account management, which have allowed them to work with renowned companies such as Volaris, Rappi, InDrive and Sky.

The agency has an educational blog that aims to educate future content creators in marketing and advertising.

Our methodology for finding the best influencer marketing agencies in Mexico

To find the best influencer marketing agencies, we based on their SERP rankings in Semrush for the term “influencer marketing agency” in Mexico.

It should be noted that this is a live listing, so if you know of any influencer marketing agencies that should be listed, feel free to post them in the comments.

  1. Dinametra
  2. Brand Influencers Factory
  3. Blucactus
  4. Inbuze
  5. 2 ur mind
  6. Impala México
  7. ABC Digital (by ABCW)
  8. Smile Marketing
  9. BWE
  10. Xharla


Located in Mexico City, it is a digital marketing agency that unites brand and performance to provide its partners with sustainable and defensible growth. By putting the consumer at the center of all their processes, they manage to carry out funnel marketing strategies, facing challenges through services such as Google Ads, social media ads, advanced analytics and eCommerce marketing.

Their expertise has allowed them to work with brands such as Rounderwear, ClipHire, Abaca and Manpower, being some of them invited to be part of their webinars, which can be viewed for free on their YouTube channel.

Brand Influencers Factory

Digital marketing agency based in Mexico City with more than 10 years of experience and present in more than 8 countries. With the main attribute of offering intelligent solutions and results to its clients, it offers the following services: content marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, event organization and PR.

Some of their outstanding clients are HP, Seminis and Ingeniería Activa, and they also have a corporate blog, where they share the most important news in the world of digital marketing, as well as opinion articles.

Blu Cactus

It is a digital marketing group with expertise in design and management of digital media and social networks. In addition to being based in Amsterdam, in Mexico they are located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in addition to having offices in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France and many more.

To strengthen its influencer marketing service, the company carefully selects the influencers that fit the values of your brand, taking into consideration the types of content and formats that the talents take advantage of. Thus, its client portfolio includes clients such as Óptica Zoom, Vibrasa and Roux Flowers.


Inbuze is a group recognized for its innovative approach and proven results. With a solid track record, they have established strategic partnerships with a wide range of clients, from local brands to renowned multinationals such as Volkswagen, Sermesa and Conesa Group.

Their services range from digital talent identification and management to comprehensive campaign planning and execution, always adapting to the specific needs of each client and project.

While they do not specify the exact address on their website, their team claims to have a specialized team for the Mexican market.

2 ur mind

It defines itself as a leading agency in the execution of creative and innovative strategies, seeking to generate synergy with each of its clients. To do so, they offer solutions particularly in digital media and public relations, focusing their process in 4 stages: brief, strategy, execution and results.

In addition to providing solutions in influencer marketing, the group of specialists also addresses BTL campaigns, graphic design and digital marketing, serving national and international clients.

Impala México

It is a digital marketing and creative consulting agency that has stood out for defining itself as a community of digital natives who understand the virtual environment, guiding their strategies according to the objectives of their clients. The services of this agency are divided into 3 categories: tactical marketing (social media, ad management, SEO, SEM, mailing), influencer marketing (collaboration with celebrities, athletes, micro-influencers, mid-tier influencers and premium influencers), and content marketing (audiovisual production, photography, animation).

A wide variety of brands have collaborated with Impala, and some of the most recognized are Unicef, Logitech, Volt, Anáhuac México and Safran.

ABC Digital (by ABCW)

ABC Digital is one of the agencies of the ABCW holding, with more than 12 years of experience in the market and with the best international talent. It has been recognized as “The best international advertising agency” by Merca 2.0, “Best Media Agency in Latin America 2022” by the same media and is in the Top of the best agencies in the US by other prestigious sources.

They are leaders in creativity and services such as: SEO, management and management of social networks, paid media strategies and inbound marketing in digital media, development of websites, eCommerce and mobile applications with high user experience and interactivity. It is the agency of companies such as EY, Energizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Office Max, among other global brands with which it has managed to take their results to another level.

Smile Marketing

It is an integrated marketing agency with a team of professionals specialized in BTL, Public Relations, digital animation, social media, among others. It was founded in 2015 and is 100% Mexican, since its headquarters are in Querétaro.

Through its influencer marketing strategy, the company seeks to position and give visibility to brands, taking advantage of different formats and social media platforms. That is why it contacts opinion leaders, content creators and other talents that promote messages.

Its portfolio of clients includes Kellogg’s, Monroe and Parker Lord.


This digital marketing agency based in Cancun, Quintana Roo, and with over 14 years of experience, aims to generate emotions through digital experiences. Its services are classified into 3 verticals: digital marketing (strategy, branding, graphic design, influencer marketing), web (site development, SEM, SEO, Bid Data, Artificial Intelligence), and traditional marketing (TV, BTL Radio, and OOH campaigns).

His client portfolio is varied, ranging from corporate clients such as Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort and La Isla Cancun, to Porfirio’s Restaurant and Heineken.


Leading agency in the field of influencer marketing, based in Mexico with a solid presence in the digital landscape. Its trajectory is characterized by its innovation and strategic approach, constantly adapting to emerging trends and changing market needs.

In addition to offering influencer marketing solutions, the group also provides guidance in public relations, live shopping, UGC, crowd posting and influencer experience. In this way, it brings together projects for brands such as High Life, Cari AI and Tecno.

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