Affiliate networks are systems that act as intermediaries between affiliates (in this case content creators) and advertisers (brands that need promotion).


Admitad is a platform that serves as an intermediary between brands that want to advertise on the Internet and websites that can be part of its affiliate network and allow the brand to monetize. It does this by offering different very specific affiliate programs, which can be applied by the users themselves and whose ultimate goal is to get the ideal web traffic to generate conversion.

The campaigns can be adapted according to the client’s needs. Admitad currently has more than 800,000 publishers and around 2,000 customers worldwide.


Adpump is an affiliate network that specializes in CPA affiliate marketing. Headquartered in Spain, Adpump’s vision is to provide improvements for both advertisers and platforms that are part of an affiliate network.

This marketing network operates in 13 countries around the world and aims to provide a range of services and technologies that enable partners to achieve their various objectives in an effective and timely manner, with unique and current technology solutions that improve traffic control, customer focus to integrate multiple web systems and web statistics to track internal traffic. Among the service areas that Adpump covers are: e-commerce, travel, finance, online gaming, education, mobile apps, finance, binary & forex, etc.



Affilae is a platform that provides brands with affiliate networks that allow them to connect and make collaborations with influencers and suitable affiliates. This platform is primarily an online tool, easy and quick to install and with modules to work with Prestashop, Woocommerce or others.

You can also customize your campaigns to the maximum with a very complete set of SaaS tools; moreover, you can define clear conditions for remuneration, sharing and attribution, which builds trust between brands and affiliate networks. With this tool, you can even determine the weight of affiliates, create groups, grant different remunerations to affiliates or groups of affiliates, remunerate clicks and sales, either individually or together.


Awin is a specialized affiliate marketing platform that seeks to act as a mediator between the advertiser and the affiliate, thus allowing it to assist with program management, strategy and technology. Awin has a set of tools for affiliate management and reporting that are easy to use, flexible and with a wide variety of information and functionalities with which both customers and affiliates can make the most of the affiliate channel. In 2017 Awin merged with Affilinet, another leading affiliate marketing company, to create an industry giant.


This company has its own affiliate marketing software that helps its clients to measure, manage and optimize their campaigns in order to obtain maximum performance. Cake strives to make its services convenient and easy to use and understand, democratizing access to the world of digital marketing.

A solution that allows companies of all sizes to measure the impact of their marketing efforts and make the most of their digital investment. Marketing solutions that are driven by creativity and innovation. Cake is trusted by 500 advertisers, networks and publishers in more than 50 countries, as well as a team of experts in business thinking and technology development.


Cityads is one of the leading international affiliate networks with active campaigns in almost all existing niches. In addition to offering the classic advantages of affiliate network marketing, Cityads also provides unique and proprietary solutions based on big data.

In fact, it is the only affiliate network that uses its own proprietary DMP to target advertising as precisely as possible. This system collects and processes data from a large number of websites, allowing you to attract the attention of your target audience and motivate them to take specific actions. Among the information included are aspects such as: operational data (shopping, travel, financial services), interests (preferences, lifestyle) and geographic and demographic data.

Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate is a plugin that will help you create a self-hosted affiliate program for your WordPress website. It is designed to be simple and easy to use, you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of this tool.

easy affiliate

It has a customized affiliate dashboard that will adapt to the needs of your website and with which you can monitor statistics, edit your account information, make downloads and check payment history. It is also possible to set commission rates and customize them per user and to ensure security a fraud detector is included.

Grow (Tradedoubler)

Grow is the platform of another industry leader, Tradedoubler, which offers a system that takes care of all administrative tasks, handling commission payments and all corresponding financial processes so that small businesses and startups can focus solely on establishing their affiliate networks. In addition, Grow provides its users with plug-and-play tracking integration dedicated to major eCommerce platforms such as Woocomerce, Prestashop and Shopify.


With its affiliate partner program, you can easily organize workflows and layouts, expand your reach and add new potential customers faster. Content management becomes equally intuitive, facilitating the exchange of information with partners.

In addition, Kiflo also allows Stripe integration, making it easier to automate the rewards system for your partners, managing commissions and payments without the need for spreadsheets and increasing the trust they place in you.



LinkMink is an affiliate tracking and management tool that helps SaaS companies increase their revenue by sharing it with partners who help promote them. With this tool, you can track leads, referrals and commissions from your partners’ promotions.

It also offers 15-minute integration and accurate tracking of commissions to actual revenue through Stripe to your customers.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an intuitive, fast, efficient and infinitely expandable and scalable affiliate network software that can run a complete affiliate program.

Its system gives you access to both the merchant panel and the affiliate panel, depending on the user, where you can view your statistics and manage your promotional materials. The program will take care of fully automating a client’s affiliate program.

Rakuten Advertising

Considered one of the largest pay-per-performance affiliate networks in the world, Rakuten Advertising is a system that is responsible for providing a marketing solution that helps clients optimize their campaigns across all media channels, seeking to connect with their target audience and helping publishers monetize their content.


This is a proven ROI platform that allows you to recruit, manage and track the results of your affiliates, influencers and ambassadors thanks to its great adaptability.

Refersion guarantees a perfect match between brands and creators, matching the most suitable candidates. As for payment options, it has 3 different plans, one of them with a customized price adapted to your company. We should also note that this solution facilitates integration, making it possible for you to connect your eCommerce platform with popular marketing applications.


It is a platform that helps customers to host, distribute and charge for all kinds of digital products they offer (ebooks, courses, videos, audios, etc). But in addition, you can use SendOwl as a payment platform for the services that the client offers or for physical products, no matter if you use WordPress or Woocommerce.


Tradetracker.com is an affiliate marketing platform where both advertisers and publishers get in touch with each other. In addition, this service offers all the necessary tools with which users can promote advertisers’ products and services within the platform.

On Tradetracker websites have at their disposal the different brands and retailers segmented into 28 categories, which include fashion and jewelry, gifts and gadgets, home and garden, home appliances, office and toys, etc.


This affiliate marketing network has offices in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. But they also have a presence in more than 150 countries thanks to their 1,800 advertisers and more than 250,000 affiliates. Some of the brands that have worked with Webgains are Calzedonia or Barceló Hotel Groups.

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