The fact of being able to sign documents online offers a huge amount of advantages, such as avoiding moving or even using ordinary mail putting the documents at risk. Nowadays there are multiple tools that facilitate the process of signing documents online and that can even help to digitize our signature, avoiding having to print and scan the contracts or documents to be sent.

15 tools to sign online documents 


Contasimple is a complete web program specially designed for freelancers and companies for economic management. Among the tools it includes is the integrated digital signature. You will be able to sign invoices, estimates or delivery notes that you issue with the program, as well as any other document stored in the virtual disk. All of them natively.

You only need to upload your digital certificate to the platform and configure your electronic signature to start using it. It has a free basic plan forever, although you can try its Ultimate plan for free for one month.


Docusign is one of the most widely used Digital Transaction Management and eSignature applications in the world with which you can sign from your cell phone in a simple and secure way. With it your documents are stored automatically in the cloud for free, you can import them directly from email and it is compatible with almost any document format.

It has several price plans starting at 9 euros per month.

Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign)

An easy-to-use digital signature platform with very affordable pricing, multi-team management and bank-grade security. Xodo Sign is ideal for companies of all sizes. They offer three types of signatures: self-sign (you upload a document and sign it yourself), in-person sign (your partners or clients can sign documents anywhere from the device of your choice) or remote sign.

It has a free plan in which you can sign up to 5 documents, three payment plans from 8$/month with annual contract and finally, a completely customized plan for companies.

DropboxSign (formerly HelloSign)

It has a 30-day free version and then several payment plans ranging from $13.33 per month with an annual contract to $24/month. There is also a personalized premium plan.

The signature can be created by uploading an image, drawing it with the mouse, from a cell phone or creating a digital signature with the name (for non-official documents). In addition to being able to request or sign documents, with Forms, you can convert PDF forms into digital files that are easier to edit.

It integrates with Google, Evernote, Microsoft Word, ActiveCampaign and Onedrive easily, among many others.

Online Signature

Online Signature is Xodo Sign’s free online signature and document signing portal. It allows you to capture a digital signature of up to 2 people, and also has a digital signature generator.


Scrive is the leading e-signature provider in the Nordic countries, with customers in more than 30 countries. It offers an omni-channel solution for electronic signatures of contracts, forms and documents. The solutions can be used on all types of devices. Documents electronically signed with this tool are sealed with a digital signature using blockchain technology.


This tool is the tool of choice in some sectors such as workshops, human resources or real estate. The operation of Sinatura is very simple, since they base their technology on biometric signature: you upload the documents to sign directly from the web management panel or through the API to integrate digital signature processes in your business and document management systems; the signer receives an email, reviews and signs the document (from any cell phone, tablet or personal computer), without the need to register.


This application has a 7-day free trial and monthly subscriptions for those companies that need to sign a larger volume of documents. In addition to having an intuitive interface, the signature has legal guarantees, complying with the regulations of the European Union and the United States, in addition to encrypting data with private keys.


Signeasy is one of the 50 most popular business applications in the world, with it you can not only sign and send documents legally, but also add initials, date or any other required text.

It supports a large number of extensions, including JPG/BMP images, and you can integrate additional signatures (when witnesses, clients or collaborators are required). It has recently introduced a new integration with Hubspot for signing documents. It has several pricing plans that will allow you to find the best fit for your company.


Significant is an Android application that allows you to sign documents on the screen with great accuracy. It supports working offline to complete the data capture and signing process before sending the document.

In addition, you can lock documents with a password or pattern and display them in read-only mode for other users, write notes, or send the document via email afterwards.


The SignNow application, formerly called CuidaSign, is free but includes in-app purchases. In its web version you can try it for free as well as having several payment plans.

With it you can create templates of your documents for future use, export them for use in other applications and easily collect the signatures of several people, sending the document via email to the group after everyone has signed.

Validated ID

A service that relies on the European electronic identity recognition system, eIDAS. Validated ID is a digital signature software mainly used for healthcare, public administration and HR and has more than 3 million signatures made with its technology.


It is an all-in-one business management platform that optimizes and simplifies your business; and among all the functionalities it includes is the integrated digital signature. Wiwink offers four types of electronic signature in its program: simple signature, signature by simple acceptance of the signer with a supporting document; advanced biometric signature, which is an online signature by trace; advanced signature with digital certificate and qualified signature, which is created with a qualified device for creating electronic signatures and is based on the qualified certificate of electronic signature.

Xolido Sign Desktop

This is a free program for signing, verifying and sealing documents electronically from your computer. It uses electronic certificates to sign securely, can authenticate signed documents, and works with all types of documents with no size limit.


Yousign is the French reference for electronic signature software. This solution makes it possible to use electronic signatures face-to-face or remotely, from any device. Its technology is based on a B2B SaaS tool that allows you to dematerialize signatures and digitize and automate processes. You simply select the signatories, drag and drop the documents to be signed and the designated persons can place the signature on the documents.

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