Many times, brands focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers. Thanks to them, they can increase their annual sales, which is the ultimate goal of any business. However, besides customer acquisition, brands must not forget the importance of retaining those who have already consumed their products and/or services.

You have probably heard before that a loyal customer is worth seven new ones. Well, it’s very true: achieving customer loyalty and engagement makes your eCommerce have the best brand ambassador you can have.

Let’s start from the beginning: What is customer loyalty? It is a process that aims to develop a positive, trusting, and long-lasting relationship between the consumer and the business, benefiting both parties.

It is not an easy task, but fortunately, there are several accessible tools that can help you achieve this goal. Today, we bring you some of the best tools so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

A ranking of the best customer loyalty tools for your eCommerce

As in 2022, this year we have carried out an evaluation of ecommtech tools with the help of several specialists in different areas of marketing and eCommerce (this time there were 35 jurors, two more than in the previous edition).

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The 10 best customer loyalty tools for your eCommerce

And other tools you should consider


Wapping is an omnichannel customer loyalty platform for retailers and brands that connects all business sales channels to collect real-time user interactions under a unique customer ID. It enables businesses to understand user preferences and connect with them through personalized actions.

According to the founders, the idea originated from their experience in the retail sector, where they observed that all decisions were focused on the product, and the customer experience was the same for everyone, regardless of whether they made a purchase or not. They also noticed the lack of dynamic and user-friendly tools for loyalty actions and return analysis. Additionally, Wapping allows for the creation of dynamic promotions that can be executed on a daily basis.

Wapping seamlessly integrates transactionally at the checkout, acting as an online gateway of services for retail that the end-user manages in an omnichannel wallet. It empowers marketing teams to analyze behaviors, create audiences, and build hyper-personalized services and campaigns in minutes using a single tool that instantly works across all sales channels.

With Wapping, businesses can increase purchase recurrence, boost average order value, and attract new customers through services and actions that convert into sales, offering an agile, personalized, and omnichannel shopping experience.

  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Country: Spain


In our top list, presenting a unique approach compared to the rest of the tools, we have EasyPromos, a platform focused on contests, games, promotions, quizzes, etc. Its goal is to provide customers with a different and innovative experience to enhance engagement with the online community.

EasyPromos offers solutions to marketing teams to interact with their audiences, incentivize brand engagement, and collect user contact data for activating relationship marketing actions. It helps collect data, increase brand visibility, gather user-generated content (UGC), and much more.

  • Year of foundation: 2010
  • Country: Spain


Splio defines itself as a suite of “individuation marketing” software, a series of tools that, thanks to artificial intelligence, allows marketers to create value from their data to build a unique relationship with each customer. The software suite consists of five solutions that place customer knowledge at the center of the strategy: a marketing automation solution, a loyalty solution that includes recommendation programs, a customer data platform, an individuation marketing solution, and Splio Mobile Wallets, which enables direct customer engagement through mobile.

In 2021, the company strengthened its capabilities with the acquisition of Goodfazer, a customer recommendation management platform in SaaS mode. It also merged with D-AIM, an expert in using AI technologies for personalization.

Splio is headquartered in France and has offices in China, Spain, Poland, and Italy. Today, its client portfolio includes 500 brands ranging from medium-sized companies to large groups in four key industries (retail, eCommerce, food service, and telecommunications).

  • Year of foundation: 2001
  • Country: France


This platform offers multiple solutions for any retail, organized food service, and B2C company to optimize their omnichannel strategies. It includes AI-based recommendations, customer loyalty programs, in-store customer attraction, and cross-channel processes like click & collect, take-away, or in-store returns for online purchases.

It manages omnichannel inventory and connects all that information with existing systems in companies such as ERP, Business Intelligence, CMS technology, CRM, or marketing automation.

The platform integrates with a variety of marketing tools, eCommerce CMS, and POS systems.

  • Year of foundation: 2013
  • Country: Spain


Qualifio is a customer loyalty tool that enables easy implementation of relational marketing campaigns by capturing data and opt-ins, which can later be visualized and analyzed to extract profile information and campaign statistics.

All of this is done in real time, allowing for visualization and extraction of collected profiles and campaign statistics. It can be integrated with marketing and data management tools such as CRM, DMP, SSO, email, automation, web analytics, etc. This optimization of first-party data usage helps improve marketing strategies.

  • Year of foundation: 2011
  • Country: Belgium


Clutch is a customer marketing platform for B2C brands. Utilizing this tool allows for easier and optimized marketing efforts, as it is specifically designed for B2C marketing specialists. With Clutch, you can identify your customers, understand their needs, offer them the best solutions, and motivate them to achieve the best results based on their interests.

The platform provides a range of solutions, including data management, marketing automation, loyalty and CRM, as well as mobile, email, and direct mail campaign capabilities.

  • Year of foundation: 2012
  • Country: United States


Inloyalty, which is part of the Repsol, Eroski, and Iberia LAE group, has been providing customer loyalty services and solutions for both B2C and B2B for over 25 years.

Among the solutions they offer are customized loyalty programs (design, implementation, and comprehensive management), incentives, data analytics to understand customer behavior, and an omnichannel communication plan. Brands such as BBVA and Samsung have already trusted this tool to optimize customer loyalty to their brand.

  • Year of foundation: 1996
  • Country: Spain


Fidelcity is a customer loyalty software designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their statistics in this area. Essentially, this program generates an updated customer database with relevant information such as gender, age, web usage frequency, or typical budget spent. With this key information at our disposal, we can implement highly targeted loyalty strategies that allow us to accurately meet the preferences and needs of each individual customer.

For example, some measures that FidelCity allows us to create are points cards or gift cards.

  • Year of foundation: 2015
  • Country: Spain


Founded in 2016 by Jorge Zubieta and Gonzalo Zubieta, Loycus has established itself as a loyalty platform for omnichannel businesses that gives customers a percentage of what they have spent on their purchases.

The usage is straightforward: customers simply need to download the application on their mobile phones, connect it to their bank, make purchases and pay with their regular card, and register each purchase in the app. In this way, the platform reimburses a percentage of the purchase, which accumulates in the user’s profile and becomes available in the registered account once the balance reaches a minimum of €10.

  • Year of foundation: 2016
  • Country: Spain


The American multinational company, Tenerity, offers various solutions that increase the Lifetime Value of consumers. By making the customer experience personal, it motivates greater spending, loyalty, and advocacy.

Through its technological platform, Tenerity enables brands to provide personalized, contextual, and convenient experiences to their customers. It applies AI-based personalization engines that empower brands to offer tailored content and experiences based on customer interests.

Additionally, through its Marketing Automation module, the platform allows for the development of targeted communications delivered at the right moment, with the offer that the customer truly needs, thereby enhancing the connection between the consumer and the brand.

  • Year of foundation: 1973
  • Country: United States

Base (Previously known as Crowdvocate)

Base, formerly known as Crowdvocate, is a customer loyalty tool that helps businesses understand their customers. By engaging customers throughout their lifecycle, offering them the promotions they need, and gathering their feedback, Base enables companies to expand and retain their customer base. They believe that listening to and giving voice to customers is essential for achieving business growth.

Base assists its clients in turning all stakeholders, whether they are customers, partners, employees, or any other interested group, into brand ambassadors.

  • Year of foundation: 2018
  • Country: United States

Kangaroo Rewards

Kangaroo Rewards is a simple and effective rewards platform that helps brands attract and retain customers with minimal effort. With this platform, businesses can set up a customer loyalty marketing platform that includes features such as complete customer data and behavioral information management, detailed transaction history, social media data, support for multiple IDs, and many other aspects.

By combining all these features, businesses will have the necessary information to attract customers to their stores with personalized offers and promotions tailored to each moment. The platform is even capable of driving personalized promotions based on customer location. It can also send greetings, notifications, discounts, and bonuses just for visiting the store, even without prior customer purchase information.

  • Year of foundation: 2012
  • Country: Canada


Omniwallet is a customer loyalty tool that offers integration with your eCommerce CRM to enhance your contact database. One of the services it provides is the creation of a product catalog within Omniwallet, which can be used to incentivize and reward your customers. Additionally, each of your customers can have a virtual card.

  • Year of foundation: 2019
  • Country: Spain

PDI solutions (adquired Azpiral)

PDI Technologies is a software and technology company specializing in solutions for the foodservice and retail industries. The acquisition of the Irish company Azpiral by PDI Technologies was announced in May 2021. Azpiral is a pioneering tool in real-time solutions that meet customer engagement needs, achieving the perfect mix between current purchases, future needs, and rewards. That’s why this acquisition aligns perfectly with PDI Technologies’ plans to expand its portfolio of solutions for retailers and strengthen its presence in the European market.

Azpiral’s technology helps deliver real-time information, promotions, and rewards, creating instant gratification and satisfaction for customers. It seamlessly integrates with PDI Technologies’ retail store management platform, enabling a smoother and more efficient user experience.

  • Year of foundation: 1983
  • Country: United States

Preferred Patron Loyalty

Another loyalty tool for eCommerce that we want to mention in our list is Preferred Patron Loyalty. With its advanced marketing automation processes, the tool analyzes customer data to target them based on their previous visits, spending behavior, purchase history, and more. Omnichannel communications are then automatically activated to reach and engage the right customer at the right time, through meaningful incentives that will make them come back to the site again and again.

  • Year of foundation: 1997
  • Country: United States


The French tool Scal-e allows B2B and B2C marketers to carry out meaningful interactions with their customers at every touchpoint. In essence, Scal-e is defined as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables the connection of various data streams into a single datamart (including website, social media, point of sale, and more), providing access to data that helps better understand customers and respond to their needs at the right time and through the appropriate channel.

This approach ensures that customers feel satisfied and heard by the brand, ultimately leading to their loyalty through consistent efforts over time. Additionally, within the same platform, brands can build their marketing strategy (audience creation, scripting, planning, loyalty programs) and implement it without the need to switch software.

  • Year of foundation: 2007
  • Country: France


TapMango is a customer loyalty program and online ordering platform that offers its clients all the tools they need to run a turnkey loyalty program on par with large retailers.

With TapMango, you can create and manage reward programs, special promotions, and campaigns. You can personalize communications, your app, or loyalty tags with your brand. You can segment your customers in the way you want, such as by their spending habits or frequency of visits. You can create flash sales that can be purchased in advance, among many other options.

  • Year of foundation: 2012
  • Country: Canada

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