It has been a few months since WhatsApp channels arrived in Mexico, bringing a new proposal to establish communication with users who share interests, and the best part: interacting with those public figures or popular groups of whom we are fans.

The main function of these channels is to share photos, videos, documents, stickers and others with a group of people, encouraging interaction between brands/influencers and users. In Mexico this tool has gained popularity, so we share with you the 10 most popular WhatsApp channels nationwide.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Real Madrid CF
  3.  Netflix
  4. Katrina Kaif
  5. Manchester City
  6. FC Barcelona
  7. Bad Bunny
  8. Liverpool Football
  9. Mark Zuckerberg
  10. Akshay Kumar

1. WhatsApp (+107 million followers)

Interestingly, the popular messaging app’s own channel is the most followed in the country, gathering users from all over the world to share with them the new tools and features available on the platform.

If you thought that the company’s activity on the channel is little or nonexistent, quite the opposite is true. Its frequency of messages is considerable, as every two or three days it seeks to interact with followers by sharing with them in fun formats (gifs and infographics) the innovations they bring to their application.

2. Real Madrid C.F (+38.9 million followers)

In second place we find the Spanish sports club Real Madrid, with a considerably lower number than Meta’s messaging app. Its popularity transcends to other parts of the world, in addition to being positioned on several occasions as Champions League champion.

Real Madrid uses this channel not only to share a bit of the preparation and professional life of its players, but also updates on the critical moments of some matches and also broadcasts important dates on sporting events that their fans will not miss.

3. Netflix (+31.8 million followers)

As one of the most popular streaming platforms in Mexico, it comes as no surprise that the U.S. company has the third position in the ranking of most followed WhatsApp channels in the country.

Netflix has a loyal community of fans all over the world, so it usually shares with them the most important news and scoops of series in production. Recently, it shared with them the scoop of the start of production of the fifth (and last) season of Stranger Things.

4. Katrina Kaif (+23.8million followers)

She is an Indian actress and model who rose to popularity by starring in well-known Bollywood movies, becoming a benchmark of oriental cinema and garnering international attention.

The actress, beyond sharing more about her life as a movie star, shares moments of her personal life to connect with her fans. Katrina usually uploads family photos and everyday moments of her day to day life to her channel, although sometimes she posts material related to her most recent projects.

5. Manchester City (+23.3 million followers)

Taking the fifth position is another sports club: Manchester City, a European soccer team with both men’s and women’s leagues.

To keep their fans hooked, the club shares the schedules and dates of upcoming matches, as well as some of the awards and accolades they have received for their career.

6. FC Barcelona (+22.5 million followers)

Following closely behind the Manchester club is Fútbol Club Barcelona, the team that launched the career of Lionel Messi, the most popular soccer player at the moment.

Like the other sports clubs, the FC Barcelona channel brings together the team’s most important dates, events and matches, as well as providing summaries of the matches and their milestones in the sports world.

7. Bad Bunny (+19.6million followers)

The reggaeton artist of the moment opened his WhatsApp channel last September in order to connect with fans around the world.

Although his channel seems to have been inactive for a while, the singer resumed activity during the month of December, when he took the opportunity to congratulate his followers for the Christmas holidays and also to let them know what’s going on in his life at the moment.

8. Liverpool Football Club (+17.3million followers)

There is no doubt that soccer continues to consolidate itself as the most popular sport in Mexico, as this sports club debuts as the fourth team to have a presence among the most followed WhatsApp channels in the country.

In order to keep its fans loyal and captive, the European team has announced the dates and times of the following matches, as well as the channels or platforms where they can tune in.

9. Mark Zuckerberg (+15.8 million followers)

The person who created Facebook and changed the world also has his own channel. After all, he is the owner of Meta, the group that conglomerates Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications.

While we might think that the entrepreneur uses the channel mainly to publicize the platform’s innovations, Zuckerberg also takes advantage of the channel’s functionalities to interact with his followers through polls and videos.

10. Akshay Kumar (+13.7 million followers)

Closing the list we find this Indian actor and film producer, particularly excelling in martial arts and therefore participating in popular action films in Hindi cinema.

Akshay takes to the WhatsApp channel with fans from Mexico and the world to provide a more intimate look at his personal life, as well as future projects he has in the pipeline.


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