OpenAI has just made the latest version of GPT4-Turbo available to its paying users. This means that those with Teams or Enterprise plans, with GPT Plus or API access, will be able to enjoy this updated model of the famous conversational chatbot.

More capabilities and more knowledge of today’s world

As explained by the developer itself on its X account, the new GPT4-Turbo has integrated improvements with respect to its writing, logical reasoning, mathematical and coding capabilities.

To illustrate these developments, OpenAI has shared an example. It shows the response of the previous model and the enhanced version to the same prompt. The prompt given to ChatGPT is “SMS reminding my friends to RSVP to my birthday dinner”. From this, the previous version of the chatbot would have yielded a longer and more repetitive response, while the new one, powered by GPT4-Turbo, offers a more direct, concise response using more conversational language.

Captura que muestra un ejemplo de conversación con ChatGPT bajo el prompt "SMS recordando a mis amigos que confirmen sus asistencia a mi cena de cumpleaños". A la izquierda vemos la respuesta que habría arrojado la versión anterior de ChatGPT (más amplia y larga), y a la derecha la que dará ahora tras integrar la nueva versión de GPT4-Turbo (más directa y concisa)

In addition, its knowledge base has been expanded, as it was trained with publicly available data covering up to December 2023. In contrast, the knowledge of its previous version was limited to April 2023.

Even the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has said in his X account that: “gpt-4 now significantly smarter and more pleasant to use”

Image: GPT4

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