There are more and more users surfing the Internet in the world, however, its growth has never been as exponential as it has been in recent years after the pandemic. To learn more about the state of the internet in Mexico, We Are Social, in conjunction with Meltwater, launched its Digital 2024 study, which allows us to learn valuable and interesting information about trends or perspectives of internet users, mobile connections, social networks and eCommerce after the coronavirus.

This is the current state of the Internet in Mexico

Before moving on, it is important to highlight a change in the report (from 2021) in relation to previous years; now the number of internet users in Mexico no longer includes data coming from social networks (as they may exceed the number of users as they are not unique individuals but accounts), so these statistics are not comparable with past data.

Initially, the study highlights that 107.3 million Mexicans are currently internet users through any device, which represents 83.2% of the total population. In addition, we note that mobile connections are gaining relevance as 97.3% of the population, that is, 125.4 million take advantage of them.

State of the Internet in Mexico

As for the number of active users on social networks, we found that 90.20 million Mexicans have an identity on these platforms, which is 6.5 million more than the previous year (+7.7%), reaching 73.4% of the total population.

We know that digital growth in Mexico presents relevant changes over the years, and this time we can note that the total number of Internet users is 6.6% higher compared to last year, representing 107.3 million total users throughout the different states of Mexico.

Datos de estado de internet en méxico 2024.

Time of Internet use in Mexico

Taking a look at browsing time, we observe that users in Mexico between the ages of 16 and 64 spend an average of 7 hours and 37 minutes every day connected to the Internet from any computer or device, which represents a decrease of 30 minutes compared to the previous year.

In addition, the study indicates that we spend a large part of the day on the Internet from mobile devices, as these devices account for 57.5% of the total share. Phones stand out in particular, with a daily use of 4 hours and 32 minutes. In contrast, the time we use other devices (such as tablets or computers) was 3 hours and 14 minutes.

Datos del estado de internet en México 2024.

What do Mexicans use the internet for

The main reason why Mexicans aged 16 to 64 use the Internet, according to the time spent on them, is finding information (72,3%).

This first position is followed by researching how to do things (70.1%), staying in touch with friends and family (66.5%), accessing platforms to listen to music (61.4%), and keeping up to date with news and events (60.1%).

Datos del estado de internet en México 2024.

The most used devices

Aware of the constant technological advances, the study includes a list that reveals the devices most used by Mexican Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 to access the Internet.

The most used devices in Mexico are: cell phone or cell phone (97.6%), laptop or desktop computer (67.5%), smartphone (92.1%), and tablets (29.4%).

Datos del estado de internet en México 2024.

Internet connection speed

Let’s remember that the speed at which we can connect to the Internet varies, so the 2024 report measures this factor in megabytes per second (mbps). According to the data, the download speed from mobile devices (cell phones) is 25.14 mbps, which represented an increase of 4.4% compared to the 2023 report, while the speed of fixed internet connection was 60.28 mbps, 20.8% more than previous years.

Datos del estado de internet en México 2024.

The most visited websites in Mexico

Now, with all the time Mexicans spend on the Internet, the question remains: what are Mexicans doing and which sites do they visit?

According to the Digital 2024 report, the most popular websites in Mexico are:

  • Google: The Silicon Valley giant’s search engine received, on average, 2.58 billion visits per month, totaling 105 million unique visits.
  • YouTube: Google’s video player came in second place with a total of 859 million monthly visits and 165 million unique visits.
  • Facebook: The social network ranked third, with 666 million monthly visits and 59.2 million unique visits.
  • XVideos: In third place, this free adult content video platform had a traffic of 223 million visits.
  • XNXX: Another adult content platform, with a traffic of 190 million visits per month and a dwell time of 4 minutes and 13 seconds.
  • WhatsApp: Meta’s social network reached 187 million monthly visits, as well as 15 million unique visitors.
  • Instagram: In seventh position is the photo-sharing social network, which reached 185 million visits and 35.4 million unique accesses.
  • Twitter: The platform we know today as X reached 172 million visits per month, in addition to generating 34.1 million unique visits.
  • Google Mexico: Under its .mx domain, the search engine was also visited many times in the country, reaching a total of 127 million visits, in addition to 11.5 million unique visits.
  • Caliente: The online casino gaming platform had an increase in visits compared to last year, with a total of 122 million visits per month. In addition, the time of permanence reached 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

Datos del estado de internet en México 2024.




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