Startups in Chile have had a great boom and several of them have managed to cross their borders. This type of businesses in the world have grown enormously in the world, thus opening the doors metaphorically speaking for thousands of entrepreneurs and creating jobs for people in the same country that they are created and outside of it. In this article we will explore the startups in Chile that have successfully established themselves.


The Chilean Association of Venture Capital (ACVC) released a report on the activity of investment funds and associated companies, and it shows that between 2019 and 2020 eCommerce startups in the country were the ones that obtained the most investment and the reason for this is the online shopping, especially during the pandemic.

The report talks about the growth process of the local Venture Capital industry and it carried out a research for analyzing 90 startups, 18 investment funds and 243 deals.

Throughout the study, the startups that stand out as the most striking figures are eCommerce startups since 35% of the total amounts invested were for them.  eCommerce startups also reach first place with more than 14% of the investment, closely followed by companies dedicated to the fintech sector. Besides, the eCommerce sector was also the one that more employment generated in 2019..

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The list of most relevant startups in Chile


This is a startup that helps thousands of entrepreneurs in Latin America to manage and grow their businesses by facilitating access to technology and financial services. Their audience target are SMEs (small and medium business) looking to quickly update and adapt to the world’s new challenges. It schedules more than 2 million online reservations and, in total, has managed more than 20 million reservations every 2 months.


Insurtech which has telemedicine, mindfulness, virtual fitness and even financial education services for company employees. It also offers free life insurance as a reward for having healthy habits. In February 2022, it raised $125 million dollars in a Series C, with which it became the first B company (social company) to be a unicorn in Latin America.


Chilean technology startup which is in charge of the entire digital sales process, from taking orders with its own eCommerce to the home delivery service, so that businesses can take care of what they are experts at, cooking. Additionally, they provide an optional delivery with more than 60,000 associated drivers, so that after the purchase, they can also offer their products in a comfortable and reliable way. This modular service is self-managed, so everything is left in their hands, but they are always accompanied during the process.


In the midst of the 2020 crisis, the fintech developed a platform that shows each worker the daily salary they earn in a company, facilitating their access and allowing them to deposit it in their bank account to receive it in less than 12 hours, without paperwork or intermediates. Nesto aims at companies that want to improve the financial health of their employees, who will have the freedom to use the money they have already earned to meet their unforeseen needs or daily expenses.


Founded in 2016, Notco is so innovative because it makes plant-based mayonnaise, milk, ice cream and burgers, and is one of the superstars of startups in Chile. The company started from the premise of taking animals out of the food equation and sustainably producing delicious, mass-market foods that replicate or improve upon what millions of people love about animal protein.


Startup that offers services to the retail industry, taking advantage of skills in image recognition, robotics and deep learning. It has created a solutions platform that allows retailers to take advantage of the data that is captured in their monitor stocks, planograms and prices. The objective of this technology company is to support retail and supermarket chains to keep their store offerings up to date by digitizing their stock on shelves thanks to data collection.

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