The FBA fulfillment fee pertains to a per-unit charge applied for fulfilling customer orders on the Amazon store. This fee fluctuates based on factors such as the item’s category, size, and weight. It is occasionally denoted as the “pick and pack” fee.

What is Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fees

The intention of this fee is to cover the costs of transportation and fulfillment during the holiday shopping period. This period is established from 15th October 2023 to 13th January 2024. So if you intend to sell on Amazon during the peak season, this information coul be very helpful in order to use your budget correctly.

As Amazon has mentioned, the Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fee rate applies to US FBA, Canada FBA, Remote Fulfillment with FBA, and Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) items, except for items below $10 priced in US FBA. Also, if the item is ordered before 15th October but shipped after that date, the holiday peak fulfillment fee is also applied.

For small standard items, there will be a 0.20 cent increase compared to the typical seasonal rate, while large standard items will see a 0.30 cent increase. Products weighing over 2 pounds will incur a 0.50 cent increase, and small oversize items (weighing 70 pounds or less) will experience a $1 increase. Medium oversize items, large, and special oversize will see a $2.50 increase. You can find detailed information at the Amazon Seller Central web page.

These new increases in Amazon fees are due to the inflation experimented during 2023.


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