The growth of Airbnb in recent years is unprecedented, it has become one of the favorite platforms for users to choose accommodation around the world. It seems incredible to think that all this has been triggered by the fact that two designers who had room in their house gave accommodation in their house to three people who had nowhere to stay.

AirBnB in Mexico

The accommodation booking platform arrived in Mexico City in 2009, with only eleven accommodation units, but it did not have their own office in the country until 2017. Since then, its growth was exponential until the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine brought AirBnb – and the whole world – to a standstill.

In an interview for Expansión In 2021, Brian Chesky revealed that before the pandemic 10% of AirBnb in Mexico was people going out to rural areas, at the time of the interview it had become 25% growing as family travel grew. Before 2020 it represented 37% and grew to 59% especially when traveling within the country itself and approaching rural areas. According to the company’s CEO, “Not every country has a domestic market like this one“.

In this way, the experience of those who travel to the country is enriched by the simple fact of being surrounded by Mexican culture and because most of the hosts are originally from Mexico. AirBnb has agreed with nine Mexican states to share information on traveler trends, so that public policies can be created to strengthen tourism services in the cities involved: CDMX, Baja California Sur, Campeche, Colina, Jalisco, Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

Since 2021, the platform is associated with UNESCO to promote cultural tourism in the country, generating comprehensive projects of tourism innovation and community inclusion. This initiative is included in the United Nations 2030 Agency for Sustainable Development.

Successful destinations in Mexico

Ángel Terral, country manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, proposes a sustainable and inclusive business model. Mexico is one of the most successful destinations on the platform thanks to its suitability to the market and the fact that it is an ideal place for group and family travel.Screenshot of Mexico map in the Airbnb website

In Mexico there are more than 1000 accommodations among which you can find villas, apartments and room rentals. The latter is AirBnb’s new initiative that takes them back to the origins and the essence of how the platform’s history began, it is called AirBnb Rooms. This new experience intends to establish a relationship between guest and host through which to share experiences and bring people together, things that are missing since the quarantine by COVID-19.

Screenshot of the section Airbnb Rooms in Mexico at the Airbnb website

There is a clear preference for beach destinations and certain urban areas for their cultural richness, both for foreigners visiting the country and for Mexicans moving around the country. Among the preferred destinations are Quintana Roo, Jalisco and Baja California Sur.

It is clear that tourism in 2023 will generate a spike thanks to the fact that normality is almost total after the situation experienced in recent years, so perhaps AirBnb can take advantage of this opportunity for growth. Could Mexico be your next destination?


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