Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to demonstrate its full potential. Helium 10 has not been left out of this wave, so now its users will be able to improve their product listings on Amazon thanks to advanced AI writing through the Listing Builder tool.

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Helium 10 is a suite of tools designed to help sellers optimize their business on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. It is a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of functionality that helps perform tasks such as keyword research, competitor tracking, listing optimization, inventory management and data analysis.

What is the new Listing Builder tool all about

Amazon product listings are individual pages that contain detailed information about a specific product being sold on the platform. These listings are created by sellers and contain details such as product title, description, features, images, price, shipping options and customer reviews.

The task of creating and optimizing such listings can be time-consuming. Helium 10’s new tool promises to automate this process and use relevant keywords and product features. Listing Builder will automatically generate the title, bullets and product description.

The tool will emphasize the main keywords in sentence form for your listing. From there, you can add different product features, such as a coffin shelf with a hook or its ability to be used on a countertop. In short, it’s all about giving the AI enough information to understand how the product is used for it to create an effective listing.

In short, Listing Builder can:

  1. Edit or remove keywords from the title.
  2. Enter product features.
  3. Select the tone according to categories.
  4. Add the brand name in the title.
  5. Exclude specific characters or words.
  6. Access AI-generated historical content.
  7. Access search volume, related products and CPR.
  8. Evaluate listing strength.
  9. Insert custom product features.

What are the benefits of this tool?

Having product listings on Amazon is an important factor and using Listing Builder can bring you a series of benefits:

1. You will be able to create professional and attractive content 2.

It allows you to easily add the brand name in the title and create brand-focused, professional and engaging content. This increases visibility, brand recognition and builds trust with potential customers.

2. Tailor your content to your target audience

Select the tone of your ad according to your product category and target audience. This allows you to better connect with your customers by using a tone that resonates with them.

3. Optimize the copywriting process

You can improve the efficiency of the copywriting process by automating critical tasks and streamlining operations through personalized recommendations from the tool. Eliminate the need for guesswork and avoid using generic content.

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