The global eCommerce sector will reach a total value of 6.441 trillion euros by the end of 2023, according to a study by eMarketer. In light of this data, it is evident that having an effective strategy is important to succeed in the world of eCommerce and make informed decisions that help optimize results for your project.

SaleCycle collected a series of data presented in the ebook “eCommerce Stats & Trends: How and When Online Shoppers Purchase Products” to gain detailed insights into eCommerce statistics and trends for 2023, covering the global market and taking into account statistics on online shoppers, mobile purchases, cart abandonment rates, email marketing, average spending per order, as well as macro and micro eCommerce trends.

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SaleCycle is a behavioral marketing company specializing in data-driven remarketing solutions and abandoned cart recovery. They have been working with over 500 eCommerce companies in various sectors for over 10 years, including Wickes, New Era, Air Portugal, Asics, and others. They claim to “help their clients increase conversion rates by up to 8.5%, boost online sales, retain existing customers, and acquire new ones, with a revenue increase of over 6%“. Additionally, it is worth noting that SaleCycle is not just SaaS (Software as a Service), but MSaaS (Managed Software as a Service). This means that they develop the entirety of projects in-house, allowing clients to focus solely on seeing results.

What data can you find in the SaleCycle ebook?

The data collected by the company estimates that at least 79.53% of shoppers leave a website without purchasing the items in their shopping cart. In response, SaleCycle seeks to devise a strategy that convinces users to complete the purchase before leaving the website altogether, a process known as conversion. The idea is to find a path that makes it easy for potential buyers so they don’t hesitate too much when deciding whether to buy or not.

Statistics and Key Data

The ebook includes statistics and key data from the world of eCommerce that will help you make more informed decisions based on the experience of other experts in the field who share part of their journey. The data offers a more complete view of the current eCommerce landscape with updated data and detailed analysis of the most important trends.

Some of the most notable data presented in the document discuss the times of the year (specifying month, day, and time) when users tend to make more online purchases. In fact, according to the study, the most popular month is November due to the sales events that typically take place during that time, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the proximity to Christmas.

In summary, if you are looking to achieve success in the world of eCommerce, you need to stay informed about the key statistics and data. This eBook is a great tool that can help you create an effective strategy to see changes in your project. Download it and improve your results!

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