Sporting events are a safe bet for brands as they generate a lot of anticipation. Whether on television or via social media, the impact on viewers is very high. We have seen it with the World Cup in soccer, basketball, the upcoming Olympic Games, and now, with the European Championship.

Although the latter is a “continental” event, the enthusiasm reaches the entire world. This is why we can see globally recognized brands as sponsors: Adidas, Aliexpress, Coca-Cola, and more, which we will review in this article. Even those of us who are not big fans of this sport are impacted by the brands sponsoring UEFA Euro 2024, and that is worth highlighting.

Which brands are sponsoring Euro 2024

After the UEFA Euro 2020, which was held in 2021 for obvious reasons and had several venues, this year UEFA Euro 2024 is being held in Germany. Considering that the previous edition generated 1.88 billion euros in revenue, of which 520 million came from commercial rights and UEFA’s sponsorship program according to Statista data, what brand would not want to be part of all this?

Having your brand involved in such an event is a great investment, as you gain recognition and impact both in your target audience and in those who are not. Brands manage to be associated with a movement, generating a corporate image, in most cases, positive.

In fact, TGM Research conducted a survey of over 10,000 people, asking them which brand came to mind when they thought of Euro 2024. The three with the most votes were Adidas, Nike, and Coca-Cola. However, Nike has no association with this competition or with UEFA in general. Another mentioned brand was Heineken, which, although it is an official sponsor of other UEFA competitions, is not of Euro 2024. This demonstrates the great impact this competition has on viewers.

Marcas asociadas con la Eurocopa según TGM Reasearch

This time, the sponsors of UEFA Euro 2024 are divided into official global sponsors and official national sponsors. Among them, we find German brands such as Bitburger, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Ergo, and Wiesenhof. These brands may not be as globally recognized, but thanks to the impact of this competition, they can gain wider recognition.

Cerveza Bitburger para la Eurocopa

Bitburger Beer Special Edition UEFA Euro 2024

These are the global brands that officially sponsor the European Championship:


The well-known sports brand is also a sponsor of other competitions that belong to UEFA. Additionally, the official ball of the competition is also from Adidas. During Euro 2024, they have set up a section on their website where you can directly access the kits of your favorite national and club teams.

Furthermore, in the case of Spain, they have placed a giant banner in Madrid that reads the usual chant of the Spanish national team fans, “¡A por ellos!”, in German with a phrase at the end that says, “You do not need to know German to understand it.” The Spanish players have even sung in German on Adidas’s TikTok.

@adidas 4 days to go – who‘s practicing their german 📚@Selección española #euros2024 #football #adidas ♬ original sound – adidas

Likewise, they are running a major campaign on social media, featuring players from different teams wearing Adidas kits, participating in viral trends and funny videos to capture the attention of their audience.

Aliexpress y Alipay+

Aliexpress is the only marketplace sponsoring the UEFA Men’s Euro 2024. Their strategy consists of offering extraordinary discounts on Aliexpress Choice, the program that identifies and highlights specific products, providing benefits to both buyers and sellers.

Additionally, they will also host interactive games and contests with the opportunity to win great prizes, such as tickets to a match. One of these contests is “Shake & Win,” available in the marketplace’s official app during each match, where every goal gives you a chance to win a prize. How are they promoting this contest? Through their official website and social media, as well as influencer marketing.

On the other hand, Alipay+ is the official payment method of the European Championship, aiming to facilitate mobile payments for all fans, both those at home and those who have traveled to Germany to experience the event.


This cybersecurity, cloud, and high-performance computing company has 95,000 employees and an annual profit of 11 billion euros. It offers comprehensive solutions to 69 countries. In addition to being the official technology sponsor of Euro 2024, it is also a global sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Implementaciones de Atos para la Eurocopa


This betting company is not sponsoring a sporting event for the first time, as it also sponsors various football teams and competitions such as the Copa América.


As an official sponsor of the European Championship, Booking has launched a promotion to help fans find accommodations in the cities where some of the matches will take place. And also they have displyed a fan camp at Dortmund for the most unconditional supporters.

Fan Camp Dortmund at booking


This electric and hybrid car company will provide efficient and green transportation during UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany, offering fans sustainable vehicles throughout Europe. Additionally, for some matches, they have created a fan zone.


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida de BYD España (@byd.spain)


As an official sponsor, they have created games within the Coca-Cola app to win Euro 2024-related prizes, as well as a contest to attend the final in Berlin. Another promotion involves a raffle for an official ball among those who purchase two 500ml bottles of Coca-Cola. Additionally, for every €5 spent, customers enter a raffle to win 2 barbecues and 2 portable coolers.

On social media, they have collaborated with players and coaches from the national teams.


This Chinese company, a manufacturer of household appliances and electronic products, stands as another official international sponsor of UEFA Euro 2024. They have launched a challenge for their audience: find the “Beyond Glory” poster by Hisense and post it on X or Instagram with a hashtag to win tickets, merchandise signed by players, and Hisense products.


How could Lidl, being a German company, miss out on being an official sponsor? Committed to healthy eating and sports, they have created the Lidl Kids Team, a group of 11 boys and girls who will accompany the players onto the field. Additionally, they have set up Fan Zones in the various cities where the matches are being played.

Engelbert Strauss

This German company, specialized in the production of workwear, is responsible for outfitting the workers who make an event of such magnitude possible.

Strauss ropa eurocopa


Visit Qatar

It is the official tourism sponsor of Euro 2024 and the next one in 2028. They will host events in the host cities of the various matches and hold contests to win tickets to these matches.


This Chinese electronics manufacturer, focused on smart devices and services, is sponsoring the Euro again after doing so in 2020. As the official smartphone provider during the competition, they will equip the staff with their phones. They are also part of the ceremony that presents the “Player of the Match” after each game to recognize the best player.


Considering that the UEFA Euro 2024 has approximately over five billion viewers, the impact of brands reaches much further than in any other event.

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