TikTok, the Chinese social network owned by ByteDance, has launched in Spain and France a new version of its application called TikTok Lite that promises to be lighter and to pay users for watching videos, inviting friends to subscribe and other actions.

Also, TikTok Lite will be focused on attracting the attention of more adult audiences. In fact, only users over the age of 18 will be able to access the points system, even though the platform is very popular among teenagers. Although the app is already available in the Play Store and the App Store in our country, the rewards are not yet active.

How does TikTok Lite works

TikTok Lite is a copy of the traditional TikTok, but smaller and faster. It is aimed at users with less than 2GB of RAM, who have limited data or who connect to 2G or 3G networks. Thus, it can operate smoothly when the device is connected to slow networks and also reduces the space it takes up on the device. It was originally launched in 2018 in Indonesia.

The only differences that can be seen in its design are a small lightning bolt in the logo and the word “Lite” is displayed in the home interface. By accessing with a user account, you will be able to watch the same videos as in the traditional app using your own preferences to choose the content.

The real difference is that TikTok Lite has no ads and cannot be watched or broadcast live, because it consumes less data traffic and when used without a wifi connection it uses less mobile data. This lighter app had already been launched in the market with less availability of internet data usage.

How the TikTok Lite rewards system works

TikTok employees call this new application Coin App, as it is based on a rewards program that offers points to users for performing certain actions, such as logging in every day, liking videos, following new accounts, inviting friends and watching videos for a period of time.

Each user has a daily target to reach 3,600 coins (which would be 0.36 euros) equivalent to each hour consuming new content. In Europe, the platform expects each user to earn around 1 euro every day.

To keep track of the coins earned, users will have a highlighted panel on their home page with an omnipresent on-screen indicator that fills a bar as viewing time progresses. Coins earned can be redeemed for gift cards from PayPal, Amazon or other services or sent as tips, stickers or gifts to favorite content creators.

Payments already active in South Korea, Japan and France

TikTok Lite has already been active for several months in South Korea and Japan, allowing users in these countries to earn money with the app.

Thie same will happen in France and Spain at anytime. Unless the European Union does not allow it, since the commission has asked TikTok for information about the possible risks that TikTok lite may have, shielding itself in the Digital Services Act.

The European Commissiongave them 24 hours to prepare the report, as they claim to be concerned about the harmful effects that their reward system could have on minors and on the mental health of users. As well as the possibility of promoting addictive behaviors. However, TikTok has decided to suspend the rewards system in Europe.

This means that unless tiktok informs about the dangers of this new app, European member states will not be able to use it.

Photo: TikTok Lite

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