Rappi is a Colombian app that was created in August 2015 by Simon Borrero, Felipe Villamarín, and Sebastián Mejía. The three of them knew that their app wasn’t the first one to offer food delivery services, so they looked for an innovative strategy to capture users’ attention. Now it’s one of the largest startups in Latam, valued in $5.2 billion dollars.

The app started becoming popular when they started promoting it by giving away donuts in exchange for downloads. They also added the “Rappi Antojo” button, which allowed users to order anything they wanted and have it delivered directly to their homes.

In the blink of an eye, Rappi managed to position itself as one of the leading apps in Latin America, operating in 9 countries (Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil), in more than 250 cities, with administrative offices in Bogotá, Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

Rappi: an infinite number of options at your fingertips

What makes Rappi special is that it has the ability to bring the consumer closer to any type of product or service they require without the need to travel and bringing it to their doorstep in the shortest time possible. It’s practically like having a mall inside an application.

The company is convinced that by bringing ordinary people closer to businesses, its development is promoted, transforming businesses and simplifying consumers’ lives. All of this is achieved through its application, where users connect with businesses close to their location.

The app stands out for having an interactive interface that gets personalized according to users’ interests. That is, it collects information from your order history and then tells you about the offers that are approaching your tastes and needs.

Rappi decided to listen to the needs of its users in order to create the best service. This is how, in a few months, it incorporated restaurants, fast food chains, pharmacies, supermarkets and even ATM services and favors.

Food, grocery and pharmacy app

Rappi is a food delivery, grocery, and pharmacy app. As with any delivery app, the user can go to their favorite restaurant’s profile and order whatever they feel like enjoying to have it delivered right to their doorstep. The same option applies to supermarkets and pharmacies.

In this way, the user can order from the app all of the products they want to have in their pantry and someone from Rappi will take care of going to the supermarket, buying everything on the list, and bringing it to the home of whoever placed the order. It’s an option for saving time and enjoying the comfort of being at home.

As for pharmacy service, it is very similar to that of a market. Rappi takes care of finding the medication and bringing it to your home so that you don’t have to leave with that illness that has you bedridden.

Rappi Cash and Rappi Favores

This is something that not all apps offer and that has been an innovative idea for thousands of users. Rappi Cash is the option to bring cash to the user wherever they need it. The company realized the need of users to have cash at their fingertips, so they activated an ATM service to receive money from any site.

On the other hand there is Rappi Favores, a service that pays by hour a worker of the company, who is known as Rappi Tendero, who does the tasks you need like carrying an object from one place to another , go pay your bills and even walk your dog.

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