If you are an active person on the Internet, you have probably heard of Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence created by the company OpenAI that has impressed many people with its accurate responses. It didn’t take long for professionals from various areas to take advantage of the tool to streamline processes and improve results. However, what some do not imagine is that, by combining it with platforms such as Helium 10, it is possible to obtain benefits for an Amazon FBA business strategy.

Helium 10 is a software tool for online sellers who use the Amazon marketplace to sell their products. The tool provides a variety of features to help sellers optimize their product listings, research keywords, track competition, manage their inventory and automate their business. By combining all of its features with the responses generated by Chat GPT, it is possible to generate an effective business strategy. Here are five ways you can leverage both tools:

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5 ways to leverage Chat GPT and Helium 10

1. Analyze product reviews made by customers

You can use Chat GPT AI to analyze customer reviews of any product on Amazon and look for trends and themes. This type of analysis will help you learn what beneficial points people see in the products you might offer them.

For the AI to perform the analysis, you need to download the full list of reviews for any product using Helium 10. This is done by running the Review Insights tool and selecting all negative review scores (1-3 stars) and exporting. Then, the same should be done for positive reviews (4-5 stars).

Within each file you download, you can copy the text of up to 50 reviews, and then instruct the AI to analyze the content and create a list summarizing the top 5 things people like or dislike about the product.

2. Keyword research

With Helium 10’s Magnet tool, we will research keywords related to a product niche. This data is exported to copy and paste the list of keywords into the Chat GPT chat box and ask: “Based on the following suggestions from customers, in what ways can I improve my product (product name)?”. In this way, the tool will analyze the keywords found and offer suggestions for product improvement.

3. Putting together the key components of a product list

To create a list of products you need to create a title, bullets and a description. You can use Chat GPT to generate ideas and keywords easily. For best results, you should provide clear information about the product and its target audience. In addition, you can request a specific design style for the bullets and give feedback to Chat GPT to improve your results. By combining the results with Helium 10 Listing Builder, you can ensure a compelling product listing with good SEO.

4. Create brand story

If a private label is used on Amazon FBA, it is very important that the private label has a name that captures the attention of customers and a story behind it that makes an emotional connection. Chat GPT can help generate brand name ideas and can also create a story or mission statement if provided with relevant information about the product and its target audience.

5.Constant communication with customers

For every Amazon FBA seller, it is important to maintain constant and professional communication with customers, especially when questions or complaints arise. Chat GPT can help answer these questions politely and resolve the issue without running the risk of receiving a bad review or negative feedback.

To get the best response, it’s important to indicate the type of response you want, whether it’s a refund or an exchange, and provide additional context about the type of business you handle.
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