A good SEO positioning work is essential for your brand to achieve recognition, reputation and, most importantly, sales. Whether we like it or not, Google sets the rules and we always turn to it when searching for something. Although there are general principles on good SEO practices, achieving a prominent place in searches is not simple, nor does it have exact formulas. Very few people have enough experience to understand the mutant algorithmic logic that governs this world.

For this reason, since 2018 Marketing4ecommerce has been ranking the 50 best SEO agencies in Spain according to their business data, which will help you find the perfect match to enhance your communication strategy.

These are the top 10 SEO agencies in Spain 2024:

  1. NeoAttack
  2. Roi Up Group
  3. Internet Republica
  4. Human Level
  5. Dobuss
  6. Bigseo Agency
  7. Eskimoz
  8. Elogia
  9. Webpositer
  10. Sidn Digital Thinking (new)

1. NeoAttack

On the podium of SEO agencies in Spain 2024 appears NeoAttack, which has moved up one position compared to last year. This Madrid-based agency was born in 2014 and is led by Álvaro Santiago and Jesus Madurga. It has a presence in Spain, Colombia and Mexico, and has a staff of more than 50 specialists in developing all kinds of search engine optimization strategies: SEO positioning, content marketing, web design and mobile applications, among others, but always with a focus on SEO improvement.

The agency has created the CMI system, a strategy that constantly increases web traffic and clearly establishes the route to follow so that the web does not stop growing. In addition, the website offers a free SEO guide that explains how to do SEO step by step and from the beginning.

He currently has more than 300 clients, and the main verticals he works with are agencies, professional services, tourism, travel and training. Congratulations for the work!

2. Roi Up Group

Also moving up one position in the table we find the Madrid agency Roi Up Group, which was born in 2011 and is led by Diego Jiménez. Roi Up takes care of all the integral SEO work of a company, from the study and planning of the case, to its execution and monitoring. It also performs specific SEO work for Amazon, YouTube, Google Maps and mobile applications. Other services include branding, paid media, food marketing, offline media and marketing automation.

It has offices in several Spanish cities and in Mexico, Colombia and Portugal and its main verticals are food, tourism/travel, pharma, B2B, retail, energy and food. It currently has more than 160 clients, including companies such as Dufry, NH Hoteles, Bayer, Juver, Gullon and BNP Paribas.

3. Internet República

Closing the top 3 is Internet República, which loses two positions with respect to 2023. This Madrid-based agency was created in 2011 and its CEOs/founders are Ismael Elqudsi and Tomás Rufino. It specializes in SEO, SEM, paid media, social networks and digital strategy. It has a staff of 80 employees, who work in a personalized way with each client, improving content marketing, reputation and kpis measurement.

It is present throughout Europe and Latin America, and has a broad portfolio of national and international clients, including companies such as Iberdrola, AXA, Fnac, Naturgy, Loewe, Factory Colchon, Tramas+, García Carrion and Sanitas. The main verticals with which it works are telecommunications, insurance and banking.

4. Human Level Communications

Human Level Communications remains in the same place in the table, repeating an excellent performance. Created 23 years ago by Fernando Maciá, this digital marketing consultancy provides SEO, SEA, content, video marketing and UX/UI services. Its head office is in Alicante, although the vast majority of its 30 consultants work remotely. As an SEO consultant, it specializes in technical and editorial SEO projects applied to the media, banking, eCommerce, corporate, training and tourism/travel sectors, where it has leading international clients.

Among her SEO clients are some of the most important Spanish media and several IBEX 35 companies, such as REE (Red Eléctrica Española), Getnet Europe, El País, AS, Cadena SER, Lefebvre El Derecho, Talenom, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Proximity, Banco Santander, ABC, EfectoLed, Repsol, Telefónica and Grupo Zinet.

5. Dobuss

Up 3 positions from the previous edition, we find Dobuss, a digital marketing agency of Cordoba origin, which was founded in 2011 by José Luis García-Morato and José Huertas in Cordoba. Dobuss is part of the EÓN Group and has more than 70 consultants in SEO, SEM, social media, CRO, eCommerce, marketplaces, business intelligence, marketing automation, communication, among others. It has offices in Cordoba, Seville, Almeria, Jaen, Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, Huelva, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Coruña and Bilbao.

The main verticals with which it works are agencies, professional services, food, decoration, sports, electronics, IT, toys, pets, fashion, tourism/travel, manufacturers and industry. Among its most prominent clients are companies such as Hiansa, Ivan Ros, MILAR, Espiroflex, RealAdvisor, OB Cocinas, Dortomedical, La Carloteña, De Prado Plantaciones, Galvis, La Abuela Carmen, Torinco and Soy tu hogar.

6. Bigseo Agency

For the second time in the ranking of best SEO agencies and maintaining the sixth position, Bigseo Agency,, the Barcelona-based agency created in 2012 by Romuald Fons, one of the most influential marketers at international level, appears in Best 100 Influencer by Forbes (2021), and in Top Business Influencer by Eshow (2022).

The agency specializes in SEO, SEM and CRO and offers an individual and customized strategy to create solutions according to the client’s need: they audit, launch hypotheses, perform A/B testing and make decisions based on analytics and results. It currently has more than 50 employees, working for more than 150 clients in 65 different countries.

The main verticals it works with are agencies/professional services, electronics/IT, and travel/tourism. Its most important clients include companies such as Binance, Roca, Topdoctors, EAE and Cooltra.

7. Eskimoz

Last year, Eskimoz debuted in 13th place in the ranking and this year has climbed 6 positions thanks to an excellent SEO performance. The agency was created only 4 years ago, is based in Paris, and its CEO is Andréa Bensaid. It offers multiple services, including SEM, content marketing, analytics, mobile applications, among others. Related to SEO, they do audits, linkbuilding, online reputation, international SEO and web redesign.

The company is present in France, Italy, Spain, UK and Germany, and has already worked for more than two thousand clients in 90 countries. It has a team of more than 200 consultants who speak 12 languages. The main verticals it works with are decoration, electronics/IT, fashion, tourism/travel; and its clients include companies such as Sodexo, Abot and Iberia.

8. Elogia

In 8th place and up one position from last year, is Elogia, a Full Digital Commerce agency led by Álvaro Gómez, which helps brands and companies to plan, understand and execute their strategy in the digital environment, transforming this channel into a differential element to make them grow.

Elogia becomes the client’s digital marketing team, supplementing the shortcomings it may have and providing cross-knowledge from experimentation and working with a portfolio of leading clients in their sectors. Its work methodology focuses on accompanying the consumer through the entire customer lifecycle: from attracting and engaging the user, to conversion and retention, extending the customer lifecycle and maximizing customer monetization using digital tools. Elogia’s portfolio is made up of equal parts of scale-ups, large multinationals and institutions. From the former, they take advantage of the ability to experiment and push the envelope of what is possible; from the latter, they learn how to care for and grow a great brand; from the latter, how to work with and make the most of the partners.es ecosystem.

It works with a wide variety of verticals, such as agencies, professional services, food, fashion, decoration, electronics, IT, toys, pets, tourism, travel, video games, eSports, pharma, gambling and the financial sector. Its clients include brands such as Hero, Salsa Jeans, Tous, GAP, Teka, Goiko, Cofidis, Licor43, Yuccs, Surippa, La Sirena, Aldi, Cruz Roja and Edenred.

9. Webpositer

In 9th place and moving up one position, we find Webpositer, which began its journey as a small company from Alicante 24 years ago and today is already present in all cities in Spain. Led by Luis Villanueva, in addition to carrying out SEO work, website design, content marketing and social media promotion, among others, it offers a master’s degree in SEO.

The agency is closely linked to everything related to digital marketing and search engine optimization, and offers specific solutions for hotels and eCommerce. It has a network of 51 professionals who have already worked for more than 5,000 clients. The main verticals it works with are sports, electronics, IT, and fashion, although its clients come from a wide variety of sectors.

10. Sidn Digital Thinking

Closing the top 10 appears for the first time in our ranking of SEO agencies Sidn Digital Thinking, an agency led by Jesús Moya, which was created in 2003 and has its headquarters in the city of Granada.

It is a pioneer company in Spain in many services related to digital marketing and data drive marketing. It has more than 180 native digital consultants, who provide direct services in more than 10 languages to clients in 60 countries. It manages the digital strategies of many of the leading Internet companies in Spain, Europe, USA and Latin America, IBEX 35 companies, institutions, multinationals, public administrations, etc., covering the complete digital customer experience: acquisition, funnel, communication, personalization, tracking, data driven and loyalty.

As they are used to working for large projects, they have a very refined methodology in terms of initial consulting, action reports, follow-up reports, etc. Their clients are mainly from the health, insurance and energy sectors, and among them are companies such as Eligenio, Sportium, Orpea, Check24, Habitissimo, Kings League, McDondal’s, Décimas, Cáser and Más Móvil.

These are the top 50 SEO agencies in Spain 2024

Those that were incorporated this year are highlighted in bold:

Top best 50 seo agencies in spain

How we chose the top 50 SEO agencies in Spain

For this top ranking, we sent the agencies a form with 17 very specific questions to get to know them better. 5 of these (numerical) questions were used to create a ranking based on the following criteria:

  • Total number of SEO clients
  • Total turnover 2023 for SEO services
  • Number of new SEO clients acquired during 2023
  • Agency’s turnover for SEO services from new clients 2023
  • Number of SEO specialists
  • Average billing per client (own calculation based on crossing client and billing variables).
  • The opinion of companies (new variable): we have sent an open voting questionnaire to our database of companies asking them for the 3 best SEM agencies. The more votes, the more points.

This gives us insights into: SEO business volume (total clients and total turnover); growth trend (new clients and turnover of that new business), team size and client size (average turnover).

On the other hand, we have created a database of companies that we have asked for their opinion on the performance of the participating agencies. To do so, we sent them a form to select up to 5 agencies that they considered to be the best in the market. This gave us a new variable.

Based on the data provided by 122 agencies and the companies’ votes, we made 7 numerical lists, ranking the agencies from 1 to 122 according to the best results. Once this was done, we took the position of the agencies in each list and averaged them, which determined the final position: the lower the number, the better the position. We only show the top 50.

Best SEO agencies in Spain positions 11-50

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