Miravia, the Alibaba-owned marketplace launched in Spain has connected brands, consumers and content creators in the same digital space. In its short trajectory in the market, it has managed to position itself and capture the attention of consumers, being even one of the most downloaded apps in Spain.

Since its launch, “Miravia has revolutionized the shopping experience in Spain, offering a totally differential model where to access the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, through innovative solutions such as exclusive content created by influencers or virtual makeup testing tools,” according to the company.

What is Miravia, the other marketplace of Alibaba for spaniards

The goal of Alibaba with this project was to differentiate itself from what AliExpress currently offers. With this move, it seeks to make Miravia a reference in the sector, with the presence of top-level brands and an offer of mid-range and high-end products. Therefore, the target audience for Miravia is high-income consumers who are looking to buy quality products. The marketplace has free shipping on orders over 10€ with items shipped by Miravia and 30 days to make free returns.

They also offer different discounts for new users: 15% in your first order or 20% discount in your second order through the app, for example. One of the most remarkable offers are “flash offers” where you can find great discounts in high quality products up to 60% discount.

Miravia's home page website

Miravia’s home page website

Currently, Miravia’s platform has more than 8,000 brands in its ecosystem, and a catalog of more than 10 million references. Also, of these brands, more than 800 have created their own official store, a functionality that only Miravia offers and that allows merchants to customize the design, define their prices, promotions, as well as interact directly with their customers and apply their own loyalty programs.

The Miravia catalog includes sections of:

  • Women’s fashion, with brands such as Adidas, Munich or Salsa Jeans
  • Beauty and health, with brands such as Neutrogena or Weleda
  • Home and garden, in a catalog with products from Cecotec, Pikolin or Rowenta, among others
  • Men’s fashion, with brands such as Jack&Jones or Tommy Hilfiger
  • Leisure and free time, with products for travel, crafts or sports
  • Food and cleaning, with well-known brands such as ColaCao, Cuétara, Lindt or Nutella

Technology and innovation to improve the user experience

According to Miravia, technology is a key point for the development of its product, which is why they have opted for disruptive technologies that improve the user’s shopping experience.

In this sense, the company has made use of AI to create product cards automatically and also applying it in the search engine, allowing to customize the results according to the tastes and needs of each customer. In addition to this, they have introduced a virtual supplier of cosmetics products, which is already being used by several brands on the platform.

On the other hand, during this year the application added the “Explore” page, a Miravia space where users can access inspiration and trends, with a look similar to social networks. In terms of digital payment services, Miravia is supported different payment methods by Bizum, Paypal, Klarna, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Influencers and content creators, key to Miravia’s digital strategy

To better connect with the audience, especially with generation Z, Miravia has built a network of 200 influencers and content creators, who together accumulate a reach of more than 26 million followers, who collaborate with the task of creating content for both social networks and the application itself.

One of Miravia’s ambassadors and current brand image is the spanish tiktoker Marina Rivers, who along with Paula Gonu and Luc Loren, participated in the campaign “Mira quién viene” (Look who’s coming). This is an exclusive television interview format with a total of 12 episodes released each week, each consisting of four chapters, starring these public figures and with their own theme. Marina Rivers also is one of the influencers who participated in La Velada del Año 3 of Ibai Llanos. This year 2024, they also did a campaign advertising their discounts for spring season.

It is also worth mentioning the positioning that Miravia has achieved in social networks, which at the date of publication of this article, has more than 107,000 followers on Instagram and more than 37,400 on TikTok.

For its part, Miravia supports the professionalization of influencers through programs such as the Creators Academy, where several experts offered their advice and tools to create qualitative content that adds value.

How to start selling on Miravia

As we explained to you in this article, you can choose between two option when you are trying to sell in Miravia:

  • Mall or Official Shop: only for brands with the aim of keeping the official registered brands under control.
  • Marketplaces: With this kind of account you will be able to access to multibrand selling or individual brands selling but over which you have no control. One thing to take into account is that operating under this options has no mensual cost.

In the case of Mall account you have more personalization options so you can improve the user experience. Miravia differences itself by not allowing brands with their own branded space. To start selling in this category, you will need to pass a filter stablished by Miravia.


Image: Miravia

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