Last year, European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sold 70 products per second on Amazon. Let’s let you crunch the numbers. That is more than 2.2 billion products.

These products, ranging from homeware and textiles to healthcare and toys, were shipped to Amazon shoppers in 200 countries and territories, given that more than half of all European SMEs selling on Amazon have customers abroad.

Advertising also played a key role in those sales. Last year, small businesses using Amazon Ads saw an average of 25% of sales attributed to advertising. If you want to build your brand on Amazon to drive sales, Amazon Ads solutions can help you tell your story to the right audience at the right time. Your brand, your audiences.

Why branding is important for SMEs

Branding involves reaching your target audience on a large scale through a wide variety of promotional channels, but it goes beyond just getting the word out about your brand: it’s about amplifying its impact at a particular point in time. Done right, branding can bring really valuable connections with customers, which can enhance (rather than detract from) the buying experience.

You probably already send newsletters to your customers or share messages with them on social media during key moments, such as new product launches or promotional announcements. Maintaining a regular rhythm of communications across more than one touchpoint, including advertising, can lead to customer loyalty and retention – the holy grail to which all SMBs aspire.

How Amazon Ads can help you with brand building

When German sports nutrition company foodspring wanted to build its brand to reach new audiences in Europe, it turned to Amazon Ads. “We did not hesitate for a second to launch our products on Amazon. As a company, you want to go where your customers already are. Amazon Ads helps you increase your visibility to do that,” says Aakriti Malhotra, senior platform manager at foodspring.

Ad campaigns have seven times more impact on a receptive audience, according to a recent study. Amazon audiences already choose to spend time on Amazon, which means brands like foodspring can have greater reach and connect with these audiences in a more relevant way.

Creating an Amazon Store was one of the ways foodspring employed to create valuable connections with Amazon shoppers and help drive sales. A Store allowed the foodspring team to have a dedicated space to share the most relevant content about their brand beyond product descriptions, as well as recipe ideas and inspiration for fitness enthusiasts.

Why inspiration is an important component of branding

Shoppers routinely browse Amazon’s site for shopping ideas, which is especially beneficial for smaller brands that have yet to make a name for themselves. In the UK, 44% of shoppers surveyed said they visit online stores looking for ideas on what to buy.

Advertising also helps in this search. Small and medium-sized businesses in Spain saw, on average, a 38% increase in sales in the 20 weeks following the launch of sponsored ads in their home country. Start with helping shoppers find your products quickly by creating ads that appear in shopping results and on related product pages. From there, you can take branding to the next level with Amazon Ads.

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

Both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands played an important role in foodspring’s strategy. With Sponsored Brands, customers can discover your brand through creative ads that can appear prominently in Amazon shopping results. “Amazon [Ads] is not just for big sellers. With Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, the opportunities to help grow your business are endless. There are great insight tools and features to help you achieve your goals,” says Malhotra.

How to begin with Amazon Ads

The first step to creating a brand presence on Amazon is to give your brand a space of its own. Think of a store as a way to create your own digital storefront, for free. With Stores, you can create an always-on self-service space that tells your brand story and provides a place where shoppers can learn more about your brand and products.

Make your store as engaging as possible with relevant and visually interesting content, such as videos and interactive shopping images. You can also consider creating multiple sub-pages in your store to showcase offers, seasonal items, new products and best sellers in a more prominent way.

Now think of the most beautiful window display you’ve ever seen in a store. It never changes? It gets refreshed and updated, just like you should do with your Amazon Store. Update the look and feel of your Store from time to time to keep it up to date with the latest product information. This is not only a best practice, but it can help deliver real results. On average, Stores updated within the last 90 days have 11% more repeat visitors and 13% more attributed sales per visitor.

If you want more impact outside of your storefront, Amazon Ads solutions like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands can help. On average, small businesses engaged 18% more customers after using Amazon Ads for 8 weeks. Start using Amazon Ads and test products on your own.

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