Colombian Startups: remarkable companies and unicorns of Colombia

Colombian Startups: remarkable companies and unicorns of Colombia


In all of the world, there has been a high growth rate for startups. In Colombia, the ColombiaTech Report 2021 study says that there are at least 1,110 startups in 26 different sectors. Today, there are more and each one has achieved great levels of popularity. Three of the most well-known startups are already considered unicorns – meaning that their valuation is greater than 1 billion dollars before going public.

Colombian Startups: Unicorns of Colombia

Habi, LifeMiles and Rappi have become the most valuable startups in Colombia. This is according to data from the company specialized in business analysis, CB Insights.


This Colombian startup focuses on the purchase of high-value properties in high-value areas and rotation, with coverage in Medellín and Bogotá. Among the advantages that users gain when selling their properties to Habi is the fact that they receive cash in their hands within 10 days following the transaction, the option to choose payment methods, which is a sale process without intermediaries, and the company assumes notary and registration fees for property sales.


This is considered one of the most loyalty-oriented programs in Latin America. Downloading the application Colombians can have access to information about the best promotions and discounts around airlines, hotels, car rental, restaurants, etc. They can also consult their mileage balance, increase or use them to buy airline tickets with Avianca, Star Alliance and other allied airlines.


This app has become the most well-known delivery and order service in South American country and today it has a presence in 9 Latin American countries.

The app is targeted at those who want to receive their food orders, markets, accessories and other items quickly and who need to make orders, The platform is used by both those who make the purchases and the businesses that want to expand their sales by offering deliveries to cover almost the entire city in which they are located. It is also considered an opportunity for employment for those who are willing to work as delivery persons.

Other remarkable startups in Colombia

Not being unicorns doesn’t mean they’re not important. Colombia has been a place where people can find opportunities in the world of online, and we’re going to tell you some of the most well-known startups from here:


It is a fintech that offers its customers credit at the point of sale and online stores of its allied commercial partners, which gives them the possibility to obtain a variety of products and services that can be paid in installments.


It is an application that allows you to set up your own store without having to rely on shipping or product collection systems. The application allows access to an inventory of products with high prices and it is responsible for shipping, collecting and depositing profits each week.


This is a service that seeks to revolutionize food delivery systems using semi-autonomous robots. Today, over 200,000 food deliveries have been made within university campuses and cities in the United States, which has allowed consumers access to food, medicine and books.

Despite being a system that operates within the United States, the creation of this service was Colombian in origin, bearing the Latin American stamp of approval everywhere. In addition, it has pilot programs in Colombia and Taiwan. “We’ve demonstrated that here in Colombia, we can design and build top-quality robots that are competitive globally,” said Felipe Chavez, CEO and founder of this startup.


This is a app known for doing markets in community. It is explained in a simple way, based on the fact that a leader, who usually is a neighbor, offers products in her community and requests a purchase that will arrive at her home to be distributed to her neighbors. The leader will receive a commission for the sales that are made and will be helping people in a community to buy products without having to leave home.

The idea originated in 2020, right when the pandemic, COVID-19, was starting, and it proved to be a lot of usefulness to comply with confinement. Today, it has expanded its operation to the municipalities of Bello, Marinilla, Guarne, San Vicente and Rionegro in Antioquia, and to the municipality of Soacha in Cundinamarca, besides having a presence in Bogotá, Medellín, Bello and Villavicencio. And it wasn’t limited to Colombia, it also exists in Mexico and Brazil.


This platform is highly popular among online education spaces in Latin America. It has over 3 million students from 140 countries. In its platform, they offer courses and formations in any area of study you can imagine, but with a special emphasis on those areas that are currently in high demand in the digital world in order to help young people gain the benefits of their education and secure well-paid jobs after completing their formation.

The intern group

This platform is ideal for young students who want an opportunity to learn and share what they’ve learned by doing summer placements anywhere in the world without having to fly to leave their country. The Intern Group is a global program of summer placements that connects students from anywhere in the world with companies in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania remotely.

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